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Kolink Chimera Dual Monitor Mount under Field Test

The Kolink Chimera dual monitor mount is suitable for two monitors with a maximum diagonal of 32 inches each and a maximum weight of 15 kilograms. Two Dell U2713HM monitors, 27 inches in size and weighing 5.6 kilograms, will be used in the field test. The monitors used should therefore hardly push the much higher monitor position to its limits. Whether the current Price not available * monitor holder can keep what it promises is shown by the following test.

At first glance, the rather simple and high-quality packaging is noticeable, which shows that Kolink is aimed primarily at professional users and less at the typical gamer. Even before assembly, the Kolink monitor holder with its weight of 4.3 kilograms looks solid and stable.


The assembly is very easy thanks to the well illustrated instructions. Two Allen wrenches are included in the scope of delivery, but a screwdriver is not included.

In the first step, the central “tube” is attached to the foot of the monitor holder with two small screws. To do this, the tube simply has to be inserted into the foot and fixed there. A flexible plastic loop is then passed over the pipe, which can be used for cable management. The silver metal ring is used to determine the height of the monitors. It is also simply guided over the pipe and fixed with a screw.

In the next step, the two monitor arms are led over the tube up to the silver retaining ring and fixed there with one screw each. The retaining rings are mounted without tools.

Now that the actual monitor holder is finished, the new holders are attached to the monitor. With the Dell monitors used, the old stand could simply be removed using a kind of “clip-on attachment”. The new bracket is then fixed with four screws. Both 75 mm and 100 mm VESA standard monitors can be used.

Although the final assembly step can be carried out alone, it is advisable to involve another person in this step, especially for larger monitors. The bracket attached to the monitor is pushed through the mounting rail and fastened with a screw. Although no tools are necessary for this, an imbalance occurs after the first monitor has been mounted, which can cause the monitor stand to tip over.

After both monitors are fixed to the Kolink Chimera, the exact alignment is done on the bracket to reach the same height and the assembly is finished. In total, it takes about 20 minutes without help to set up the system.

KOLINK Chimera Dual-Monitorhalterung. Monitorstän
This product is currently unavailable.


The overall workmanship can be described as very high quality. The central tube (32 mm diameter) is made of solid aluminium. The other components are also made of aluminium or steel. Bending can therefore almost be ruled out. The paintwork is also very scratch-resistant.

As the only small point of criticism with the otherwise almost perfect workmanship, I noticed a badly worked thread on my model, which serves to fix the main tube on the stand.

The plastic of the cable management clip also has a high-quality and long-lasting effect.

Adjustment possibilities

The adjustment possibilities of the Kolink Chimera are almost limitless. They clearly surpass the already many options of the standard Dell stand. The monitor holder is 92.2 centimetres wide, 47 centimetres high and 26 centimetres deep at the stand.

The height of the monitors can be freely determined over the entire height of the main pipe. The monitors can be mounted directly on the table or at a distance of 42 centimetres. In between, all mounting heights are infinitely variable. However, an Allen key is always required to adjust the height in order to be able to move the retaining ring. In my opinion, however, this is not really negative, since such a firm hold can be achieved and the height is almost never changed after the first setup.

The monitor arms themselves can be tilted up to 15 degrees in both directions and +/- 15 degrees. Both monitors can be aligned independently of each other. As with my setup, for example, the main monitor can be placed straight in front of the field of view, while the secondary monitor is tilted to the side.

Thanks to the numerous setting options, almost any personal preference can be achieved with a little effort. Some users reported on Amazon that their monitors tilted outwards after installation without having adjusted this. I could not notice this mistake with my bracket. After setting up the alignment of the monitors, the state in my opinion is extremely firm and unwanted changes to the alignment I could not notice.

Conclusion of the Kolink Chimera Dual Monitor Mount Review

The Kolink Chimera dual monitor holder is suitable for all people who value a tidy desk. Before the test the expectations on the product were rather low, among other things because I have never used a monitor holder before.

After a few days, however, I can say for sure that the monitor holder is a worthwhile purchase. Especially in combination with the good cable management and the slim yet secure stand, the whole table looks tidier. In addition, the elimination of the two massive Dell standard stands means there is significantly more space available.

The extensive adjustment possibilities and the improved ergonomics are also a factor that quickly justifies the purchase price for people who work on the computer for a long time.

Kolink Chimera Dual Monitor Mount

Adjustment options

A recommendable monitor holder with almost perfect workmanship and numerous adjustment possibilities.

KOLINK Chimera Dual-Monitorhalterung. Monitorstän
This product is currently unavailable.

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