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Gaming Headset by Sennheiser: Game Zero Review

Sennheiser is a reputable, traditional German manufacturer that has made little appearance in the gaming sector so far. Game Zero is one of the few gaming headsets from Sennheiser. Designed specifically for the gaming industry, the headset is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding gamers and provide an ideal sound experience.

Sennheiser has long been regarded as the top brand among headphone manufacturers. In addition to the already mentioned sound experience, Sennheiser promises the large group of gamers perfect noise filtering and a sophisticated design. However, Sennheiser remains true to itself and does not adapt to the striking design common in the gaming industry. So the headset “Game Zero” presents itself quite simple.

Technical Data & Scope of Delivery

The frequency response of the headphones is between 10 and 28,000 Hz, while the impedance is 50 Ohm. The sensitivity at 1 kHz is exactly 108 Ohm.

The microphone has a frequency response of 50 to 16,000 Hz and a sensitivity of -38 dBV/Pa at 1 kHz.

The headset weighs a total of 300 grams and comes with a three meter long sheathed cable. The 190 Euro headset also comes with a travel bag and a cable for connecting to a smartphone.

Looks and Workmanship

First the travel bag in which the headset is located catches the eye. This circumstance is of course particularly positive, as the headset is ideally protected and a transport option is also included. The travel bag is particularly useful for LAN party enthusiasts or people who do not want to do without their headset on holiday. The travel bag is high-quality processed, is closed by zipper and has an additional, small compartment.

The simple appearance of the headphones is also conspicuous. It stands out from similar headsets because of these. Those who prefer bright colours, effects and other extras will not be happy with Sennheiser. Friends of a simple but noble design will be well advised to use Game Zero.

All materials are of high quality; there are no points of criticism regarding the workmanship. Despite the robust materials, the 300 gram headset is comparatively light. Sennheiser thus creates a good mixture of robustness, design and pleasant weight – the latter should be an advantage, especially when worn for long periods of time.

The ear cups are padded with black imitation leather, which has a soft core.


The Game Zero’s headband can be extended by 5.5 centimeters on both sides to fit the headset to the size of the head. In total, there is a clearance of up to 11 centimetres available, which should be sufficient for the majority of mankind. The adjustment takes place step by step in smaller steps. The auricle can also be adjusted. Sennheiser uses a robust stainless steel joint for this purpose.

The headset proves to be pleasant in the test. Especially the soft padding of the temple and the ear cups as well as the low weight have a positive influence on the wearing comfort. Both auricles are quite large and therefore offer enough space even for larger ears. Due to the consistent sealing, hardly any external noise penetrates into the interior of the shells. However, this artificial leather seal also has a disadvantage: after prolonged wearing it becomes relatively warm under the auricles. This heat can probably not be completely avoided with padded headsets.


Because it is a stereo headset, it does not provide surround sound enabled by multiple drivers. Friends of ambient sound should therefore choose a different headset. Sennheiser demonstrates a good understanding of the needs of gamers in terms of sound – deep, lush bass is eliminated. Instead, a concentration on the mids takes place. The precise positioning of the opponent can only succeed if the mids are very detailed. Sennheiser’s Game Zero offers just that – the smallest details are clearly heard. By concentrating on the essentials, Sennheiser’s Game Zero achieves an outstanding sound. The headset doesn’t offer lush bass – but it’s not needed for gaming either. As this is a gaming headset, Sennheiser is making a wise decision.

The volume control is made by a small wheel, which is accommodated at the right auricle. A cable remote control is not included. It is also included in the practical test, as all settings can be conveniently made directly on the headset.

The microphone is also convincing in the test. Equipped with noise cancelling and excellent sensitivity, the voice transmission is absolutely clear. Noise is not transmitted. The shielding of the auricles also eliminates the hated echo effect – a very convincing microphone overall. There is no separate switch available for muting. The microphone simply has to be tilted slightly upwards. An audible click indicates that the microphone has been muted or turned on.

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Game Zero is a well-done gaming headset. The simple design is convincing, the comfort is high. Technically, it’s a premium headset that will satisfy the average gamer. Sennheiser’s deliberate decision not to use superfluous sound enhancements has to be interpreted positively, as the really important central area achieves a very detailed sound. Only the lack of surround sound and the rise in temperature in the well sealed ear cups are likely to displease some users. Overall, however, this does not diminish the positive overall impression.

Sennheiser Game Zero


The Game Zero is a well-done gaming headset where comfort and sound are convincing.

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