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Teufel Real Blue TWS Test: In-ear headphones with digital hybrid ANC

With the Teufel Real Blue TWS, the audio professionals from Berlin present their third in-ear headphones within a very short time. But this model wants to be different. The features promise a lot with hybrid active noise cancellation (ANC), linear HD drivers with large 12 mm membranes and a long battery life. Whether the promises can be kept, clarifies our Teufel Real Blue TWS test.

Technical data

Bluetooth version 5.2
Maximum operating range 12m (without obstacle)
Battery life Up to 8hrs, 25hrs total with charging case; (varies depending on volume level and audio content)
Charge time around 2 hrs. (for charging case + headphones via USB-C)
Size charging case (W x H x D) 65 x 42 x 29 mm
Weight 47.2 g (Earbuds + charging case); 5.6 g per Earbud
Bluetooth codecs SBC, AAC
Price € 99.99
Teufel Real Blue TWS
This product is currently unavailable.

Scope of delivery of the Teufel Real Blue TWS

When it comes to the packaging, Teufel once again relies on understatement. The Teufel Real Blue TWS also come in a plain, brown cardboard box, which reveals the most important details on the outside and after opening reveals a view of the scope of delivery.

The actual in-ears are directly in the charging case. In addition to the obligatory instructions and safety notes, there are three additional pairs of silicone ear tips (sizes XS, S, and L – size M is already preinstalled), as well as a rather short USB Type-A to USB Type-C charging cable.

Teufel Real Blue TWS Scope of Delivery

Design and workmanship

With the Teufel Real Blue TWS, the Berlin-based company relies on a rounded design that does entirely without stems that would protrude from the ear. The whole thing is visually somewhat reminiscent of the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 (our review), but presents itself in a teardrop shape rather than a completely round occurrence.

The design of the matte-black in-ear headphones is quite simple and elegant. Only the gray manufacturer logo on the outer sides and the gold-plated magnetic contacts for the charging case stand out as details.

Keyword charging case: The case also leaves a noble impression. The Teufel logo, also in gray, can be seen on the front below three LEDs that inform about the headphones’ charging status. On the back, the type designation Real Blue TWS can be found below the USB-C port, which supplies the case with power.

However, it is noticed relatively quickly that both the Earbuds themselves and the charging case made of black plastic are absolute fingerprint magnets. Especially the charging case wants to be cleaned with a cloth during use more often than not.

Workmanship of the Teufel Real Blue TWS

On the other hand, there is nothing to complain about the workmanship of the Teufel Real Blue TWS. Despite the low weight of the Earbuds, the earphones feel very high-quality and robust. The manufacturer’s many years of know-how are directly noticeable here, because we look for gaps or unclean elements in vain.

The charging case is also in no way inferior. The opening flap feels quite solid and should also withstand long-term stress. And that’s despite the fact that the flap mechanism is only made of plastic – Teufel thus forgoes a more solid metal fastening.

On the other hand, it’s a bit of a shame that the charging case doesn’t stay put on the table or another surface when open and simply tips over backwards. A better weight distribution would have been desirable here.

Carrying comfort of the Teufel Real Blue TWS

The Teufel Real Blue TWS rest very comfortably in the ear, even over several hours. The manufacturer realizes this on the one hand by the low weight of only about 5.6 grams per earbud, on the other hand by the rounded edges. Even after several hours of music enjoyment, nothing presses or bothers here.

The silicone ear tips also ensure a secure hold as well as a comfortable fit. Thanks to a total of four sizes, the individual, ideal fit can be achieved easily. However, you should definitely try out the different ear tips before using them for the first time, as choosing the wrong size will have an impact on the wearing comfort and the passive seal.

Teufel Real Blue TWS wearing comfort
The wearing comfort of the Teufel Real Blue TWS is convincing. However, you shouldn’t necessarily lie on it.

The latter can, provided the right attachments are used, fully convince. The Teufel Real Blue TWS seal the auditory canal excellently and thus already without ANC function skillfully fade out a considerable part of the ambient noise.

Features and battery life

In terms of features, the Teufel Real Blue TWS don’t let their guard down. The in-ear headphones use the modern Bluetooth 5.2 network, which allowed us to achieve a range of around 12 meters to the audio source in the test without any connection dropouts.

This also has positive effects on the latency, which is particularly low in this case. Streaming videos, series or movies is lip-synchronous and without delay. A criterion that not all in-ear headphones fulfill.

AAC is offered as Bluetooth codec, which guarantees wireless audio transmission in CD-like quality on Android and iOS. Unfortunately, the Teufel Real Blue TWS do not offer the particularly energy-efficient Qualcomm aptX codecs. In return, there is an IPX3 certification that protects the TWS in-ears and the charging case from dust and spray water. Even rain cannot harm the little devils. Very commendable.

Teufel Real Blue TWS

Initial setup, including pairing, is also a breeze. Simply remove the protective film from the Earbuds and place the in-ears back in the charging case, and the pairing process starts. The Real Blue TWS are found immediately and are connected quickly. Pairing with another device is then done by pressing both touch surfaces on the outer sides simultaneously for one and a half seconds. This also works smoothly and reliably.

Battery life of the Teufel Real Blue TWS

In terms of battery life, the Teufel Real Blue TWS rank on a good, but by no means outstanding level. Overall, in combination with the charging case, a maximum of 25 hours are possible without ANC, or 18 hours with active noise suppression.

The Earbuds themselves last for around 7.5 hours (without ANC) or 5.5 hours (with ANC), which is okay, but by no means outstanding. The 370 mAh battery in the case can be recharged from 0 to 100% in about 2 hours. Unfortunately, the case does not support wireless charging via Qi.

Teufel Real Blue TWS battery life
Around 18 hours + 5.5 hours hold out the TWS in-ears with ANC in combination of case and Earbuds.

Operation of the Teufel Real Blue TWS

Operated are the small devils, as nowadays mostly, by touching the two outer sides of the Earbuds. Here, a distinction is made between single, double and triple tapping, as well as the 1.5-second press-and-hold. Both sides have different functions.

Tapping on the right increases the volume, on the left decreases it. A double tap on both sides pauses or resumes playback, or lets you answer a call. Three taps on the other hand let you jump to the previous or next song in the playlist.

Teufel Real Blue TWS Operation
The touch operation works intuitively and reliably.

It gets interesting when you press and hold: On the left, you can switch between the different sound modes (ANC on, transparency mode, ANC off) with this command. On the right you activate the voice assistant. The operation is flawless, without delay and always precise. Especially because the Teufel Real Blue TWS confirm every touch input with a short acoustic signal.

Audio Quality of the Real Blue TWS

In our sound test, the Teufel Real Blue TWS then have to prove themselves. After all, the manufacturer promises quite a lot here due to the large 12 mm drivers: especially the treble and bass are supposed to convince.

In fact, the TWS then also go straight to the point and convince at first glance with a balanced, well-accentuated sound that does not push any of the frequencies too much into the foreground. We particularly like the mids, which bring the vocals clearly and richly detailed into the center. Particularly in this area, the Teufel’s make many similarly priced competitor products look downright old.

The trebles also present themselves on a good level and stand on a clear stage that does not distort even at high volumes. Especially the basses, which go down very deep, turn out impressive and provide a rich, clearly differentiated foundation for the acoustics.

However, we have to say that the mix is clearly geared towards listening fun and departs greatly from a neutral sound image. However, this is not a tragedy when the result turns out as convincing as in this case.

Teufel Real Blue TWS Sound
In terms of sound, the Teufel Real Blue TWS are almost completely convincing.

On the other hand, we have to criticize the maximum volume of the Real Blue TWS, because it turns out lower than many other in-ear headphones. Do not misunderstand: The little devils still get decently loud, but the boom that, for example, the Apple AirPods Pro (2021) achieve is missing.

The ANC and Transparency Modes

According to Teufel, the Real Blue TWS rely on “digital, hybrid Active Noise Cancelling (ANC).” What that is supposed to mean exactly, however, is not entirely clear. However, it is clear that the active noise cancellation does an excellent job in this case and can convince all along the line.

Of course, you should not expect complete isolation from the outside world due to the construction; after all, in-ear headphones cannot reach the level of big over-ears here. However, the ANC does an impeccable job and effectively blocks out deeper background noise in particular. Teufel has achieved a noise suppression that can keep up with the best in-ear models. Another positive aspect is that activating the ANC hardly affects the sound and does not distort the music playback.

Teufel Real Blue TWS

The transparency mode, which amplifies voices and traffic noises, also leaves a good impression, but cannot quite keep up with similarly priced or higher-priced competitors here, as the background noise in particular is clearly audible in quiet surroundings and voices are minimally distorted.

Microphone quality of the TWS

The microphone quality of the Teufel Real Blue TWS is okay. Especially the built-in noise and echo cancellation does a good job and ensures that we are always clearly understood during phone calls even in loud environments.

However, our own voice lacks a bit of dynamics compared to the competition. Although we can still be understood clearly, other in-ear headphones can score with better intelligibility here. However, it is more annoying that individual syllables are occasionally swallowed when speaking at normal volume. However, those who only use the TWS headphones for phone calls from time to time will be able to live with this circumstance.

Conclusion on the Teufel Real Blue TWS

With the Real Blue TWS, Teufel delivers an almost all-around convincing in-ear headphone that can score in the most important categories. The workmanship is impeccable, and the active voice cancelling is actually even on top level. I also liked the audio quality across the entire range in the test and scored with a detailed and clear reproduction of all frequencies.

Only the unspectacular microphones, the mediocre battery life and the somewhat low maximum volume give reason for criticism. It is also a bit unfortunate that Teufel does not integrate the headphones into its own Headphones app and thus does not offer any setting options – that should definitely be possible for this price.

Otherwise, you get for the price of around 150 euros, however, a coherent overall package that should also inspire in the long term with the strong sound and high wearing comfort.

Teufel Real Blue TWS

Sound quality
Recording quality
Value for money


Convincing in-ear headphones with high-quality workmanship and rich sound. The ANC works excellently, but the microphones and battery life could be better.

Teufel Real Blue TWS
This product is currently unavailable.

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With the Teufel Real Blue TWS, the audio professionals from Berlin present their third in-ear headphones within a very short time. But this model wants to be different. The features promise a lot with hybrid active noise cancellation (ANC), linear HD drivers with large 12 mm membranes and a long battery life. Whether the promises … (Weiterlesen...)

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