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Trouver Power 12 in test: What can the inexpensive battery vacuum cleaner?!

As the proud owner of a Dyson V10, I have always looked skeptically at the alternatives from the Far East. I find it exciting that Xiaomi & Co. launch almost identical-looking battery vacuums at a fraction of the price of the British premium brand. So I wanted to try my hand at it myself and took a real underdog for a test – the Trouver Power 12. Can it score at a third of the price of my Dyson? We’ll take a look!

This is how you vacuum today

Before we get down to the nitty gritty, I’d first like to educate those who don’t yet own a cordless vacuum. Why should one refrain from the classic, rolling behind and corded vacuum cleaner from Siemens & Co. Well, before I had my Dyson, I too was skeptical. But I was convinced faster than I would have liked. The comfort you enjoy when you can access the cordless vacuum at any time is really super.

The previous model came in a very eye-catching color combination. Otherwise, however, the equipment, design and suction performance are very similar. (Image: TROUVER)

And in this discipline, all representatives of the wireless suction art can really score. By the way, in my opinion, the perfect combination is the cooperation between a vacuum robot and a battery-powered vacuum cleaner. At least my Dyson showed that a too dusty apartment also takes too long to clean. The battery on the highest level of the British vacuum cleaner also gave up very early. Together with a robot, on the other hand, you have constant cleanliness and only have to vacuum stubborn spots. But enough of the theory. Let’s take a look at the Trouver!

€ 199.99
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The scope of delivery

The very first thing we want to do is take a look at the Trouver Power 12’s scope of delivery. Of course, the Trouver Power 12 itself can be found in the handsome and high-quality packaging. On top of that, you can also find a few accessories here. So you’re equipped for any surface. In theory, at least.

The scope of delivery of other representatives certainly turns out more lush. However, the accessories should be completely sufficient for people with hard floors.

The following accessories are included in the package:

  • Soft brush roll
  • Electric mini-brush
  • 2-in-1 crevice nozzle
  • Power supply
  • Wall mount
  • Extension rod

According to Trouver, the soft brush roll itself is suitable for use on hard floors such as parquet, laminate, tile, etc. This begs the question, how to clean carpets? With the help of the mini brush, cleaning carpets and upholstered furniture should be no problem. Whether this is sufficient despite its somewhat narrow dimensions at first glance, we will determine during the later practical test.

The first impression

In terms of design, the Trouver Power 12 takes a different approach than its predecessor did. While version number 11 relied on a combination of white and red, Trouver now gives the vacuum a classy gray. This makes it inconspicuous enough to find a place in any home. When you pick up the cordless vacuum cleaner, you notice that it is of course made of plastic. But is that a problem? Not at all! The Trouver Power 12 is excellently manufactured. It doesn’t creak at any point.

The workmanship is first class. Shown here: Suction unit with mounted mini-brush.

When I first picked up the vacuum cleaner and pushed the power button through with my index finger, the Trouver gave a satisfying click. In general, it features really good handling and a comfortable grip. You can easily vacuum here for longer periods of time without getting a heavy arm. However, if it still gets on your nerves to keep the “trigger” permanently pressed, you can simply click the button with the lock symbol on the display. The switch will then be locked without further ado.

The three attachments are suitable for different areas of use. However, owners of large carpeted areas would certainly appreciate an additional carpet brush.

All in all, both the vacuum itself and the accessories shine with great quality. Trouver by no means relies “only” on plastic here. For example, the suction tube comes in a chic aluminum look. This not only looks chic, but also feels very good. The connection between the suction unit and the accessories is made with the help of a plastic mechanism. Simply push it in and the accessory snaps into place after an audible click. To remove the attachment again, you simply press the plastic button and pull it out.

Nice display!

A real eye-catcher, in my opinion, is the display, on which the current battery status is emblazoned in large format. Here at the latest, one seriously doubts that it is such a cheap battery vacuum cleaner. Good work Trouver! By the way, it not only looks chic, but is also extremely practical. With my Dyson V10, I only have three LED squares that give me information about the battery level. Personally, this is far too inaccurate for me and is much better solved in the low-priced competition from Trouver. You can also read another exciting piece of information on the display. There are three lines here, which, depending on the thickness, signal the suction strength with which the vacuum cleaner is currently working.

While we’re on the subject of the battery, by the way. The Trouver Power 12 offers a really exciting feature that is anything but standard. There’s a handy button on the suction unit that allows you to easily uninstall the battery. To do this, you simply pull it off while pressing the button. This means that a defective or weakened battery does not force you to buy a new device. A new battery is sufficient in this case. Very commendable and a good example for the competition! This is also very practical when larger areas need to be vacuumed or the dust is a bit more stubborn than usual. Finally, you can easily solve the problem of an empty battery with a battery swap and continue.

The practical test

Now let’s get to the most important topic. The suction power. Can the inexpensive Trouver keep up with a Dyson? The conditions seem to be right with a view to the technical data in any case. After all, 125,000 revolutions per minute sound quite promising. The first discipline was hard floors. In my apartment, I was able to confront the Trouver Power 12 with parquet and tiles. Here, the soft brush roller was used. One thing struck me right away. The cordless vacuum cleaner is incredibly fast and agile! It’s really fun to whiz from room to room with it. The reason for this is the smooth rollers, which are located on the underside of the attachment with roller.

A change to carpet was on the horizon. The attachment had no real problem with my short pile carpet, which measures 2m x 1m. Still, the speed and maneuverability was severely limited. On my long pile carpet, the Trouver then had to admit defeat – at least with the soft brush roll. Although the suction power was still perfectly clear, the previous speed was passé. So a change had to be made.

For long-pile carpets, it’s best to reach for the mini brush. If only it weren’t so small…

Although the mini brush is actually intended for upholstered furniture, I used it without further ado for my long pile carpet. I was amazed at what the vacuum tickled out on the highest setting. However, it took much more effort on my part than when cleaning the hard floors or the short pile carpet. Since the mini brush lives up to its name, it also took a bit until my long pile carpet with a diameter of 1.5 meters was vacuumed.

After just under fifteen minutes of vacuuming on maximum level 3, the battery ran out

On my couch, the vacuum was able to score fully again. Since a cleaning of upholstered furniture is not part of my weekly apartment cleaning anyway, but rather quarterly, I also gladly accept a little more working time here. The end result here could really be seen. Perfect for allergy sufferers!

You can best catch stubborn and hard-to-reach spots with the 2-in-1 crevice nozzle

The third attachment in the bunch is the so-called crevice attachment. This is very suitable for cleaning the baseboards. It is also great for removing the occasional cobweb. Of course, you don’t necessarily have to attach all three attachments to the extension tube. You can also attach them directly to the suction unit. This gives you the perfect vacuum cleaner for the car. Great!

The results

In terms of handling, there is nothing to complain about at all. But what do the results look like? Here you have to distinguish quite clearly between the suction levels. After all, it’s no coincidence that the Trouver Power 12 shows just under an hour of staying power on level 1, while on maximum level 3 it’s over after just under ten minutes. However, it is not only the battery runtime that shows decisive differences between the levels. The volume differences are also really remarkable. When I turned on the vacuum for the first time, I was surprised by the low volume. The loud, shrill beeping on level 3, on the other hand, is not something you can stand for too long. Here I have to find a first decisive disadvantage to the Dyson. This has a much more pleasant volume – even at the highest level.

Besides the far more pleasant volume, the carpet brush is probably also a decisive advantage of the Dyson V10. However, you have to pay a lot more money for it.

However, you can’t avoid the maximum level with the Trouver Power 12. However, the results are impressive. I was really amazed at the dirt particles that the vacuum could get out of my upholstered furniture. Great work! Levels 1 and 2, on the other hand, are best used for hard floors. Here, the dirt must be really stubborn for the vacuum cleaner not to be able to suck it up with a low or medium level. So if you don’t have a carpet in your own four walls anyway, you’ll already be happy with the ear- and neighbor-friendly levels 1 and 2.

The battery life

Dreame installs a 2,500 mAh battery in its Trouver Power 12. In the practical test, it was shown that this lasted for just under an hour on the lowest level. The manufacturer can keep its promise here. If you select the maximum level, you will have to accept a significant drop in the battery’s stamina.

The battery was charged from 0% to 100% after just under three hours. Practical: You can read the charge status on the display at any time.

Since the display permanently shows the battery state, you can literally watch how it melts away on the Turbo level. Accordingly, it was over after a quarter of an hour. So, if you have a lot of carpeting in your home and a relatively large apartment on top of that, you should seriously think about buying a replacement battery. However, the battery performance can definitely keep up with my Dyson V10.


With the Trouver Power 12, you get a decent battery vacuum cleaner that can shine with a great price-performance ratio. The household appliance from the Far East hardly provides any reasons to complain. This already starts with the good workmanship. But the display technology is also convincing and is a unique selling point in this price range. Of course, everything stands and falls with the suction power. And that is also impressive. Especially on hard floors, the piece of technology delivers a very good performance. Owners of one or more carpets, on the other hand, should plan for more time when cleaning. Alternatively, you should seriously consider reaching for a competing product with a carpet brush.

Trouver Power 12

Design and workmanship
Power and battery
Value for money


Wow! The Trouver Power 12 proves that you do not have to spend a lot of money to get a very good cordless vacuum cleaner. However, the next version should come with a carpet brush.

€ 199.99
Buy now* AliExpress

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