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Soul Transform Wireless: Wireless Sports Headphones Reviewed

Good sports headphones are hard to find – although most people enjoy listening to music during their workout. With the Transform Wireless headphones, Soul wants to create a way to comfortably listen to music during training – wirelessly and with a lot of comfort.

Our practical test will show whether this really succeeds.

Design and Workmanship

The sports headphones are supplied in a surprisingly high-quality packaging that allows immediate conclusions to be drawn about the primary area of use of the headphones included. In addition to the Transform Wireless headphones, the front of the pack features a background of sports enthusiasts. Once the package was opened, the clear emphasis on the intended use continued – the entire inside is dedicated to sporty people with headphones. Soul knows how to make clear what the product stands for. In addition, the packaging arouses the interest of the observer – which is certainly in the interests of the manufacturer.

Headphone packaging
Headphone packaging

The latter itself is enthroned almost majestically in a dark holder, which – as it turns out after opening the protective cover and the first touch – is unfortunately made of plastic. Fabric or at least upholstery would certainly have been more aesthetically valuable here. Ultimately, however, we do not want to evaluate the packaging of the product, but the headphones themselves in terms of their manufacture.

The contents of the package
The contents of the package

It can be seen here that the headphones are comparatively unobtrusively designed and have a harmonious, discreet colour scheme. Black clearly dominates. It is broken up by golden elements, which can be found, for example, on the padding of the auricles visible on the outside, in the form of the golden logo on the auricles and in the form of the lettering “Soul” on the adjustable headband. All golden elements are matt, which fits very well to the generally rather unobtrusive design of the headphones.

Simple design with matt gold accents
Simple design with matt gold accents

The workmanship appears to be of high quality. Despite their remarkably low weight, the headphones look stable. The materials used are well processed and feel good.

Wearing Comfort

The headphones should be comfortable to wear, especially during sporting activities. Even the best sound is not enough as a purchase argument if the headphones cause pain when worn or sit uncomfortably. With Soul’s Transform Wireless, the seat doesn’t seem to be a problem.

In the test, the headphones felt quite comfortable thanks to the good ear padding. The unusually light weight already mentioned at the beginning also contributes greatly to the comfort of the headphones. They can hardly be felt while wearing – unless they are adjusted too tightly – which is a clear advantage. We don’t usually want to be disturbed by heavy pressure on the head, not only during sport, but also in everyday life.

Soul’s Transform Wireless headphones, with their pleasant lightness and the resulting minimal pressure when worn, are certainly among the most comfortable headphones on the market.

The headband, to which the two ear cups are connected, is easily adjustable, so that the right seat can be found for every user. In the test it was quite easy to find a suitable setting – it should be mentioned that the temple has to be adjusted quite tightly during the sport, which reduces some of the advantages of the headphones due to their light weight. This point will be examined in more detail under “Operation and practical suitability”. At this point, however, it can already be stated that the headphones are more comfortable to wear in normal everyday life than during sports.

The fact that the ear cushions are removable and washable is another advantage. They are – also because of their breathability – never sweaty. Even after several months of use, no disgust should arise thanks to the washability. This is beneficial to the wearing comfort in any case.

Likelihood of confusion excluded
Likelihood of confusion excluded

Another negative point is that the headphones with glasses are rather uncomfortable to wear. This can certainly be countered by the fact that most people do not wear glasses during sports.

Operation and Suitability for Practical Use

The operation of the headphones proved to be intuitively understandable in the test. However, in case of ambiguity, an operating manual is enclosed, in which every necessary step during activation and connection is described in detail and illustrated.

After the headphones are unpacked and unfolded, the Bluetooth connection to the output device is established. This requires pressing the button on the right auricle, which can also be used to adjust the volume.

Said button on right auricle
Said button on right auricle

If the button is pressed for about five seconds, a blue light will illuminate. Shortly thereafter, this lamp starts flashing red and blue alternately. As soon as this happens, the connection can be established. For this the output device – in the test an iPhone – is taken to the hand. If Bluetooth is also activated there, the headphones are found – they also have the name “Soul Transform Wireless” in the Bluetooth interface. A click on the name establishes the connection.

Since production after pressing the button on the auricle is done exclusively by the output device, which in almost every case is the user’s smartphone, there should be no difficulties. The procedure is simple and completed in a few seconds.

The connection is established in seconds.
The connection is established in seconds.”

In addition to the Bluetooth mode, wired operation is also a way of playing music via headphones. A 3.5 mm jack cable is supplied with the headphones for this purpose, which can be used to establish a cable connection to the output device.

The enclosed jack cable
The enclosed jack cable

As far as practical suitability is concerned, the extremely low weight of the Transform Wireless headphones makes them ideal for use in sports and everyday life. At the same time, however, it should be noted that if headphones are to be worn during sports, they must be adjusted very tightly. The advantages resulting from the low weight – namely the pleasantly light wearing comfort and the fact that they can hardly be felt – are at least diminished by the necessity to position the temple as tightly as possible. This rather uncomfortable attitude becomes necessary during the sport because the headphones, if they have more room to move, begin to shake threateningly with every violent movement.

Here it can be argued that, due to their low weight, the listeners are comparatively comfortable to wear even when the earpiece is set very tightly. It should be noted that they are in any case well suited both for everyday use as well as for sporting use, although they can be worn in everyday life a little looser and thus more comfortable than during sports.


The sound is a clear advantage of the headphones. Their sound is almost completely convincing. For example, they offer deep bass, clear treble and balanced mids. Furthermore they convince by a very good noise shielding and a generally strong sound.

Also different music genres can be played well. Here it should be mentioned that the sound is a little bass-heavy – but by no means too much. Many users might like this minimal bass weight. Most of the songs are also very well suited to her. However, in some cases – for example with songs that are actually rather quiet – it could attract attention in a negative way.

A further, more serious point of criticism is that an unpleasant metallic noise occurs after the end of a playback as well as in the context of the partly necessary loading process before the beginning of a playback, which is nevertheless quite disturbingly noticeable.

Battery and Charging

One positive aspect to mention here is that the headphones are supplied already charged. So they can be used immediately. A battery charge lasts about eighteen hours, which should be more than sufficient for the average user.

The headphones are charged via USB cable. This method of charging makes sense on the one hand as it is simple. On the other hand, an adapter is missing so that the headphones have to be recharged via another device, which may not please every user.

The enclosed USB charging cable
The enclosed USB charging cable

Another positive feature is the battery level indicator on the upper right corner of the iPhone, which is always displayed when a connection is established. The user is thus always informed about the charging of his headphones. In addition, the lamp on the left auricle flashes red when the battery charge is low. The lamp also lights up during charging. When the battery is full again, it lights up blue.

All in all the charging procedure is simple and easy to understand.

Result of the Soul Transform Wireless Review

The “Transform Wireless” headphones from Soul are characterized not only by their discreet, noble design, but also – and above all – by their lightness, the resulting comfort and the good sound they achieve in practice.

In the test, the headphones proved to be suitable both for everyday use and for sports. In the latter case, however, they must be adjusted quite firmly so that the wearing comfort here is lower than in everyday use. Due to their low weight, however, they are much more comfortable to wear than many other headphones.

The sound was convincing – only occasional metallic noises after stopping the playback or during loading at the beginning of the playback interfered with the enjoyment of the music in the test.

The headphones are very good and intuitive to use. Nevertheless, a detailed, illustrated operating manual is enclosed. Overall, we are satisfied with Soul’s Transform Wireless headphones. The price seems reasonable.

Soul Transform Wireless

Value for Money

Very comfortable to wear headphones that are not only suitable for sports, but also for everyday use - minor weaknesses prevent a best rating.

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