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Genesis Nitro 550 Gaming Chair – Good Chair for a Reasonable Price?

If you’ve had enough of home office chairs and are looking for an alternative either for ergonomic or optical reasons, gaming chairs are likely to be an attractive option for you. These combine an ergonomic shape with useful additional features such as adjustable armrests or an inclinable backrest. Unfortunately, such additional functions are not given away as gifts: corresponding products quickly cost several hundred euros.

But in the meantime there are also cheaper models in the under 200 Euro range, and exactly such a product is supposed to be the topic today: The gaming chair Nitro 550 from Genesis. This is sold via Amazon and promises a typical equipment in combination with a high load capacity of 150 kg. The price fluctuates, but is often around 180 euros. Currently the chair costs in black € 287.65 * and in black/blue € 368.73 *.

The following test will show whether the manufacturer succeeds in presenting an attractive product for this price and which strengths and weaknesses the Nitro 550 has.


frame construction: Metal
Reference material: PU imitation leather
armrests: Height adjustable
Ergonomics Backrest can be tilted, height adjustable
gas pressure spring: Class 4
Maximum load 150 kg

Scope of Delivery and Construction

The chair is supplied in individual parts and is located in two cardboard boxes, which are directly inside each other. The individual parts, such as the gas pressure spring and the backrest, are accommodated in these boxes. The tool required for the assembly is included, the individual elements are fastened with a total of 14 screws, each with a washer and a snap ring.

The assembly of the Nitro 550 is quick and easy: if you have enough space, it takes about half an hour from the package to the finished chair. The assembly can be done completely on your own. A second person would sometimes be comfortable, but is never necessary.

While most of the supplied parts are important for the function of the chair, there are also some extras. For the lateral holding rails there are plastic covers that can be screwed on, and also two cushions are included that can be strapped around the backrest. One cushion is for the lordosis, the other for the neck.

Design and Workmanship

Like many competitors, Genesis’ Nitro 550 also uses a PU leatherette cover. This is sewn tightly and fits tightly everywhere. Some cheaper products have to struggle with less tight covers, the Nitro 550 fortunately does not have this problem.

The frame also makes a very stable impression: Genesis uses a metal frame and base. The advertised maximum load of 150 kg is therefore not unfounded, while some chairs rely on cheaper and less stable plastic components.

The armrests, on the other hand, are less robust – a problem that occurs with almost all gaming chairs. Each of the armrests is attached to the seat with three screws and is also fixed, only the height adjustment has some play, so that the armrests become wobblier with increasing height. This is not uncommon for such products, but there are sometimes more stable solutions than this one.

There is also criticism for the quality of workmanship of the chair. Even more expensive products are often not ideal, but at least in operation visible elements such as the edges on the armrests and the paintwork could have been implemented more neatly by Genesis. In addition, the backrest is not completely firm, which means it can be easily moved back and forth by hand. You can’t feel it when you’re sitting down, but you can if you push the chair around.

The seams holding the cover of the Nitro 550 together are fine. They are all firmly sewn together and, praiseworthy, have no protruding threads. Unfortunately, the edge distances sometimes vary quite considerably, which is quickly noticeable on closer inspection.

The bottom line is that we would evaluate the appearance of the gaming chair in two different scenarios. Anyone who only quickly perceives the chair as a normal furnishing item will hardly be able to distinguish it from a higher-quality model – especially because of the taut cover, which is the first thing that catches the eye with inexpensive models. If you then take a closer look at the chair, you will notice some processing defects in some places, but these are largely of an optical nature – more on this in the next point.

Practical Use and Ergonomics

Even though construction and workmanship are not neglected, the decisive criterion for a gaming chair such as the Genesis 550 is, of course, seating comfort. This is exactly where the model can score points: The upholstery is firm but not hard and offers a very pleasant sitting feeling for normally wide and narrow persons with an (above)average height. Although it is still easy to use for slightly wider people, the seating comfort is no longer quite as ideal here. The middle part of the seat measures 40 centimetres in width.

The Genesis 550 offers a number of adjustment possibilities in addition to the cushions that are designed to make sense from the outset. The most important thing is the adjustment of the backrest, here you have about 70 degrees of play. In addition, you can adjust the height of the armrests and, of course, the seats. For this, both times around eight centimetres are available. The chair can therefore be easily adapted to an ordinary office table.

Also important for ergonomics are the two cushions that are included in the scope of delivery. The neck cushion is fastened with an elastic band, the lumbar support cushion is fastened to the backrest with two snap fasteners – either as shown in the banner or as shown on the article pictures. Both cushions are very comfortable, but the lordosis cushion should give many users some time to get used to it – but it can possibly help against back problems.

The chair also offers a rocking function, which allows the seat with the attached backrest to swing backwards. However, this offers a high, fixed counterpressure, so “floating” is not possible. Closely linked to this is the stability of the chair. Hardly anyone is interested in swinging freely backwards to find themselves on the floor afterwards. Genesis has positioned the floor cross far enough back that fortunately this shouldn’t be the case, but it has another small disadvantage: If you just sit on the front of the seat, the chair can tip over. Apart from that, the Nitro 550 is stable in all typical application scenarios.


You get what you pay for. Few products can resist this principle, and the Nitro 550 from Genesis is no exception. Whether a product is recommendable or not depends on how the manufacturer invests his budget.

With the Nitro 550 the tuning is quite successful, even if users can’t expect miracles due to the low price. If you want to use the gaming chair as just such, and can do without special gimmicks like 4D armrests, you get a solid overall package.

We especially liked the pleasant and neatly mounted cushions and the high seating comfort in the test. On the other hand, we have to criticize the workmanship of some components as well as the stability. If you only sit on the front half of the chair, it can tilt quickly.

However, if you use the Genesis Nitro 550 as it is intended – namely for playing – it is well suited to meet all the usual requirements of a gaming chair. If you don’t have too high demands on the workmanship, you definitely won’t make a mistake with the Nitro 550 and can therefore possibly save some money.

Genesis Nitro 550

Stability & Workmanship
Value for Money

Cheap and comfortable Gaming Chair

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