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Roidmi Eve Plus: The first robot vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi’s partner company

When you get right down to it, the Eve Plus is not the first vacuum robot from the Xiaomi universe, but it is the first from the partner company Roidmi. Basically, this means nothing other than that Roidmi could draw on Xiaomi’s technological experience. After all, vacuum robots like the Mi Robot or the Roborock S5 Max were already built in the haze of the Chinese technology industry giant. Now, however, Roidmi is supposed to deliver another hefty portion of innovation with the Eve Plus – and for a reasonable price.

In a world of convenience and the constant shuffling of household tasks, the popularity of robotic vacuum cleaners with mopping capabilities is growing rapidly. However, models from brands like Bosch, iRobot and AEG still cost a lot of money. Products from China have been able to remedy this for a few years now – also in terms of quality.

We found out to what extent the brand-new Roidmi Eve Plus with suction station can do the same. Now we have an editorial robot in addition to an editorial dog.

Technical data

Design Suction robot and mop cleaner with suction station
Navigation mode Laser room survey
Suction 2700 Pascal
Socket dust container / water tank (Robot Vacuum Cleaner) 0.3 liters / 0.25 liters
Socket dust container (suction station) 3 liters
Battery capacity 5,200 mAh
Charge time 4 hours
Performance (Robot Vacuum Cleaner) 50 watts
Power (suction station) 850 watts
Maximum area coverage 250 m2
Slope Up to 20° with max. 2 cm height
Dimension (suction robot) 35 x 35 x 9.8 cm
Dimension (suction station) 35.8 x 35 x 17.5 cm
Weight (suction robot) 3.6 kg
Weight (suction station) 2.7 kg
App control Roidmi Cleaner, Xiaomi Home
Compatibility Voice Assistant Alexa, Google Assistant
Color White
Price €370.39 ($30 off coupon until March 21: RO4799)

Content: Comprehensive package

Supplied in addition to the robot and suction station.

    • a replacement filter
    • several disposable wipes for mopping
    • a washable microfiber cloth that can be used appropriately multiple times
    • several spare bags for the station

Basically a good basic set, so you can get the Eve Plus started right after delivery and also be supplied with accessories for 3-6 months before the first bags and wipes need to be reordered.

Design & Material: neat appearance sturdily built

Almost expectedly, the Eve Plus comes in all white, with black touch control panels on the robot and suction station. For various sensors, there is a bump in the middle on the surface that stands out with orange accents. A total of 30 sensors are installed, which are responsible for mapping and navigation; but more on that below.

As far as looks go, the Roidmi Eve Plus is nothing new in terms of shape and color. The intake station is not a design innovation either. But both look elegant and high-end enough to do its job in any kind of household. Moreover, both components also make a good impression haptically. Only plastic is used, which is usual for this type of product.

Underneath the robot vacuum from China is a large main brush, the mopping attachment, and two rotating brushes, each with four long combs attached. These look out from under the Eve Plus and thus reach the dust on edges. Movement takes place by means of three wheels, the one between the comb brushes, responsible for steering, is movable. Rubber strips run along the front and sides up to the half, protecting furniture and the like from damage when the robot bumps into them.

The vacuum station includes a 3-liter dust bag, which confidently holds the dust of 2,000 square feet before it needs to be emptied. When the tank is full, an audible and visual alarm reminds you. The latter can be seen on the LED screen, which can be controlled via touch as mentioned. In addition, the screen displays the charging status as well as a countdown for the dust collection. Generally, once you have the Roidmi Eve Plus at home, you don’t have to worry about anything until the dust collection station reports – even if there should be an error message. However, we did not encounter one during our entire test.

All in all, the Eve Plus and its intake station make a solid impression. Now we are curious how it looks like with the vacuuming, wiping and automatic orientation.

Features: Vacuuming and wiping completely automated

As mentioned at the beginning, a total of 30 sensors are responsible for scanning up to 250 square meters and saving them as a map. These are installed on the sides and in the central elevation. Thus, the robot not only remembers its constant environment, the owner of the Eve Plus can also control his robot remotely in his app based on the map.

The Eve Plus passed our tests across the editorial team with flying colors. Not an inch was missed. We also spread various types and sizes of dirt, which the robot vacuum cleaned, without twitching its comb, in around three minutes – both carpet and parquet. Sensors and the 2,700 Pa suction power thus definitely meet our expectations. However, the automatic carpet detection did not work, unfortunately.

We also tested Roidmi’s stated ability to overcome slopes of up to 20° and 2 cm high edges. The Eve Plus was able to implement both. The wiping function is just as satisfactory. This can be individually adjusted in terms of water flow. Depending on the surface, sometimes more sometimes less makes sense. On both tiles and parquet, the Eve Plus did exactly what it is supposed to: wiped clean. For this purpose, the vacuum robot uses a reusable wiping cloth. Alternatively, disposable products can also be used.

Compared to similarly built models from other manufacturers in the same price range, the robot from Roidmi definitely performs best. Only top models are even more effective at vacuuming. But the difference is so minimal that it’s worth saving money by ordering the Eve Plus to your home.

Suction station: enough space for dust of 2,000 m2

When the 0.3-liter dust container in the Eve Plus is full or the battery is almost empty, the robot vacuum automatically moves to the suction station. There, the container is emptied and the robot continues its work at the point where had to interrupt. This interaction between the Roidmi Eve Plus and the suction station means that the user only has to wait for the alarm on this or in the app to empty the container in the station once it is full. However, as mentioned, since this can hold the dirt of 2,000 square meters, you are free of it for several days or even weeks – depending on the size of the apartment or house.

Docks the suction robot to the station has, there is a voice feedback. The suction itself is clearly audible, because the dirt has to be vacuumed. However, this is done in less than 15 seconds and does not have to happen every 5 minutes.

As with any other dust robot, the suction supply to the robot or the station can become clogged over time. The robot makes itself in these cases by an error message noticeable.

Battery: Sufficient juice for four hours

Built-in is a 5,200 mAh battery, which has enough juice to clean the floor for up to four hours at a time. And even if this is empty, the vacuum simply moves to the station and can be charged. Since this is plugged into the power, there is always enough of it. In addition, the Roidmi Eve Plus always continues where he left off before the battery emergency.

Control: App with snappy extras and lots of control

Our personal highlight – although not an innovation – is the mapping of the four walls. After the sensors on the device have scanned them, owners of the Eve Plus can see the map in the Roidmi Cleaner app (Android and iOS). Afterwards, the rooms can be named, divided by color and the sequences of the individual rooms can be defined. This way, the robot knows at what frequency it should vacuum and mop a room per week. It is also possible to create more than one map, for example only one of the living room next to the overall map.

Likewise, the app allows you to view the battery level, the area already vacuumed in m2 and the time spent vacuuming. Also adjustable is the suction power, water intensity or disabling the wiping function, as well as activating a scrubbing function, which intensifies the wiping.

Apart from that, there are a few other small setting options that are only marginally relevant, such as turning the display LEDs on the robot and suction station on and off. Firmware updates can also be performed in the Roidmi app, as well as setting the language. German is also supported in this respect. Unfortunately, the language of the app is still English.

We also find the log of each tour of the Eve Plus outstanding. This makes it easy to see how the robot vacuum cleaner wandered, how long it took and how many square meters it covered.

The Xiaomi Home app should also be able to be used with the Eve Plus. Unfortunately, we were not able to create an account because the international server had problems at the time of testing and you can only register for the Chinese server with a Chinese phone number – not via email. Thus, we could not test the control by voice assistants such as Google Assistant and Alexa, unfortunately, because the Roidmi app is not compatible with it, but only the Xiaomi app.


The features of the Eve Plus are not particularly new, but the total package of vacuuming, wiping, remote control via app and the same is not available for so little money so far. 409 euros is a perfectly acceptable price for the combo.

Overall, we are very satisfied with the performance of the Roidmi Eve Plus. Both battery, suction power and independent work as well as the mapping and remote control via app work flawlessly. While the noise level may be a bit higher than the more expensive competition, this is acceptable considering the price and not really annoying. Presumably, this is only noticed by those who have previously “employed” a quieter robot vacuum.

Unfortunately, the Smart Home connection does not work at the moment, which is why voice control via Google Assistant or similar is not possible. We hope that this will change soon. However, this should be taken into account when buying if it is important to you. However, automatic sequences can of course be created via the Roidmi app. In addition, the suction station unfortunately does not work bagless, so you always have to buy spare parts.

Through March 21, you can save $30 on the purchase of the Roidmi Eve Plus at AliExpress with the coupon “RO4799.”

Roidmi Eve Plus

Scope of delivery
Suction power
Value for money


Xiaomi's partner company has presented its first vacuum robot with wiping function. The result is a comprehensive, reliable device that can be operated via app. Despite the small points of criticism, the vacuum cleaner gets a recommendation from us.

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