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Gigaset GS270 Plus Review: A Lot of Performance for Little Money

Just six weeks after the Gigaset GS170 was launched on the market, the German manufacturer is introducing another Smartphone. The Gigaset GS270 Plus is considered the big brother of the Gigaset GS270. With a price of EUR 229, the Gigaset GS270 Plus offers solid features for a lower mid-range smartphone.

The Gigaset GS270 and the Plus version on which this test is based should be noted that Gigaset is slowly moving back up towards the premium segment. This can already be seen in the case, which has a high-quality metallic effect. The workmanship is neat, not least because of the rounded corners well in the hand. The 5.2-inch Full HD display offers a sharp picture, even from different angles.

Gigaset GS270 Plus Accessories
Gigaset GS270 Plus Accessories

Design and Workmanship

The Gigaset GS270 Plus convinces with good workmanship and a housing with a metallic-effect finish. This gives it a higher quality appearance than a standard plastic housing. The rounded back gives a pleasant feeling in the hand. The compact size of 149.5 mm x 47 mm x 8.95 mm also contributes to this. The smartphone weighs 160 grams and is therefore a real lightweight.

The power knob is located on the right side, as is the volume rocker. These are pleasantly accessible. On the left there is a slot either for two SIM cards or for one SIM card plus one microSD card. The fingerprint sensor is mounted on the back in the middle upper area. The main camera is located in the upper left corner, together with the LED flash. The loudspeaker is also located on the back, at the lower edge. Further equipment includes

    • a 3.5 millimeter audio output
    • a microUSB connector for charging cable and data exchange and

a microUSB connector for charging cable and data exchange

  • the Android buttons located below the display. They are not illuminated, but give a haptic signal when touched.

Gigaset has almost no weakness when it comes to workmanship. However, the back side of my test device cracked, although the battery of the GS270 Plus is even fixed and the back side is not removable. If you buy the smartphone and it should also occur, I recommend you a complaint.

Gigaset GS270 Plus Display

Gigaset GS270 Plus Front
Gigaset GS270 Plus Front

As the 5.2-inch display with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels suggests, it offers a sharp display of the images and a satisfactory viewing angle stability. According to the manufacturer, the maximum brightness is 450 cd/m², which means that the panel is neatly illuminated even in direct sunlight. We were satisfied with the colour rendering, the touch screen reacts reliably and accurately to touch. The 2.5D glass of the display is slightly curved at the side and is particularly scratch-resistant and dirt-repellent.

Technical Data

Product name: Gigaset GS270 Plus
Operating system Android nougat 7.0
Bandwidth LTE upload 50 MBit/s, LTE download 300 Mbit/s
CPU ARM Mali T860 MP2, 520 MHz, 3 GB RAM
Display 5.2 inch, resolution 1,080 x 1,920 pixels
GPU Mali-T860 MP2
  • Main camera: 13 megapixel resolution, f2/2 aperture
  • Front Camera: 5 Megapixel Resolution
Navigation A-GPS
Networks GPRS 850, 900, 1.800, 1.900 MHz; LTE 800, 900, 1.800, 2.600 MHz UMTS 900, 2100 MHz
Network standards EDGE, GPRS, HSPA+, HSDPA, HSUPA
Interfaces Bluetooth 4.1; Micro-USB 2.0; 3.5 mm jack; WLAN 802.11a/b/g/n
Sensors for Acceleration, Fingerprint, Approach, Brightness
Memory 32 GB; SD card slot up to 128 GB, microSD, microSDXC, micro SDHC
Battery Lithium-ion battery, 5,000 mAh capacity
Talk time GPRS/Edge 47 hours, UMTS/HSPA 26 hours, LTE 26 hours
Standby time 607 hours
Dimensions 149.5 mm x 74 mm x 8.95 mm
Price no longer available



The camera on the back is equipped with autofocus, f/2.2 aperture and LED flash and has a resolution of 13 megapixels. Thanks to the 5x coated lens, pin sharp images are possible. The front camera still resolves with 5 megapixels and has a fixed focus. The image quality of both cameras can be rated as very good and tidy. This was not the case in the beginning, because the main camera had strong focus problems. However, Gigaset quickly fixed this with an update. Since we compress the photos, you can here also look at the originals.

The front camera of the Gigaset GS270 Plus is a true good-weather camera that produces very good results in good lighting conditions. The resolution of five megapixels enables sharp photos with vibrant colors. One drawback is the attention to detail. In addition, the focus leaves much to be desired, which has a negative effect on the Selfies.

Just like the Gigaset entry-level models, the HDR mode is hardly usable. The shutter release can only be used with a tripod, as the recording time is almost 3 seconds. Then the shot looks really good.


The Gigaset GS270 Plus speaker is located on the rear panel. It has quite a decent sound, but you always have to place the smartphone face down on the table to hear anything at all. After you have overheard the alarm clock for the first time, you remember that.


wdt_ID Smartphone OpenGL Manhattan OpenGL Car Chase T-Rex
1 Moto X Force 11,0 7,3 42,0
2 Neffos C5 Max 4,4 2,1 0,0
3 UMi London 0,0 0,0 7,3
4 Gigaset GS160 3,4 0,0 11,0
5 Sony Xperia XZ 46,0 20,0 59,0
6 Kodak Ektra 9,6 0,0 35,0
7 Huawei Mate 9 32,0 14,0 60,0
8 Huawei Nova 10,0 3,6 22,0
9 BQ Aquaris X 9,6 3,5 22,0
10 Neffos X1 11,0 3,9 22,0
Smartphone OpenGL Manhattan OpenGL Car Chase T-Rex
wdt_ID Smartphone Sling Shot Sling Shot Extreme Ice Storm Unlimited Ice Storm Extreme
1 Moto X Force 1.348 0 0
2 Neffos C5 Max 284 6.816 4.361
3 UMi London 0 2.827 1.951
4 Gigaset GS160 161 3.710 2.333
5 Sony Xperia XZ 2.416 0 0
6 Kodak Ektra 1.023 15.606 9.343
7 Huawei Mate 9 2.688 29.138 13.288
8 Huawei Nova 461 13.637 8.091
9 BQ Aquaris X 847 13.986 8.335
10 Neffos X1 481 9.294 5.486
Smartphone Sling Shot Sling Shot Extreme Ice Storm Unlimited Ice Storm Extreme
wdt_ID Smartphone Score
1 Moto X Force 4.115
2 Neffos C5 Max 2.892
3 UMi London 2.475
4 Gigaset GS160 2.600
5 Sony Xperia XZ 5.550
6 Kodak Ektra 3.975
7 Huawei Mate 9 6.431
8 Huawei Nova 4.594
9 BQ Aquaris X 4.889
10 Neffos X1 3.183
Smartphone Score
wdt_ID Smartphone AnTuTu Score
1 Moto X Force 22.297
2 Neffos C5 Max 37.569
3 UMi London 22.297
4 Gigaset GS160 29.251
5 Sony Xperia XZ 33.943
6 Kodak Ektra 84.997
7 Huawei Mate 9 139.020
8 Huawei Nova 63.206
9 BQ Aquaris X 66.149
10 Neffos X1 45.024
Smartphone AnTuTu Score
wdt_ID Smartphone Single-Core Multi-Core
1 Moto X Force 2.719 2.618
2 Neffos C5 Max 1.063 1.563
3 UMi London 685 1.146
4 Gigaset GS160 820 1.298
5 Sony Xperia XZ 3.585 3.271
6 Kodak Ektra 2.167 3.731
7 Huawei Mate 9 3.270 4.519
8 Huawei Nova 1.433 2.661
9 BQ Aquaris X 1.444 2.279
10 Neffos X1 1.205 2.164
Smartphone Single-Core Multi-Core
wdt_ID Smartphone Score
1 Moto X Force 2.803
2 Neffos C5 Max 2.697
3 UMi London 2.162
4 Gigaset GS160 1.794
5 Sony Xperia XZ 4.569
6 Kodak Ektra 5.869
7 Huawei Mate 9 7.316
8 Huawei Nova 3.325
9 BQ Aquaris X 3.461
10 Neffos X1 2.914
Smartphone Score
wdt_ID Smartphone Single-Core Multi-Core
1 Moto X Force 1.115 4.376
2 Neffos C5 Max 602 2.468
3 UMi London 371 1.064
4 Gigaset GS160 535 1.493
5 Sony Xperia XZ 1.626 3.872
6 Kodak Ektra 1.648 4.053
7 Huawei Mate 9 1.934 5.998
8 Huawei Nova 830 3.004
9 BQ Aquaris X 921 4.495
10 Neffos X1 731 2.738
Smartphone Single-Core Multi-Core

System & Performance

Thanks to the Mediatek MT6750T chipset and three gigabytes of RAM, the GS270 Plus is well equipped for all areas of everyday use. Short charging times ensure that the smartphone can be used without long interruptions. Thanks to the fluid animations, the games are also fun. The internal memory is sufficiently dimensioned with 32 GB and can be increased with a microSD card.

The Gigaset GS270 Plus currently runs under the Android 7.0 version, which will probably be updated to Android 8. All Gigaset smartphones have certain bloatware, such as a weather app or a T-Online app, which can be completely uninstalled with the GS270 Plus.


wdt_ID Smartphone Score
1 Moto X Force 549
2 Neffos C5 Max 0
3 UMi London 248
4 Gigaset GS160 442
5 Sony Xperia XZ 391
6 Kodak Ektra 293
7 Huawei Mate 9 505
8 Huawei Nova 317
9 BQ Aquaris X 553
10 Neffos X1 345
Smartphone Score

At the beginning of the test phase I was not very convinced of the battery, because it was partially empty after one day. Gigaset has also helped here with the firmware update, with the current version (24.09.17) the battery lasts about 3 days.

Reception & Voice Quality

The reception of the mobile radio module is good and does not afford any weaknesses. But the situation is different with WLAN, which has caused me strong problems even in my small apartment. So I always had to deactivate the WLAN in the kitchen, because otherwise there was a connection, which was not usable because of the bad transfer rates. I had no problems with other smartphones and laptops yet.

Conclusion on the Gigaset GS270 Plus Review

With the GS270 Plus, Gigaset has taken an important step in the direction of the upper class. The front camera, which is surprisingly well equipped for a mobile phone in this price range and shoots sharp photos with vibrant colours, deserves a special mention. But Gigaset still has to work on its HDR mode. Another plus point is the powerful rechargeable battery with a capacity of 5,000 mAh. Thanks to the included quick charger, the battery is fully charged in four hours. The term is above average. Comparable, more expensive smartphones also have a smaller battery and a shorter battery life.

The Gigaset GS270 Plus fingerprint scanner works fine, and it never had a noticeable delay during my test. The loudspeaker on the back side of the smartphone was a negative feature, which can’t be heard if you put it down with the back side down.

All in all, the smartphone is a good alternative for anyone who values good performance and above-average features, but can’t dig too deep into their pockets. The price-performance ratio of the GS270 Plus convinced me.

As with all smartphones, we recommend the use of a glass film to protect the display.

Gigaset GS270 Plus

Value for Money

Solid middle class

A solid smartphone with all the important features. Those who expect a versatile smartphone in the mid-range range for relatively little money will not be disappointed.

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