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Lian Li Uni Fan AL140 V2 in single packs in test – suddenly standard!

Lian Li is a Taiwanese company for computer parts, which is especially known for its cases. However, since a few years, the Uni Fans are also very popular fans with daisy chaining. There are different models here, such as the AL series tested here. After the Lian Li Uni Fan AL120 V2 in a three-pack with controller performed decently in the test, we now take a look at the Lian Li Uni Fan AL140 V2 in single packs here. With this, we can not only compare the performance, but also take a look at the differences in the equipment. In addition, we can look at the design differences.

Specifications of the Lian Li Uni Fan AL140 V2

Size 140 x 140 x 25 mm
Speed 250 – 1600
Maximum Airflow 81.6 CFM
Maximum static pressure 2.8 mm H2O
Volume at maximum speed 26.8 dB(A)
Connection proprietary incl. adapter to PWM, JST and standard ARGB
Bearing Fluid Dynamic Bearing
Warranty 2 years
Price € 30.90 * (black)
€ 30.90 * (white)

Packaging and scope of delivery

  • Compact cardboard box
  • Fan additionally protected by bubble wrap
  • Supplied with cable, adapter and screws

The individual packages of the Lian Li Uni Fan AL140 V2 are much more compact than the set of three, which is not only due to the fact that only one fan is included, but it also omits the controller. Where the packaging comes quite plain in black with striking blue accents, the imprint is high quality. And, as we’ve come to expect from other fans, the box is clean on the front and lists specifications on the back.

When you open the box of the Lian Li Uni Fan AL140 V2, the first thing you see is the cables and below that you will find the fan wrapped in bubble wrap. And what stands out is that these are not cables meant for the AL V2 controller, but connections to a regular PWM connector and to JST for RGB lighting. Also included is an adapter from JST to the nowadays standard ARGB connector. To make a long story short: Here you obviously end up with the standard control for fans. Of course, the obligatory fan screws are also included, as well as a manual.

On the fans can be found in the front and back of each still a protective film on the logo in the middle and the back of the motor.

Design and workmanship

  • Robust frame
  • Regular thickness, making it thinner than the 120mm version
  • Powerful lighting with many accents (especially on the back of the fan motor too!)

The Lian Li Uni Fan AL140 V2 are designed to be handsome not only in the front, but also in the back. Thus, there is no text on the back of the fan motor, but a shiny metallic surface, which also has an RGB-lit ring. Otherwise, the fans are also kept in black and apart from the milky white fan blades, the RGB-lit areas are discreetly hidden. There are glossy mirrored accents on two sides of the fans, which are also framed by inconspicuously placed RGB components.

What is noticeable, however, is that the Lian Li Uni Fan AL140 V2 have the regular thickness of 25 mm, which means that they have not become thicker in contrast to the 120 mm version. This can be quickly seen in a direct comparison.

The Lian Li Uni Fans do not have permanently mounted cables, but are designed to be connected directly in series. This means that they have different contacts on two sides, which are used to transmit the signals. A cable only needs to be attached to the last fan. This transmits the fan control and RGB data. The fans are plugged into each other, for which there are appropriate brackets and indentations.

The workmanship of Lian Li’s fans looks high-quality and this is emphasized by the brushed aluminum-look parts, as well as by the glossy accents.


  • The supplied cable allows control via standard connectors
  • Control via an existing AL-V2 controller from a set is also possible
  • Connectors can be removed if necessary

The Lian Li Uni Fan Al140 V2 come in the single packs with cables that allows operation without proprietary connectors, controllers or software and also covers two different RGB connectors. This is a big difference from the three-pack. However, the three-pack came with more connector cables and so you can also connect the fans from the single packs to the controller if you use it. More info on this can be found in the test of the Lian Li Uni Fan AL120 V2. Ergo, you can use the single packs as a non-proprietary alternative solution or as an extension of a three-pack with controller.

If you have the fans connected – or just use them individually – you can unscrew the connecting part on the last fan. This gives a cleaner look or fixes space problems in tight places. You can also screw these parts back in at any time. But be careful: once you remove them, you should find a safe place to store them so you can actually find and use them again should you need them in the future. For practical reasons, I would try to leave them right on the fan as long as they don’t interfere.

Performance and volume as a case fan

  • Decent performance at low volume
  • No real advantage over the 120mm version

The Lian Li Uni Fan AL140 V2 are tested in two scenarios – once as a case fan and once as a radiator fan for water cooling. In both cases, you can benefit from the ease of wiring through the daisy-chain design.

As a case fan at a consistent 800 RPM, the results are comparable to the be quiet! Shadow Wings 140mm PWM. Both fans are not outstanding in terms of pure performance, but they are very quiet.

Illuminated Lian Li Unifan AL140V2
As case fans, the performance is neither impressive nor disappointing. So it’s mainly the look that matters here.

This gives the Lian Li Uni Fan AL140 V2 a bit of an advantage in the test, normalizing to a consistent volume where most other fans come off a bit louder. So performance is now in the solid range and brings comparable results to the Corsair AF140 Elite and be quiet! Silent Wings Pro 4 140mm. But other fans may well offer better performance as case fans. Limited to RGB fans, these include the Thermaltake TOUGHFAN 14 RGB, the be quiet! Light Wings 140mm, and the Arctic P14 PWM PST A-RGB. Overall, the performance advantage over the 120mm variant is negligible.

The maximum performance of the Lian Li Uni Fan AL140 V2 is unimpressive and in fact, the Lian Li Uni Fan AL120 V2 perform better while only getting minimally louder. So the added thickness of the smaller fans is obviously noticeable.

Performance on the Radiator

  • Decent performance on the radiator, especially when used quietly
  • Moderate maximum speed, but adequate for practical everyday use

Letting the fans spin at a uniform 800 RPM in comparison, performance is again about on par with the unlit be quiet! Shadow Wings 2 140mm PWM. However, the Thermaltake TOUGHFAN 14 PWM is also within the tolerance range. Overall, however, these three fans tend to sit at the bottom of the comparison range, but remain very quiet. Most of the stronger fans are either noticeably louder and / or do not have RGB lighting. Notable RGB fans that perform better at a comparably low volume are only the be quiet! Light Wings 140mm, which however only have an illuminated frame, and the Corsair iCue AF140 RGB Elite, which again only have illuminated fan blades. And neither of these offer the daisy chain option.

At a uniformly low volume, the performance of the Lian Li Uni Fan AL140 V2 looks very decent on the radiator in testing, and all the louder fans lose out significantly. Performance-wise, they are within the tolerance range of the Thermaltake TOUGHFAN 14 RGB and the ENDORFY Fluctus 140 PWM ARGB. Here they beat the legendary Noctua NF-A14, for example.

Leaving the fans to their own devices, the Lian Li Uni Fan AL140 V2 sit in the solid mid-range, which was to be expected given the maximum speed is also in the mid-range.

Overall, the performance on the radiator is slightly better than when used as a case fan.


The Lian Li Uni Fan AL140 V2 are quite decent 140 mm fans that shine with special lighting and high-quality workmanship. At the same time, the performance is okay and the relative volume stands up better in the competitive field than that of the 120 mm variant. Practically speaking, the performance difference to the smaller and therefore thicker Uni Fan AL120 V2 is negligible. What many users will find quite pleasant is the possibility to control the fans in single packs without proprietary software solutions – as long as you have appropriate alternatives available. Overall, a really solid package that is not overpriced for the performance, build quality, and lighting quality offered.

Lian Li Uni Fan AL140 V2 Test Silver Award

Lian Li Uni Fan AL140 V2

Noise level


The Lian Li Uni Fan AL140 V2 offer average performance as a case fan, better performance as a radiator fan, while not being too loud and also looking good.

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Lian Li is a Taiwanese company for computer parts, which is especially known for its cases. However, since a few years, the Uni Fans are also very popular fans with daisy chaining. There are different models here, such as the AL series tested here. After the Lian Li Uni Fan AL120 V2 in a three-pack … (Weiterlesen...)

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