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LEFANT M1 Test: A real price-performance tip

You want to buy a robot vacuum cleaner that will make your housework easier? Then it won’t be that easy to find the right model quickly. The reason is the wide range of available models that can now be found on the market. If you are looking for a robot vacuum cleaner, you will quickly come across well-known manufacturers like Roborock, Dreame or Ecovacs. The LEFANT M1 wants to prove that you should not underestimate the more unknown representatives. After all, it offers a data sheet that sounds promising. Besides a high suction power, it wants to score with a wiping function and modern laser navigation. Despite the lush equipment, it comes in a compact format and at a low price. Whether the smart household helper can keep what its technical data promises, we check in the LEFANT M1 test.

Technical data

Dimensions 32 x 32 x 9.4 cm
Suction 3,500 Pascal
Navigation LiDAR sensors + Freemove 3.0 multisensor fusion algorithm
Wipe function Strong wiping surface with three-stage water flow rate
Control Using three buttons on the robot vacuum and the app
Battery 4,000 mAh provides up to 150 minutes of battery life
Cleaning area max. 150 m²
Price € 239.99 *

Scope of delivery

lefant m1 test

When it comes to the scope of delivery, the LEFANT M1 can already keep up with the competition. After all, the company is pleasantly generous in this discipline. Included are:

  • Suction robot
  • Docking station
  • Power cord
  • Wipe
  • 5x disposable wipes
  • HEPA filter
  • 4x side brushes
  • User manual

LEFANT M1 review: design and workmanship

  • Circular and compact design
  • Three buttons for direct control
  • No bumper on the front

Over the years, robot vacuum manufacturers have apparently settled on the lowest common denominator when it comes to looks. Thus, in most cases, the smart household helpers come in a circular shape – including the LEFANT M1. The turret on the top, which is common for models with LiDAR sensors, is also not missing here. Nevertheless, the robot vacuum cleaner scores with pleasingly compact dimensions.

lefant m1 test

Thus, it measures just 9.4 cm in height. This means that even owners of furniture with a fairly flat distance to the floor can benefit from the robot. Since the housing diameter of just 32 cm also turns out to be small, the little helper can even navigate narrow aisles in the apartment in the best possible way. In view of the narrow dimensions, residents of a small apartment in particular should get their money’s worth here.

lefant m1 test

Furthermore, there are three buttons on the top, with the help of which the robot vacuum cleaner can be operated. In addition to Start/Stop, you can also activate area cleaning and send the smart household helper back to its charging station at the touch of a button. Sensors are also hidden under a glossy black trim on the front of the vacuum.

lefant m1 test

What sets the Lefant M1 apart from almost all competing models is the lack of a bumper on the front. This usually serves to protect the robot vacuum itself and the user’s furniture. Instead, the manufacturer relies on two thick rubber strips. The view of the underside is again the usual one. Besides the main brush, you will find two side brushes, the wiping unit and crash sensors here.

lefant m1 test

For the main brush, Lefant relies on a mix of rubber brush and classic bristle brush. I would have preferred a pure rubber brush, such as the one used in the Roborock S7 (test), but it would also be rather untypical in the price range of the Lefant M1. The rest of the robot vacuum’s workmanship is solid and gives no cause for complaint.

LEFANT M1 test: Uncomplicated handling thanks to app

Since a vacuum robot is supposed to relieve its user of work, ease of use is extremely important. The Lefant M1 offers the same features as its competitors. You can control the smart household helper not only via the buttons on the robot itself. It can also be operated via smartphone with the help of the appropriate app. Detailed settings for the robot can then be made here. By creating cleaning schedules, for example, you can ensure that the smart helper automatically cleans your home every day. You can also make settings for the cleaning process itself.

Image: Apple App Store

In addition to the suction power, the water flow rate for the mopping function can also be regulated in three different strength levels. On the first trip through your home, the Lefant M1 creates a map. You can then view this on your smartphone. Here, for example, you can set no-go areas or activate a specific zone cleaning. Since there is no suction station, you have to clean the robot regularly from the collected debris. You can reach the dust bin conveniently via the back.

LEFANT M1 test: navigation capabilities

  • LiDAR sensor technology meets Freemove 3.0 multisensor
  • Small objects on the ground are missed

Like modern flagships, the Lefant M1 relies on LiDAR navigation. The laser technology is hidden under the small turret on top of the robot vacuum cleaner. Thanks to this, the robot vacuum cleaner can find its way around your own four walls even in total darkness. On top of that, it creates a map of your home for the first time during its maiden voyage. The laser navigation is supported by the Freemove 3.0 multisensor. This is hidden under the piano lacquer-look trim panel at the front of the robot vacuum cleaner and uses a so-called fusion algorithm.

In addition to a sensor strip, there are also two thick rubber strips on the front

This is to detect and avoid small objects lying on the ground. The Lefant M1 managed this quite well in the test with comparatively large objects like a thick book. Flat objects like strings or cables, on the other hand, were a problem. However, even high-priced rivals are sometimes overtaxed with this. The equipment package is rounded off by classic fall sensors that are supposed to prevent the Lefant M1 from falling down stairs. This worked excellently in the test.

Practical test

  • Good suction power at 3,500 pascals
  • Good suction performance, which only weakens a little on carpets
  • Wiping power is just a gimmick and not a serious feature

Now let’s put the Lefant M1 through its paces. In the first part, we take a look at the suction performance. Then we will review its capabilities in the area of mopping.

LEFANT M1 Test: Suction Performance

First, we take a look at the suction function. After all, this is still the most important feature of a robotic vacuum cleaner. The Lefant M1 offers a very high wiping performance with 3,500 Pascal, which does not have to hide even from well-known competitors in higher price ranges. In practice, you can directly feel the advantages of the pleasingly high suction power. The vacuum could reliably free my parquet, tile and carpet floor from dust and also pet hair from my two cats as well as my dog. The performance is also good in the corners thanks to the two side brushes. Only a few crumbs remained here.

lefant m1 test

However, after a short time, a lot of pet hair got caught in the main brush of the robot. Anyone who has pets should always pay attention to the design of the main brush in a robot vacuum. If it is only partially or even entirely made of bristles, hair quickly gets caught here, which results in annoying subsequent cleaning work. The Lefant M1 uses a combination of rubber flaps and classic bristles. Consequently, the problem is limited, but there is no way around a separate cleaning.

The charging station is reminiscent of those on the Roborock models.

Performance on my long-floor carpet was solid, but far from perfect. However, since the Lefant M1 is pleasingly persistent thanks to its battery life of up to 150 minutes, I don’t find this annoying. I personally recommend setting two cleaning processes in a row in the cleaning schedule for vacuum robots anyway. Since you are out of the house during the day anyway, this will probably bother very few people. The smart household assistant also collected leftover dirt during its second cleaning. Thus, the suction performance is good, but not outstanding. Other models definitely have the edge here.

LEFANT M1 test: mopping performance

Nowadays, you can hardly get a robot vacuum that does not also offer a wiping function. Consequently, it’s not surprising that even the very affordable Lefant M1 comes with a wiping unit. This is a good gimmick, but should not be overestimated. So you still shouldn’t banish your mop from your home.

Lefant relies on a combo bin consisting of a mop unit and dust bin.

Lefant relies here on a wiping plate typical for this price segment. A microfiber wiping cloth is located here, which acts to supply moisture through the water tank. The Lefant M1 then pulls the damp cloth over the floor, which can pick up fine dust residues. However, the mopping function is by no means suitable for tackling stubborn stains on the floor.

You conveniently fill the mop water through the opening

Here you have to reach for more expensive models. For example, the Ecovacs Deebot X1 OMNI (test) offers two rotating wiping pads that can handle even dried-on stains. The Roborock Q7 Max+ (test), on the other hand, relies on a necessary contact pressure from the wiping pad to provide solid wiping action. However, if you don’t place much value on wiping performance anyway, you should simply consider it a practical add-on with the Lefant M1.

LEFANT M1 review: conclusion

Do you need a big name to convince as a vacuum robot? The Lefant M1 makes it clear that this is not the case. The unknown smart household helper scores in the test not only with a compact design, good workmanship and solid navigation technology. On top of that, it convinces with a high operating comfort and its good suction performance. The wiping function, on the other hand, should rather be seen as a practical gimmick that should not be overrated. All in all, a great vacuum robot at a top price.


Workmanship and design
Cleaning performance
Value for money


The LEFANT M1 offers a lush equipment at a low price. A real insider tip!

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