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AOC GH200 – A good gaming headset?

It almost seems like every well-known hardware manufacturer needs its own gaming peripherals – and AOC is no exception. After the first steps have already been made, for example in the form of keyboards, the company’s first two headsets, the GH200 and GH300, now follow.

Today, we are testing the cheaper GH200, which, like its sister model, comes in an over-ear design and is supposed to fulfill typical gaming requirements. Among other things, AOC promises a high playback and recording quality together with a lot of wearing comfort.

Whether these promises are kept in practice, what makes the AOC GH200 special and whether the headset is recommendable for its starting price of 43 euros, we clarify in the following test.

Technical details

Driver: 50mm, neodymium magnet
Frequency range: 20 Hz-20 kHz
Frequency range (microphone): 100 Hz-10 kHz, Omnidirectional
Impedance: 32 Ω
Sound pressure level: 100 ± 3dB at 1 kHz
Weight: 284 g
Weight with microphone: 287 g
Cable length and type: 3.5mm jack, four-pin, 1.8m.
Y-splitter included
Variants: Black
Price: € 45.90 *

Scope of delivery

As for the scope of delivery, AOC donates the usual standard equipment to the GH200. The 1.8-meter, four-pin connection cable is permanently installed on the headset, and there is also a Y-splitter for operation on two separate, three-pin connections.

Design & Workmanship

AOC doesn’t dare experiment with the GH200’s build, which is anything but surprising for an entry-level product. The two speaker membranes in the over-ear ear cups are protected by a covered grille. The usual memory foam pads with artificial leather cover serve as the headrest.

The ear cups are tiltably connected to the headband by metal arms, which is also padded with artificial leather and foam. So far everything is standard, the only deviations are the logo and the microphone connection.

The former is housed on the outside of the ear cups, as usual, but there is a metal grille above it, interestingly enough. The microphone, in turn, can be unscrewed, with the actual connection to the headset covered by a plug-in sleeve. In addition, the flexible microphone boom is striking, which is silver and covered with transparent plastic.

The well implemented sleeve of the cable used for the connection is praiseworthy, whereas the presence of the cable remote with analog volume control and microphone mute button might be a matter of taste. However, we would have wished that this cable could also be unplugged – instead it is soldered.

In terms of build quality, AOC doesn’t allow itself any mistakes with the GH200: the headset doesn’t have any notable flaws. Smaller details, such as the metal support arms or the built-in joints, can’t keep up with high-priced models, of course, but what’s offered is quite reasonable in this price range.

Wearing comfort

With regards to wearing comfort, AOC offers two degrees of freedom: on the one hand, the two ear cups can be pulled out of the headband independently, allowing you to change the height by about four centimeters. In addition, there is the aforementioned tilt of the ear cups and indirectly, due to a bit of play in the tilt joint and the thin metal arms, there is also some room for rotation.

We found the headset quite comfortable in the practical test: The pads are pleasant and the degrees of freedom are sufficient for many head shapes. GH200 can’t quite keep up with headsets that additionally offer a swivel, but even so, long gaming is possible without the headset getting in the way.

Recording and playback quality

When it comes to sound, AOC presents itself as suitable for the masses with the GH200. To us, the playback seems slightly bass-heavy, but without achieving real low bass. The sound sets in slowly from around 40 hertz, but is still not too strong in the lows. Of course, you can’t expect too much detail in the targeted price range, but in view of that, the GH200 achieves the expectations.

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The GH200 stands out slightly in terms of recording quality. Voices recorded through the microphone have a distorted sound, but are very intelligible. In addition, the sound does not have any noteworthy noise, so problem-free, pleasant communication is possible.


AOC has managed a successful entry into the headset market with the GH200. There is nothing to complain about in terms of construction and build quality, and the wearing comfort of the headset is also appropriate for the targeted price of 43 euros. It remains to be seen where the headset will actually settle after its release – especially in this price range, every euro can matter in terms of attractiveness.

It also looks good in the core disciplines of playback and recording quality: In music playback, the GH200 places itself appropriately for the price range, but without standing out. On the other hand, we noticed the recording quality positively.

In the end, the biggest problem of the GH200 might be that there is a lot of competition in the targeted price range of around 40 Euros and that the headset, like most other models, cannot stand out from the rest due to striking design decisions. The bottom line is that the GH200 is suitable for all gamers who simply want a well-rounded product without spending too much money.

Of course, it has to be kept in mind that the red pencil always has to be applied somewhere in the entry-level segment: The GH200 combines solid playback quality with good recording quality, but does without a detachable connection cable and a swivel joint on the ear cups in return. Those who like this can buy it without hesitation – and those who want something else have to consider that they will most likely have to make concessions elsewhere.


Wearing comfort
Sound quality
Recording quality
Value for money


A headset with a good microphone and coherent implementation.

Simon Lüthje

I am co-founder of this blog and am very interested in everything that has to do with technology, but I also like to play games. I was born in Hamburg, but now I live in Bad Segeberg.

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It almost seems like every well-known hardware manufacturer needs its own gaming peripherals – and AOC is no exception. After the first steps have already been made, for example in the form of keyboards, the company’s first two headsets, the GH200 and GH300, now follow. Today, we are testing the cheaper GH200, which, like its … (Weiterlesen...)

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