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Gamdias Achilles M1-L Gaming Chair with RGB Lighting Review

Today’s gamer doesn’t just sit on a wooden chair and gamble. He needs comfort, appearance, function and gimmickry, just like the hardware and software before him. Gamdias offers special gaming chairs to ensure the ultimate and, above all, long-lasting experience when sitting in front of a computer for hours on end. We took a closer look at the Gamdias Achilles M1-L gaming chair.

Scope of Delivery and Construction of the Gamdias Gaming Chair

When I picked up the delivered parcel from my neighbor’s and he asked me if I had ordered a piano, it was not so far away in terms of packaging. The package was huge, yet well packed and not superfluous.

Individual parts that are no problem even for a woman to put together come to light. After less than ten minutes, the gaming chair is assembled and ready to go. Additional tools are not required.

Technical Details

  • Total height: 136 to 146 cm
  • Height of seat: 50 to 60 cm
  • Backrest height: 86 cm
  • Backrest width: 53 to 55cm
  • Width of seat: 39 cm
  • Width seat with upholstery: 54 cm
  • total depth: 47cm
  • 5 star base: steel
  • frame: Steel
  • cover: imitation leather
Weight: approx. 40kg
Maximum load: 200kg
  • Lumbar support cushions
  • 3D Armrests
  • 150° adjustable backrest
  • Class 4 gas spring
  • RGB streaming
  • tilt lock
Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Black
Price: no longer available

Optics and Quality

The Gamdias gaming chair convinces in terms of looks. Its curves do not make it appear massive despite its weight. The chair tested here in the colour black also scores in the pleasant plain-coloured design. Not only the cover is black, all components, decorative seams or the like are coordinated with each other. On the back of the backrest, the company logo is enthroned in a clearly legible yellow lettering. As a result, the design is well thought out, pleasant and by no means overwhelming.

However, optics alone is not all that counts; quality is also important. The chair already showed clear specifications during assembly, no scope for wrong assembly, e.g. in the form of pre-drilling for other models. As already mentioned, the gaming chair has no corners or edges to which a person could unconsciously cut himself. In addition, the cover is very neatly processed without quirks.

Seating Comfort

The Gamdias gaming chair Achilles M1-L scores very well in two out of three criteria. But what about seating comfort – the highest evaluation criterion for a gaming chair?

It sits comfortably on the seat, it is neither too soft nor too hard. Their inclination can be adjusted or fixed individually and steplessly. A small lever on the left below the seat serves this purpose. The seat is rounded off by two cushions on the right and left. In the case of wide thighs or the desire to sit with one’s legs apart, these cushions can be annoying compared to a purely straight seat.

The backrest is beautifully high and supports the head when needed, even for tall people. The two supplied cushions, one for the lumbar spine, the other for the head, are nice little helpers that also create individual comfort. Similar to the seat, the backrest can be infinitely adjusted and locked in place. As a special feature, the chair scores with a backrest that can be adjusted by up to 150°. At full angle you can’t play any more, a little confidence is needed at the top to go into a kind of “lying position”, but the chair doesn’t tip over and can even be misused for a short power nap.

The seating comfort is rounded off by the adjustable height adjustment to match the desk as well as the 3D armrests, which can be adjusted variably and separately in six directions.

RGB LED Illumination

Anyone who thinks it was all in that chair is wrong. A special feature is the RGB streaming light at the back of the neck. By means of a power bench (not included in delivery), which can be hidden invisibly in a prefabricated compartment, the chair can light up.

By means of an app for Windows the color play can be adjusted. The gamer doesn’t notice it while sitting, but it’s cool when not only lamps and screens flicker, but the chair as well.

Conclusion of the Gamdias Achilles M1-L Gaming Chair Review

The manufacturer Gamdias keeps its promise by designing a gaming chair that is not only visually and qualitatively high, but also comfortable. In contrast to an inexpensive model, it offers all kinds of features and even players. Although a variety of functions are already available, a lumbar support that can be adapted to the spine is missing for even better seating comfort. The mid-range solution using a pillow is nice, but impractical in the long run. But this is not a big drawback, nor is the fact that the chair can be constricting due to its outer cushions on the seats and you cannot necessarily sit on it cross-legged. Therefore, the Gamdias gaming chair performs very well!

Gamdias Achilles M1-L


Comfortable gaming chair!

The Gamdias Achilles M1-L gaming chair takes sitting in front of a computer to a new level.

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