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Creative Pebble Review: Are the Modern Mini Speakers Good for You?

Creative’s small, relatively round loudspeakers already attracted some attention in the course of their release. They are extremely cheap, promise a modern design and good sound. To what extent they can keep all these promises and whether they really are a bargain, the following test report should clarify.

Design and Workmanship

The design of the Pebbles is an absolute highlight. According to the manufacturer, the design of the small, semicircular loudspeakers is based on the design of a traditional Japanese Zen stone garden. On the advertising photos the loudspeakers are appropriately placed next to such stones. The zen-inspired design is in any case an extraordinary idea that should appeal to many of the demanding members of the target group in terms of design.

Creative Pebble Speakers
Creative Pebble Speakers

Our test shows that the design is also a real advantage of the small loudspeakers in practice. They look modern and blend in easily with their surroundings. On desks or other environments in home and office they should be in good hands. They appear modern, unobtrusive and yet extremely beautiful to look at.

The workmanship of the loudspeakers is also flawless. They fit into one hand and feel smooth. Defects are not to be recognized. Creative definitely needs a compliment at this point. They have succeeded in creating a loudspeaker that is exceptional in terms of its appearance and also extremely well crafted. If you value an attractive appearance with good workmanship, the Pebble is the perfect choice. Nevertheless, it is of course inexpensive plastic. The high-gloss surface is extremely susceptible to scratches.

Technical Data

Dimensions 11.4 x 11.3 x 11.6 cm
Driver 2x 2-inch full-spectrum driver with 2x 4.5-inch x 3.5-inch passive elliptical emitters
Output power 2.2 Watt RMS per channel (total 4.4 Watt RMS)
Noise to noise ratio 86 dB
Frequency range 100 Hz up to 17 kHz
Connection USB (current), 3.5 mm jack (audio signal)

Technology and Sound

However, since it is a loudspeaker and not a decorative element, the small device has to convince not only visually but also technically. Here, too, Creative has shown that creative solutions are part of the company’s repertoire. A specially tuned far-field driver solution tilted at 45 degrees ensures that any sound that leaves the small loudspeaker goes directly to the listener’s ears – as long as the listener is sitting in front of the loudspeaker, which will most likely be the case in practice. The raised sound stage is a good idea in any case, because the audio projection is actually improved and not only in theory.

The small speakers are equipped with passive radiators which, according to Creative, are supposed to provide a deep, immersive sound. In the test, the Pebble actually shows an above-average good sound, which one would not expect from it at first. For such a small device, the sound is almost overwhelmingly immersive.

The treble is clear, but the bass is not always present. Especially when the song is too dynamic, the Pebbles can’t keep up. In addition, there are some differences due to the narrow frequency range from 100 Hz to 17 kHz. You can’t expect a perfect sound at this price, but the price performance is good.


The operation of the loudspeakers proves to be extremely simple in the test. Due to their small size of only 4.4 inches, they take up very little space and can be conveniently placed on either side of the monitor or laptop, which in practice should be a clear advantage over larger devices. At the front of the speakers there is a button that allows you to adjust the volume comfortably and without any problems.

Creative Pebble Connection Cable
Creative Pebble Connection Cable

Connecting the loudspeakers is also simple in our test. The power is supplied via a USB port, while the audio connection is established via a 3.5 mm jack port.

Conclusion on the Creative Pebble

The small loudspeakers are available in stores for 25 Euro. Considering the good sound, the outstanding optics and the ease of use, this price can be described as reasonable. Therefore, the speakers can be recommended especially for mobile use on laptops. For the home four walls, however, a little more money should be taken in the hand to get a better sound solution.

Creative Pebble

Value for Money


The Creative Pebble convinces by optics and price. As a sound upgrade for on the go, the speaker pair is quite useful.

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