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LC-Power Gaming Chair 801BW: Looks noble, but plays in the middle class

Admittedly, testing the LC-Power Gaming Chair 801BW after the Backforce One Plus was the wrong order; the bar is now quite high. But fortunately, we don’t have to compare, but are allowed to independently test the newest seat from LC-Power. No sooner said than done!

Most of our editors initially associate LC-Power with inexpensive cases. But the manufacturer has often shown that he wants to be versatile and can do so in most areas. Since 2016, several gaming chairs from the production facilities have been brought to market, which are in the same price range as Sharkoon models.

It remains to be seen to what extent we can expect quality, good workmanship, seating comfort, and stability from the LC-Power Gaming Chair 801BW. In any case, we can already see that the design has changed significantly in comparison to its first predecessor. However, it is only available in black.

Let’s see what the LC-Power Gaming Chair 801BW brings into the house for about 220 Euro.

Technical data

Material metal/plastic and rigid foam/pu-leather
Maximum load 150 kg
Seat height 50 – 56 cm
Dimension (chair) 139 x 75 x 66 cm
Dimension (backrest) 85 x 58 x 10 cm
Dimension (seat surface) 48 x 50 cm
Armrests 3D
Special features head and lumbar pillow removable,
Colors black
Price € 418.00 *

First the assembly, then the test

Before we can test anything on the 801BW, it must of course be unpacked and screwed together. This was by and large possible on our own – there was no other way, there is no trainee.

The enclosed instructions were a bit misleading for us in some points, but we already know this from other manufacturers of gaming chairs. Not a problem for us because it wasn’t the first chair, but anyone who is currently consulting about buying the first gaming chair is well advised to bring a second person on board to help set it up.

He looks like the big ones

Externally, the LC-Power gaming chair series has undergone a lot of development – for the better. But this is not reflected in the price, which remained almost the same for all models at the time of market launch. Nevertheless, the 801BW is considered the most expensive model in the LC-Power range. Externally this one radiates this also. Internally, however, it will hardly be able to compete with Backforce or noblechairs. But we wait and see!

If you look at the surface of the seat and backrest, the first thing that catches your eye is the quilted cover made of white stitching that looks like honeycomb. This is made of breathable imitation leather, which looks absolutely noble and at first sight very well workmanship – even at second glance. The whole frame and the side cushions are combined with an Alcantara-like fabric, making the LC-Power Gaming Chair 801BW a real highlight in front of every desk.

All in all, we can attest LC-Power a flawless workmanship at this point.


Under the noble surface hides hard upholstery foam, which has the same density everywhere. But that is to be expected in this price range. Different hardness zones are usually only found in the higher priced gaming chairs. Nevertheless, the upholstery provides lasting comfort and you don’t get the feeling of sitting on the frame. Here LC-Power has not saved as much as other manufacturers, which results in a thick seat that waves happily towards long gaming sessions.

But unfortunately we also have to get rid of a minus point in the upholstery: the armrests didn’t get any. Anyone who uses them at their desk knows that it will be uncomfortable in the long run if armrests are not upholstered. If you don’t mind that, you can also get an excellent chair in terms of upholstery.

Apart from that, we are therefore still very fond of the LC-Power Gaming Chair 801BW. Let’s see what this chair can do for your back and what extras it brings.

The ergonomic extras of the 801BW

LC-Power also supplies the obligatory neck and lumbar cushions. But these are also the only ergonomic supports when sitting. Both cushions are removable, whereby the one for the loins has the same honeycomb leatherette cover with white seams and the one for the neck without the seams but with the LC-Power logo.

In our eyes, lumbar cushions always have the disadvantage that they are not designed for every back. Therefore you have to test after the purchase whether the cushion is rather disturbing or supporting when sitting for a long time. For someone with a problematic back, we recommend reaching deeper into your wallet and buying a chair with flexible lumbar support.

Movement freedom

Like every gaming chair, the LC-Power Gaming Chair 801BW is equipped with castors. In this case, inliner rollers made of hard rubber give the chair full freedom of movement. This type of castors is particularly suitable for laminate and other hard floors. They leave no marks or scratch the floor. If you prefer others, you can buy and mount them from LC-Power. The manufacturer has several variants on offer.

The whole chair stands on an aluminium base and together with the air pressure spring and the rest of the frame it provides a decent stability. This allows the 801BW to rotate 360° and tilt the backrest almost to a horizontal position. The entire chair can also be raised and lowered, allowing a seat height of between 50 and 56 cm. It also has a rocker function.

The armrests only have 3 dimensions in which they can be adjusted. This makes it possible to maneuver the backrests back and forth, sideways, up and down.

All in all, the LC-Power Gaming Chair 801BW only comes with the standard range of flexible seat adjustments. But that was not to be expected otherwise at this price. But the chair definitely scores points for its workmanship: all functions snap into place properly, look stable and are easy to operate.


If we don’t forget that the LC-Power 801BW “only” costs around 220 Euro, it definitely impresses. Quality, workmanship and materials are capitalized in all categories of LC-Power, and the 801BW is no exception. We were particularly impressed by the appearance of the gaming chair; it simply looks great. However, we would like the chair to be available in more colors in the future, just like its predecessors. Blue, red or orange seams would look great.

LC-Power Gaming Chair 801BW

Design and workmanship
Seating comfort
Value for money


The LC-Power Gaming Chair 801BW is a solid gaming chair that can easily compete at the top of its class. The price is absolutely justified.

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