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OneOdio Fusion A70 in test: Wireless DJ over-ear headphones at a bargain price

Closed over-ear studio headphones with HiFi sound and Bluetooth connectivity for around 40 Euros? The OneOdio Fusion A70 promise a lot, but whether they are really a price-performance miracle is revealed in our detailed test.

Technical data

Bluetooth version 4.1
Maximum operating range 9m (without obstacle)
Battery life About 24 hours
Charge time 3 hours
Design Over-ear
Driver 40 mm
Impedance 32 ohms
Frequency range 20-20,000Hz
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.1; 3.5mm jack; 6.3mm jack
Weight 220g
Price € 35.18 *

Scope of delivery

The OneOdio Fusion A70s come in a rather classy-looking black and gray cardboard box, which at first does not suggest the low price. Inside are the over-ear headphones in a black leatherette carrying case (complete with an intense chemical smell) as well as quite a few cables, which already hint at the versatile uses of the headphones. The extended scope of delivery turns out to be quite lush with an instruction manual, a micro-USB charging cable, a 3.5 mm jack cable and a 6.3 mm to 3.5 mm jack cable.

Design and finish

When it comes to design, OneOdio has taken cues from well-known over-ear headphones and headsets like the Audio-Technica ATH-M40 X. Our test model is completely finished in matte black, while the outer sides of the ear cups feature a glossy circular cut look that looks classy. On the inside, the ear cups are covered in a soft synthetic leather, which is supposed to ensure a comfortable fit. The only visual highlights are the silver manufacturer logos underneath the headband, as well as the red decorative stitching on the upper side of the temple.

The Chinese manufacturer relies on lightweight plastic for the material, which results in a correspondingly low weight of around 220 grams. The Fusion A70 live up to their claim as DJ and studio headphones thanks to the rotating and folding ear cups, while the headband can be pulled out by up to three centimeters in nine stages to achieve the perfect fit.

The build quality is on a good level considering the low price of the headphones. While everything is less sturdy and noticeably more rickety than the higher-priced competition, our test model did not exhibit any problems or workmanship flaws. However, the headphones seem to be very susceptible to scratches, because the first signs of use are already apparent. Under medium pressure, however, the headband in particular gives way considerably, while the ear cups creak quite a bit – we cannot say whether this has an impact on longevity.

Wearing comfort and handling

The combination of lightweight plastic and generous faux leather ear cups actually makes the OneOdio Fusion A70 comfortable to wear. Due to the multiple adjustment options, the headphones can be very well adapted to the own head shape and rests comfortably over the ears even after a few hours.

The headphones are operated exclusively via three buttons on the bottom of the right earpiece. Here, a multifunctional button for turning music on and off or pausing it is placed between the buttons for increasing or decreasing the volume.

Features and battery life

Also on the right ear cup is the 3.5mm jack connector, which allows the headphones to connect to just about any audio source imaginable.  The included cable comes to a length of 1.2 meters and is thereby sufficiently large to comfortably operate a smartphone that is in the pants pocket.

However, it gets really exciting and unique on the left side. Besides the micro-USB input for charging (cable length: 61 cm), the manufacturer has installed a large 6.3 mm jack input here, which can be connected to various audio sources or musical instruments with the 2.8 m long spiral cable.

Here we are already at the most exciting feature of the OneOdio Fusion A70, because the headphones offer multipoint connectivity and can not only be connected to two devices at the same time, but even play back the audio signals of both sources simultaneously. This makes it possible, for example, to connect an instrument such as an electric guitar or keyboard and simultaneously playback the music via smartphone or PC. A feature that should prove especially useful when practicing.

In addition, the Fusion A70s offer Bluetooth connectivity (version 4.1), while a second audio signal can also be played back here via the 6.3 mm plug. The combination of Bluetooth and 3.5 mm jack, on the other hand, unfortunately does not work. It is also a shame that OneOdio relies on the outdated Bluetooth standard here – at least the connection remains stable with a maximum range of 9 meters.

A 430 mAh battery is installed inside, which achieves a really satisfactory runtime due to the lack of active noise cancellation (ANC). However, we cannot confirm the manufacturer’s claim of around 50 hours: In our test, the Fusion A70 runs out of steam after around 24 hours – still a good rate. A complete charging process takes about 3 hours, Fast Charge or wireless charging are not offered.

Audio Quality

The OneOdio Fusion A70 rely on 40 mm diameter drivers that cover a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. These are decent, but unimpressive values, especially for a pair of headphones that boasts hi-fi sound. In combination with an impedance of 32 ohms, however, a more than decent volume is achieved – in any case, the A70s should not be operated at the highest possible level.

Considering the price, the sound quality surprised me positively. Especially fans of a powerful bass will get their money’s worth, because the headphones strongly amplify the low frequencies. The focus on DJs and bass enthusiasts is clear here, because electronic music sounds especially good through the headphones.

Accordingly, electro tracks from artists like Deadmau5 or Feed Me come out particularly well. Surprisingly, the mids are also absolutely audible. Voices can be clearly understood and are reproduced powerfully.

However, the inexpensive headphones reveal weaknesses in the upper mids and especially in the trebles, which turn out spongy in a direct comparison and are completely lost especially when the bass kicks in. Fans of heavy metal music might not really like this, tracks from AC/DC, Bring Me The Horizon or Nightwish don’t come across so well in this sound image.

However, compared to the low price, the audio quality is completely okay, especially for fans of electro music. At 90 percent volume, the bass even pushes so hard that the ear cups start to vibrate slightly.


I wouldn’t go quite so far as to call the OneOdio Fusion A70 a price-performance miracle. Nevertheless, the inexpensive over-ear headphones have positively surprised me in many respects. First and foremost, the really good sound, which scores with rich bass and decent mids.

However, the biggest unique selling point is the connectivity, because the headphones make a convincing impression in both wireless and wired mode. The battery life is also impressive. Especially those who want to learn a musical instrument will be well served thanks to extensive connectivity options.

If you can accept compromises in terms of build quality and sound, the OneOdio Fusion A70 are a stylish and good (very bass-heavy) pair of over-ear headphones that are quite enjoyable.

OneOdio Fusion A70 Silver-Award

OneOdio Fusion A70

Sound quality
Value for money


Affordable over-ear headphones with versatile connectivity and good, bass-driven sound.

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Closed over-ear studio headphones with HiFi sound and Bluetooth connectivity for around 40 Euros? The OneOdio Fusion A70 promise a lot, but whether they are really a price-performance miracle is revealed in our detailed test. Technical data Bluetooth version 4.1 Maximum operating range 9m (without obstacle) Battery life About 24 hours Charge time 3 hours … (Weiterlesen...)

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