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Tronsmart Encore S6 Review: Useful ANC Headphones for Less Than 50 Euros?

With the Encore S6, the rather unknown Chinese manufacturer Tronsmart offers a comparatively inexpensive ANC over-ear headphone, which is worth a closer look due to its low price. In Germany, Tronsmart is hardly known despite its wide product range. In addition to numerous headphones, the Chinese manufacturer also offers loudspeakers.

The following test will clarify what can be expected from the cheap headphones from China and whether they can compete with branded products that are significantly more expensive and better known.

Technical Data

Impedance 32 Ω
Frequency range 20Hz – 20KHz
Battery life With ANC approx. 20 h; without ANC approx. 24 h; 900 h Standby
Dimensions 190 x 164 x 75 mm
Weight 270 g

Scope of Delivery

In addition to the headphones, the Tronsmart Encore S6 headphones come with a micro USB charging cable, an AUX cable and a small operating manual. This is therefore rather spartan and cannot come up with extras of any kind. This means that neither a protective nor a transport bag or a socket adapter is included in the scope of delivery. It should be noted, however, that the headphones are significantly cheaper than most competing products. Such “gifts” can therefore hardly be expected. However, the fact that the operating instructions have not been translated into German is a negative factor. Solid knowledge of the English language is therefore absolutely necessary if there are any ambiguities. However, this should not be the case for most, as the use is equivalent to other Bluetooth devices.

Accessories of the Tronsmart Encore S6
Accessories of the Tronsmart Encore S6

Workmanship and Design

The headphones are made of plastic and metal. While the headband and auricles are made of plastic, the temple is reinforced with a metal splint and the auricles are also placed in metal suspensions. Thus the headphones already look relatively high-quality despite its price.

Unfortunately, however, the appearance is clouded by slight workmanship defects. So the screws inside the headband protrude a little. However, this does not attract negative attention when worn.

The headphone’s temples can be adjusted by up to 2.8 centimetres per side, making it possible to adapt to the wearer’s physical conditions. The bracket on one side was much smoother than the other side in the test, which meant that the headphones sometimes moved by themselves when worn in the hand.

On the positive side, the extendable part of the brackets is reinforced by a metal rail, which guarantees the stability of this sensitive part. The ear cups can be folded down to transport the headphones more easily. The ear pads are very well processed and extremely soft, which is very beneficial to the wearing comfort.


The sound of the Encore S6 headphones is initially noticeable as positive. Contrary to expectations, the bass is well pronounced and absolutely solid. This is not always the case even with high-priced over-ear headphones. When testing different styles of music, however, some weaknesses are noticed that spoil the good impression so far. Weaknesses in the high and mid tones are particularly noticeable in pop music and classical pieces. Fans of electronic music, on the other hand, experience an almost flawless sound.

Earcup of Tronsmart Encore S6
Earcup of Tronsmart Encore S6

Despite the weaknesses, the sound quality can be described as sufficient and solid overall. Although the Encore S6 from Tronsmart can’t offer a perfect experience, the sound is by no means catastrophic or otherwise unbearable. In its price range, the Chinese headphones offer a good quality. It can also keep up with some underpriced models.

Active Noise Cancelling

Tronsmart’s Encore S6 offers active noise cancelling. External noises that are perceived as disturbing noise when listening to music should not only be shielded, but actively “erased”. Even without ANC, the headphones damp quite well due to the good fit and thickness of its pads.

ANC can be activated by pressing the button on the left auricle. A clear improvement of the noise insulation is unfortunately not noticeable. Only a slight volume boost is audible. If you don’t play any music, you will hear a clear noise – you know this from other ANC headphones as well. Of course you can’t expect a perfect Active Noise Cancelling at this price. Nevertheless, the result is disappointing. Due to the good basic insulation of the headphones, they are nevertheless worth a recommendation even in louder environments.

Operation and Connections

The headphones are operated via six buttons, most of which are easily accessible on the right side. Only the ANC button can be found on the left side. The headset can be used via Bluetooth or AUX cable. In addition, there is a micro-USB connection for charging.

The buttons can be used to select between different songs, stop playback and start and end a call via the headset. Of course there are also switches for volume control.

Conclusion of the Tronsmart Encore S6 Review

The Encore S6 is extremely cheap with a price of € 64.89 *. The customer benefits from the fact that this is an unknown Chinese brand. Of course, no excellent performance can be expected at this price. However, the test shows that the performance offered is quite solid. Some points of criticism can be found, but they do not weigh very heavily. For example, some screws protrude slightly, but they are not disturbing when worn. In addition, the Active Noise Cancelling is not particularly pronounced and one of the extendable temples could fit tighter. All in all, however, it’s a very usable and well insulated headphone that convinces for its price.

Tronsmart Encore S6

Active Noise Cancelling
Value for Money

A solid, very affordable over-ear headphone.

The Tronsmart Encore S6 offers good noise isolation, but unfortunately it can't be said that it has good active noise cancelling.

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