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QUERSUS Vaos 505 XT – The gaming chair with the special fabric

With the Vaos series, the Polish manufacturer Quersus offers gaming chairs in racing look. Depending on the model, you can choose from a variety of fabrics and patterns. Gaming chairs from the Vaos line come with solid features and offer 4D armrests as well as a synchro mechanism that extends the chair’s rocking function.

For our test, we took a closer look at the QUERSUS Vaos 505/XT. The gaming chairs from the 505 series are covered with a special fabric. QUERSUS calls this material QRS Soft fabric. Later in this review, we’ll go into more detail about the benefits of the fabric. You’ll also find out how the Vaos 505 performs in our hands-on test in our review.


Frame color: Black
Frame construction: Metal
Cover material: QRS SOFT
Adjustable head cushion: Yes
Type of backrest: 88 cm
Latching function (backrest) Only in conjunction with seat
Gas pressure spring class 4
Adjustable lumbar support Yes, integrated into the backrest
Casters: Hard floor casters
Cover color: Black/anthracite gray
Adjustable armrests: 4D
Load capacity: max. 120 kg
Rocker function (seat + backrest): Yes / 140°
Seat area (including cheeks): Seat depth: 48 cm / seat width: 53 cm
Shipping weight: 31.5 kg
24 months
Price: 419,- €

Scope of delivery

The gaming chair reaches the buyer neatly and safely packed. All parts are sufficiently padded, so that it is sufficiently protected during transport and we also could not detect any damage after unpacking. The chair is delivered disassembled and still needs to be assembled. The two largest parts here are the backrest and the seat. On the seat itself, the armrests are already pre-assembled, but can be adjusted to the desired width afterwards.

Also included in the package, in addition to the hard floor casters, is of course the metal base. For assembly, all the necessary screws and parts are included. Allen wrenches have also been thought of, so you can get started right away. All steps of the assembly are explained in the enclosed assembly instructions pictorially and in writing.

You also don’t have to do without a neck pillow with the Vaos series. QUERSUS has come up with something very special and offers individual embroidery for an additional charge. The logo must not exceed the maximum dimensions of 8 x 9 cm.

Optics & Workmanship

There’s no denying the Vaos 505’s racing look. The seat has been given cheeks, as has the backrest. The shoulder area has a slight curvature, which supports the seating position very well. In the head area QUERSUS has immortalized itself with a white logo. According to the manufacturer, the fabric used to cover the chair should combine a wide range of positive properties. It is said to be not only durable, but also breathable and protective against liquids. In addition to these properties, the fabric feels very comfortable and soft.  The backrest is equipped with a lumbar support, which is located inside. The curvature can be strengthened or weakened with the knob placed on the side of the backrest. Visually, there is only a slight difference.

The 505 is available in different colors. Our test model is the black/anthracite gray version with the abbreviation “XT” in the name. For the most part, the chair is kept in black. On the upper sides of the cheeks and the flat edges of the backrest, anthracite gray applications were incorporated, which create a nice contrast.

The metallic base is covered with a black high-gloss lacquer. This gives the base a very high-quality look. Overall, it makes a high-quality and very stable impression even without the varnish. The same applies to the included hard floor casters.

What matches the overall black concept? That’s right, chrome applications! As is typical for 4D armrests, they can be adjusted in height. At the lowest level, only black plastic is visible. However, the higher you place the armrests, the more of the chrome “base bar” is visible. The movable part below the armrest is also chrome-plated. Overall, the armrests make a very solid and high-quality impression. The barrel and the engagement of the individual adjustment levels also make a very valuable impression. Unfortunately, however, we have, as already criticized in cheaper chairs, a wobbly armrest. We would have liked a bit more firmness here, so that the rattling is avoided. Up and down, however, runs cleanly through and engages with a soothing sound.

We also noticed a rattling noise in the backrest on the negative side. After doing some research and trying to retighten the screws, we noticed that the noise was coming from the merging of the seat and backrest. Upon inquiring with the manufacturer if there was a problem, we were told that this noise occurs in conjunction with the Synchro mechanism and the associated anti-shock feature. In principle, this prevents the backrest from hitting the back after the lock is released. So, should you already be in possession of a VAOS and wondered where the noise comes from, this could be the answer to your question.

Seat Comfort & Ergonomics

Some may be looking for a chair with rather hard padding, as is the case with the VAOS 505. The cold foam is very rigid and it also makes the cheeks seem very firm. After you get used to the hard upholstery, it seems like it benefits ergonomic sitting. You tend to sit up straighter and not sink into the chair as much. Still, for our taste, the cushion could have been a little softer.

One of the great features of the chair is the Synchro mechanism. This ensures that the seat adapts to the backrest when you lean back. It therefore tilts accordingly, but to a lesser extent. You have to be careful here because this shifts the center of gravity somewhat. If you place the backrest in the lowest position (full tilt) and then lean back with pleasure, you’ll notice that the foremost roller no longer has a hold on the ground and it turns easily. We can imagine this being problematic for people who like to put their feet up. We didn’t fall over in our tests, but we still didn’t feel safe. Depending on body weight, the problem could be seen sometimes more and sometimes less.

The arm rests themselves are also padded, unfortunately this padding is also rather hard. In order to notice that the material gives way, you have to press in firmly with your finger. This is not a disadvantage in the first place, since the forearm normally lies flat. Nevertheless, there can be situations where the rather sharp bevel at the front presses a bit. Overall, however, the arm rests are sufficiently large and the adjustment options help to adapt them to the respective requirements.

The shape of the neck pillow is slightly different and thus largely well received by us. The thickest part reliably supports the neck and towards the top the cushion becomes thinner and thinner. Thus, the head also rests and you do not have the feeling of a thick pillow in the neck, but a reliable support. The padding of the neck pillow was also noticed very positively, as the cushion is pleasantly soft.

Nevertheless, there is something negative to note. It happens that when using over-ear headphones or headsets, they collide with the neck pillow when the head is moved more to the left or right, respectively, and thus the volume or similar can be adjusted, depending on the model.


The gaming chair comes in parts and needs to be assembled before it can be used. QUERSUS has illustrated the individual steps on a sheet pictorially and in writing. The instructions guide you well through the individual steps, which we have recorded here again during our assembly.

After unpacking everything and getting an overview, the first step is to insert the casters into the base and also insert the gas spring from above into the base. Once you have done this, you can put the part aside for the time being.

Now you grab the seat, turn it around and mount the mechanical part to the seat with the included silver screws. You can also take the chance directly and put the levers for adjusting the gaming chair over the metal pins provided. Lastly, grab the black curved metal part and mount it to the bottom of the mechanics with the silver screws as well.

Now you put the fully assembled seat on the gas spring, making sure it’s seated properly. Next, grab the backrest and slip it over the connector with the integrated sleeve. At this point, some skill or help is needed. Now you need the two black screws to connect the backrest to the seat. For screwing, the backrest must be lifted a bit in the process, otherwise the holes are covered and you are done with the assembly.


One of the most important points for a new buyer, in our view, is the padding. Here, you can quickly be disappointed if it is too hard or too soft for your personal feeling. We would rather describe the cold foam upholstery of the QUERSUS Vaos 505 XT as hard. You should be aware of this before buying. We found the hard padding hard to get used to at first, but after a short time you got used to it and it contributed to a better posture at the desk. We would also like to note that we did not find the gaming chair uncomfortable at all. On the contrary, the firm cheeks and the specially shaped neck cushion make you feel very comfortable in the Vaos 505. We were also very impressed by the QRS Soft material used, which is very soft to the touch. It also has hydrophobic properties that prevent moisture from quickly penetrating the cushion.

Nevertheless, there are a few shortcomings. Starting with the rattling in the backrest, which can be explained, but you’d expect more from a gaming chair that barely scrapes the 400 euro mark. We also noticed a well-known problem with the rattling armrests on the Vaos. This problem exists across the board from cheap to expensive, an opportunity to stand out that the Vaos unfortunately did not take advantage of.

All in all, you get a quality and very chic gaming chair with the QUERSUS Vaos 505 XT, but it unfortunately comes with some shortcomings.


Design and workmanship
Ergonomics and seating comfort
Value for money


With the QUERSUS Vaos, you get a chic gaming chair with a racing look that has its weaknesses.

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I am co-founder of this blog and am very interested in everything that has to do with technology, but I also like to play games. I was born in Hamburg, but now I live in Bad Segeberg.

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With the Vaos series, the Polish manufacturer Quersus offers gaming chairs in racing look. Depending on the model, you can choose from a variety of fabrics and patterns. Gaming chairs from the Vaos line come with solid features and offer 4D armrests as well as a synchro mechanism that extends the chair’s rocking function. For … (Weiterlesen...)

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