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Teufel Airy True Wireless in-ear headphones in test

The Berliner Klangschmiede has always stood for hellishly good sound. The product range of Teufel’s sound experts is becoming more and more diversified. Starting with classic, high-quality floorstanding loudspeakers and soundbars to modern multi-room systems, the manufacturer now offers almost everything in the audio field. But there was one thing that took a while to come along – the first True Wireless In-Ears. Now they are here. Teufel wants to push nothing less than Apple with its Airy True Wireless from the throne. In our detailed test we will take a closer look at the pretty earplugs. Can they do what Teufel promises?

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Technical details

Driver Linear HD neodymium driver (5 mm)
Connection Bluetooth 5.0 (AAC)
Frequency range 20 Hz – 22 kHz
Port Micro-USB
Liquid protection IPX5
Battery capacity headphones (60 mAh each), Case (500 mAh)
Virtual assistants Google Assistant, Siri
Colours Steel Blue, Night Black, Silver White
Price 146.21 Euro

First sight

If you open the package, you will encounter a usually extensive scope of delivery. Apart from the two in-ears themselves, Teufel has also included additional attachments for the headphones. There are attachments in sizes S, M and L. With these, the Airy True Wireless should be able to fit in every ear. Furthermore, the charging case and the corresponding charging cable are in the plain brown packaging. Of course, the first glance falls on the headphones. They are pretty, the little devils. And that is also the case when they are in the practical transport or charging case. The size of the case is clearly based on the pioneer product from Apple and looks very high quality. Due to its practical size, the case can be carried in any trouser pocket without any problems.

Powerful drivers

We have checked off the visuals and found them to be good. Everything else would have surprised us at Teufel. After all, they have been scoring points for years with their great design and high-quality workmanship. Now we would like to take a closer look at the inner life of the in-ears. It becomes immediately clear that Teufel has clearly focused on acoustic advantages. After all, the manufacturer does not rely on unnecessary gimmicks with its Airy True Wireless, but rather on a high-quality driver. The small in-ears use the in-house Linear HD Neodymium drivers with 5 mm diameter. Teufel promises that these should still be able to deliver clean acoustics even at high volumes.

Inside the in-ears the powerful Linear HD Neodymium driver with 5 mm diameter is at work.

Permanent battery

With a fully charged battery a total of 6 hours of music enjoyment should be possible. A fully charged case should provide 25 hours of battery life. Teufel is not revolutionary here, but it definitely ranks among the better devices. What we were especially pleased about was the possibility to use the headphones for another hour with only a quarter of an hour of charging time.

Very comfortable

True Wireless In-Ears live to a large extent also from comfort. For this reason, it is important that there is a straightforward communication between the music source and the headphones. The Airy True Wireless use the latest Bluetooth 5.0 standard (incl. AAC). This not only provides a stable connection to the smartphone – whether iOS or Android. Furthermore, the smartphone also displays the battery charge of the in-ears. We think this is very good! The feature of the automatic pairing is also pleasing. As soon as you open the charging case, the headphones connect to the smartphone. Should it rain or sweat drip from your hair, that’s no problem either. The Airy True Wireless are protected against water jets according to IPX5. Therefore they are also very suitable for jogging or other sports activities.

A lightweight

Together with the charging case, the in-ears weigh a total of 49 grams. But it is not only the light weight that should be conducive to comfort. In addition, the soft fitting pieces should ensure a comfortable fit in the ear at all times. As it turns out, Teufel hasn’t promised too much here. With the size M I immediately had the perfect fit in my ear. At no time need to fear that the Airy True Wireless will fall out of your ears. I also never had the partly uncomfortable feeling of an unsafe fit, as it sometimes happens with AirPods. But the two in-ears do not press at all. Hell, this is the perfect balance between comfort and a firm fit. But in the end, this is of course a personal opinion, because every ear shape is different. Teufel offers an 8 week return policy, so you will definitely have enough time to test the wearing comfort yourself.

The Airy True Wireless are charged via the connectors located below.

Quality meets shaping

For a purchase price of just under 150 euros, one can certainly expect high quality. And this is where Teufel really delivers. Both the charging case and the two in-ears are at a top level. We liked the mainly matt look of the Steel Blue version we tested very much. The case’s folding mechanism also feels great. The opening and closing is always smooth and easy. As far as the shape of the headphones themselves is concerned, Teufel follows the proven path of “rather well copied than badly reinvented”. After all, the manufacturer also provides its Airy True Wireless with downward-running stems. I think it’s good that they haven’t experimented with force here. Apple has proven with the AirPods that this shape is best handled. Accordingly, the Airy True Wireless can also be inserted or removed in an optimal way.

Thanks to the attachments supplied, the Airy True Wireless fit in every ear.

Touch control

The fact that Teufel also relies on a touch control system did not make me jump up and down at first glance. After all, I’m not the biggest fan of operating in-ears like that. But with the Airy True Wireless I was positively surprised. Without any annoying misinterpretations, the headphones always did what I wanted them to do. With the appropriate gestures you can control a wide variety of things. As an Android user I was also pleased with the uncomplicated activation of Google Assistant. All you have to do is briefly touch the auricle of the left or right earpiece once. After touching it again, the music starts again. These gestures are not only used to control the music and the assistant. You can also answer phone calls easily. Of course this is also possible with an iPhone and Siri.

The sound

The most important thing about headphones is of course the sound. I once listened to different genres in order to get a broad impression of the sound qualities of the little devil.

Hello – Adele

I started with a quiet classic. To put the heights of the Airy True Wireless through its paces, I let Adele’s powerful voice run through it. Here the Airy True Wireless convinced me throughout. There was no tugging or the like. The voice remained crystal clear at all times – even in regions with high volume. I have never heard it like this with a small in-ear.

Liquid Spirit – Gregory Porter

We continue with some jazz. Liquid Spirit by Gregory Porter was made for the Airy True Wireless. Surely you didn’t get a stage here like two decent stereo speakers or high-priced over-ears can. Still, the sound was really impressive. Be it the massive bass of the double bass or the treble of the saxophone. Here the little devils really had a lot of fun. With the piano solo, real dynamics came into the music listening.

Stolen Dance – Milky Chance

Now I tried something more modern with a little more bass. Stolen Dance by Milky Chance starts with a quiet part consisting of soft vocals, a repeating guitar riff and a hypnotizing bass. In combination with the earplugs in size M I felt really isolated from my outside world. I completely immersed myself in the song. I didn’t miss ANC here. The end result was an absolutely round sound image. The highs of the guitar, the mids of the voice and the bass were all equally well represented. Here it becomes clear that the Airy True Wireless delivers a pleasantly neutral sound.

Californication – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Last but not least I wanted to try something rocky. Californication from the RHCP came in handy. At the beginning of the song guitar, vocals, bass and drums are equally well represented again. As with the other songs before, the Airy True Wireless score again with a very neutral sound. Especially the solo made my heart beat faster as a fan. Here again the crystal-clear highs of the in-ears became clear.

You can choose between the colours Steel Blue, Silver White and Night Black.

Podcast – Fest & Fluffy and Time Crime

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular. For this reason, headphones should no longer just be able to play music well. As a fan of Jan Böhmermann and Olli Schulz I listened to one of their episodes for the podcast test. The voices are again reproduced crystal clear. Only then, when you adjust the volume to utopian heights, it can rattle or rustle here and there. But I only did this for testing purposes. In reality (especially when listening to a podcast) you will not find such volumes. To test a female voice, I listened to an episode of the podcast “Zeit Verbrechen”. Here, too, the headphones convinced me throughout. Only at very high volumes the same, not really weighty problem appeared as with Fest & Fluffy.

Phone calls

Practical on most True Wireless In-Ears is the hands-free function. For this reason, it’s hardly surprising that Teufel also gives his Airy True Wireless the right function. In short: I am overwhelmed by the hands-free system. I haven’t seen such a good one in the True Wireless in-ears area. Here there is neither an annoying hissing nor any other disturbing noise. You can always hear the person you are talking to clearly and distinctly. The same applies on the other side. No tinny sound clouds the clarity of the voice. I would not have expected that.


Teufel has waited a long time to enter the True Wireless In-Ears market. But it was definitely worth the wait. The costs for a few in-ears seem to be very high at first. After all, Teufel is calling for an EIA of just under 150 euros. But as it turned out, the price is justified in any case. And this is not due to groundbreaking features or a groundbreakingly long battery life. Teufel has rather concentrated on the most important things: Sound.

Teufel can justifiably claim to sound far better than the competition in this price segment. The Airy True Wireless delivers a neutral sound image that thrives on crystal-clear highs, clean mids and juicy bass. If the music enjoyment or audio book is interrupted by a call, the listener continues to be amazed. Teufel relies on a hands-free kit here, which I could not yet hear in the high quality of a TWS In-Ear. So if you don’t need a revolutionary knick-knack, but prefer audio quality, the Airy True Wireless is the best choice.

Teufel Airy True Wireless

Wearing comfort
Sound quality
Recording quality
Value for money


Teufel has more than succeeded in entering the True Wireless In-Ears segment. The little devils are unbeatable in sound at this price.

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