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EZVIZ RH2 test: competition for Tineco and Dreame?

In recent years, EZVIZ has primarily made a name for itself with modern smart home technology such as surveillance cameras and video doorbells. However, the Chinese manufacturer now also offers a wide range of household technology. In today’s EZVIZ RH2 test, we want to take a look at the company’s latest vacuum cleaner.

Technical data

Dimensions 270 × 257 × 1160 mm
Weight 4.55 kg
Display Yes, color display
Self-cleaning function Yes, with subsequent hot air drying
App No
Operation Control buttons on the vacuum cleaner
Cleaning modes Intelligent, Standard, Power, Vacuuming
Suction power max. 12,000 Pascal
Water tank capacity – Fresh water tank: 850 ml
– Dirty water tank: 750 ml
Price € 449.99 *

Scope of delivery

ezviz rh2 test

  • RH2 wet and dry vacuum cleaner
  • Docking station
  • Cleaning agent
  • Aroma card
  • Cleaning brush
  • Cleaning brush stand
  • HEPA stand
  • Replacement roller brush
  • Replacement HEPA filter
  • Screwdriver
  • Quick guide
  • Legal information

EZVIZ RH2 test: design and workmanship

EZVIZ has not made any unusual design decisions with its vacuum cleaner. Rather, the look can be described as traditional. But it’s not just the look itself that is traditional. The operating concept is also familiar. At the top is the handle, which has three buttons.

ezviz rh2 test

This is located in the main unit of the appliance, where the fresh and dirty water tanks are located. The fresh water tank not only contains a unit that uses hydrolysis to achieve an even more efficient cleaning performance. There is also a slot for a fragrance cartridge underneath it.

ezviz rh2 test

The brush unit is located in the lowest section. This can be skillfully rolled across the floor with the help of small support wheels and slightly larger guide wheels. To ensure that your floor remains free of damage, EZVIZ uses a decent rubber coating here. I would also have liked a little more protection on the front of the cleaning unit.

ezviz rh2 test

You shouldn’t drive too hard against furniture, as the hard plastic might otherwise quickly leave scratches on sideboards and the like. Furthermore, EZVIZ has obviously tried to design the roller to be as narrow as possible to enable rimless cleaning. In the end, there is a margin of around 6 mm to the baseboard.

ezviz rh2 test

When we talk about the cleaning unit, the LED lighting should not be left out. Like many other vacuum cleaners, the RH2 cannot be used horizontally, which means that only the head fits under flat furniture, but lighting is still helpful in dark corners.

ezviz rh2 test

According to EZVIZ, the vacuum cleaner weighs 4.5 kg. However, you only feel this weight when you have to carry the appliance. Thanks to the motorized rollers on the underside, the vacuum cleaner actively supports you, allowing it to move smoothly across the floor.

EZVIZ RH2 test: Cleaning performance

As the name suggests, mop vacuum cleaners are combination appliances. They are able to clean the floor using fresh water, but can theoretically also simply vacuum the floor dry. However, the focus is clearly on wet cleaning. After all, dry cleaning simply makes little sense in practice.

ezviz rh2 test

Mop vacuum cleaners are designed to clean the floor with the aid of a damp roller. The results are correspondingly poor if you want to use them like a classic vacuum cleaner. In fact, the pure suction function is only helpful if, for example, you have spilled a glass of liquid. You should not use a conventional vacuum cleaner to suck up the liquid. Mop vacuums, on the other hand, can do this.

ezviz rh2 test
Hydrolysis is carried out using UV light

And how does the EZVIZ RH2 perform when it comes to cleaning? In practice, it cuts a really good figure. However, it cannot keep up with flagships such as a Tineco Floor One S7 Pro(test) or a Dreame H13 Pro(test). This is mainly due to the roller design, which is not rimless but has a thin edge.

ezviz rh2 test

Furthermore, at 12,000 Pascal, it offers significantly less suction power. However, it should not be forgotten that we are in the mid-range here and that EZVIZ charges a significantly lower price than the competition. In the test, I mainly used the appliance in intelligent mode. Here, the vacuum cleaner automatically adjusts the power to the degree of soiling.

ezviz rh2 test

Apart from this, there is also a standard mode and a power mode. You can also use the RH2 with a suction-only function. In this case, the appliance does not waste any water. Changing the mode not only changes the suction power. There are also differences in the water flow rate.

ezviz rh2 test
The RH2 removes simple dirt with a single pass

The vacuum cleaner coped very well with conventional dirt in intelligent and standard mode. However, I was only able to remove a dried ketchup stain in power mode by driving over it several times. However, it is important that it could be removed at all.

ezviz rh2 test

After extensive testing, I can only really complain about the uncleaned area directly on the baseboard. Apart from that, the EZVIZ RH2 delivered a really good performance. The hydrolysis feature also reads well and has so far only been reserved for flagship devices.

ezviz rh2 test
Due to its pot-bellied design, the vacuum cleaner does not fit under flat furniture

Here, UV radiation is used to electrolyze the water in the clean water tank. This is supposed to effectively combat bacteria. Of course, I can’t verify the whole thing as I don’t have the means to measure it. But if the whole thing is true, it’s a really good thing.

EZVIZ RH2 test: ease of use

EZVIZ has included a few features in its vacuum wiper to make your life easier. These include the integrated LED lighting, which is used to illuminate the area in front of the cleaning unit. This may be well-intentioned, but in practice it sometimes proves to be unhelpful due to the insufficient beam angle. This is because it only illuminates the area in front of the cleaning unit to a certain extent. However, this is certainly better than no LED unit.

ezviz rh2 test

When we talk about ease of use, we can’t forget the practical display. This is located on the water unit and is always clearly visible during the entire cleaning process. The only thing that’s a bit annoying is that the screen is upside down when the vacuum cleaner is in its charging station. It would have been an advantage if the display had rotated automatically.

ezviz rh2 test

What is really annoying is the lack of flexibility of the head joint. This means you can’t fully reach areas under furniture. This is due to the bulky design, which the EZVIZ RH2 also shares with higher-priced models from the competition. If this bothers you, you should take a look at the Osotek Horizon H200(test) or H200 Lite(test).

EZVIZ RH2 test: Maintenance

Vacuum cleaners usually offer a self-cleaning function. This is also the case with the EZVIZ RH2. You can easily activate this at the touch of a button after every cleaning session. The roller in the RH2 is thoroughly rinsed with water and dirt residues are removed. In order to prevent the formation of bacteria and thus unpleasant odours, a drying program starts after rinsing.

This involves blow-drying the roller with hot air, which takes two hours. However, you should also do this yourself at regular intervals to ensure that the RH2 lasts as long as possible. For example, depending on the cleaning surface, you may need to empty the collected dirty water every cleaning cycle or every other cleaning cycle.

Unfortunately, the dirty water tank does not adequately separate the solids from the liquid. For this reason, you should not tip the collected waste into the washbasin with a blind eye. Otherwise there is a risk of blockages caused by hair and other solids. To be on the safe side, dispose of it in the toilet.


With the EZVIZ RH2, the company has a really good vacuum cleaner on offer that combines a classic design with modern features and good cleaning performance. The hydrolysis and LED light in particular are features I have only seen in much more expensive flagship models.

ezviz rh2 test

It’s just a shame that the lighting works more poorly than well in practice. You also have to be satisfied with the fact that the RH2 leaves a narrow uncleaned edge on the baseboard. In terms of suction power, the smart household helper is also a little flat on the chest. Apart from that, however, you get really good value for money here.


Design and workmanship
Ease uf use
Cleaning Performance
Value for money


The EZVIZ RH2 can't compete with the flagships from Dreame and Tineco, but it comes at a very fair price.

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In recent years, EZVIZ has primarily made a name for itself with modern smart home technology such as surveillance cameras and video doorbells. However, the Chinese manufacturer now also offers a wide range of household technology. In today’s EZVIZ RH2 test, we want to take a look at the company’s latest vacuum cleaner. Technical data … (Weiterlesen...)

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