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Logitech G923 TRUEFORCE – The true power of the race track at home!

On October 1, Logitech introduced a new steering wheel to the racing market, the Logitech G923 TRUEFORCE. This is intended to replace the previous model Logitech G920 from the mainstream and compete with the Thrustmaster T300RS GT.

At first glance, the steering wheel looks like its predecessor model the Logitech G920. Even though the steering wheel doesn’t change anything on the outside, something has changed on the inside. Probably the biggest innovation is TRUEFORCE. This innovation provides a gaming experience that seems even closer to realism. Using the latest technologies, a new force feedback driving experience of the latest generation is created.

But how good is this innovation? In the test, we took the Logitech G920 to virtual race tracks for you – asphalt, curbs, and gravel were driven to the limit to set new track records. How well does the Logitech G923 TRUEFORCE bring the race track into your home? For you, we tested the G923 TRUEFORCE in the Xbox version.

Technical data

Package content steering wheel, pedals, power supply, operating instructions
Steering wheel Steering range: 900 degrees from stop to stop, Hall-effect steering sensor, force feedback with two motors with TRUEFORCE, overheating protection
Pedals Nonlinear brake pedal, patented anti-slip system, structured footrest, self-calibration
Requirements PC Windows 10, 8, 8.1 & 7 with 150 MB hard drive space, USB 2.0 port, a game that supports Logitech force feedback steering wheels
Xbox requirements Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One Gaming System, a game that supports Logitech force feedback wheels


The Logitech G923 comes in a custom-fit brown box with a Logitech logo on the side. Inside the box is the correct packaging. When you open it, you can immediately see what it is about, the G923 shines in a beautiful shiny blue and smiles at you. The packaging is all around very well done – as always all important information is on the outside.

On the pages we see the most important information. Here we find the technical details as well as the information about TRUEFORCE. TRUEFORCE is very compactly summarized in two sentences.

Scope of delivery

Let’s take a look inside. At first glance, everything was neatly and sufficiently packed with individual foils and cardboard partitions. The elements can therefore not damage each other during transport. The inside of the box was divided into three parts – steering wheel, pedals and power supply. The box comes with a manual, a sticker and advertising. Those who are interested in a separate gearshift can buy it separately as it is not included in this package.

Steering wheel

First of all, let’s take a look at the steering wheel and its workmanship. As with the predecessor, the design hasn’t changed much and therefore the very good workmanship remains the same – but let’s go into detail!

The steering wheel has been covered with leather, and is breathable in the grip positions. On closer inspection, no processing errors are noticeable here. Also all seams are neatly closed – no thread sticks out. In addition, the central marking at the top of the steering wheel is very well done, it is fixed by a screw and can be exchanged as desired. A small accent that makes racing hearts beat faster.

Chic and consistent design can also be found in the middle. As with the predecessor, all buttons on the steering wheel have not been reworked. So the quality of those has remained the same. All individual buttons work as they should. Unfortunately, we noticed an unpleasant noise while driving. This was caused by the LSB button at the bottom left of the side, which makes a metallic sound, which was caused by the spring behind it. Apparently, something went wrong with the workmanship here. But that’s not really tragic.

A nice feature that adds even more value to the steering wheel is the speed indicator in the top center. How it works is explained in more detail in the chapter Driving Experience. But we can already say here that it is very successful. Even in bright light, the LEDs can’t get down.

Finally we have a little tip for you – if you are interested in modifying or even replacing your steering wheel, this model is a good choice. Like its predecessor, the original steering wheel can be unscrewed and replaced by another one. The whole thing goes very smoothly thanks to the clever design. All you need is a 3D printer to print the adapters, which is screwed onto the 6-pin connector in the middle of the steering wheel. For this topic there are numerous videos about the previous model on YouTube.


As is well known, the base is the heart that provides a realistic driving experience. Compared to the previous model, most of the features have been redesigned here. The biggest innovation mentioned is TRUEFORCE. But now you can find out how exactly this works.

TRUEFORCE ensures that the precision has been doubled compared to its predecessor. For this purpose, motors with the latest force feedback technologies are used. Frequencies of up to 1,000 Hz are reproduced and are intended to ensure even more realistic reproduction accuracy in racing games and simulations. Features include overheating protection, which even works very well. The Base always stays cool during long hours of play.

The cable guides under the steering wheel are also very nice. So you can easily store all cables and lead them through the rails to the outside. Unfortunately, sometimes the cables slip out of the rails during assembly, not necessarily tragic, but it does lead to some fiddling.

The clips for fixing the device will be discussed at the end. They have been very well workmanship and do their job very well of holding the steering wheel firmly to a bracket or table top. But a little caution is required. If you want to buy the steering wheel, you should first check the dimensions of your table. In our case we wanted to fix the steering wheel to an IKEA desk top. But this was two millimeters too thick. So first measure the thickness of the desk top and compare it with the maximum size of the brackets (27 mm).


Logitech pedals have a reputation for being quite good for their price. Especially the included ones have been well workmanship and show what Logitech can do. The brake feels by far the best. The resistance is firm enough to provide a realistic and precise riding experience. Also the clutch and the gas pedal are easy to use. The workmanship of the pedals is nice and also here you can unscrew and replace the pedals as you like. But there is still a small minus here, for us the clutch as well as the gas pedal could have a little more resistance, because it would feel even more realistic.

Under the pedals it has also been provided for. With anti-slip pads as well as a strip that can be hacked into a carpet. These provide an amazingly good grip. The anti-slip pad under the pedals also provides a good grip on the feet. So if you play without shoes, the verses also provide enough grip. In addition, hobbyists can also let off steam here – if you are interested in inverting your pedals, you can easily convert the existing pedal cases. As with the steering wheel, there are numerous videos on YouTube.


With G-Hub, the steering wheel can be adjusted as desired and individually, apart from the configurations offered in games. The software’s own GUI is organized very clearly and well divided. In addition, the visually appealing animations make it look very modern, unlike its competitors. At this point, praise is due to Logitech.

It is worth noting that G-Hub is very easy to use and everything that is available for customization, such as heads and buttons, is adjustable. There are also some menus where you can let off steam with some settings. Only here again we found two things to criticize.

In our test we used the steering wheel mainly on the PC, playing games like Project Cars 2, F1 2020, Assetto Corsa and Assetto Corsa Competizione. We noticed that the speed LED only worked correctly on one of the titles and that it was compatible. You can find the information about this on the Logitech website, but unfortunately it hasn’t been available for a few days during our test.

In addition, the adjustment of the steering range is sometimes a bit strange. If you set the steering range for F1 2020 to 360° before starting the game, this setting is not applied, which is a bit strange. In the game it is still 900°, when you are back on your desktop it is the indicated 360°. If you change this setting during a running game, you avoid this error and everything works as it should. A bit cumbersome, but still bearable if you know it.

Driving experience with TRUEFORCE

Now we have already talked about so much, so now it is time to talk about the driving experience. How well does the G923 TRUEFORCE perform in the test? For the test we sat down at the PC for several hours and played current titles like F1 2020, Assetto Corsa, Assetto Corsa Competizione and Project Cars 2.

After our test drives with the G923 TRUEFORCE we can state that there is an improvement to the previous model. The innovations in the force feedback system create a new driving experience, which makes Logitech uniquely good. Driving in the simulations feels much more realistic and more accurate feedback is available. On the tarmac, you can feel every little bump, the curbs and gravel shaking you up – just like it is in real life on the tracks. Here Logitech delivers even better than its predecessor and clearly shows why this steering wheel has made it into the mainstream.

But we still have something to complain about. Where Logitech still has to go is with the volume when driving and the force feedback that is played back. When driving, it can sometimes sound really strong, like something loose is moving in base and making rattling noises. In contrast to the Thrustmaster T300RS GT, which uses a servo motor, you can hear the G923 much more while driving. For some people this can be a bit annoying, because you can hear these noises even when wearing headphones. But it is important that the driving experience is not directly affected.

It’s also a bit of a shame that the biggest innovation can only be played on two games compatible with at the time of testing. Here one could have expected more at the start of TRUEFORCE. This also controls the speed LED, which is only compatible on the current two games. There is no way to switch it on in F1 2020 for example – which would be quite nice at this point. But Logitech has already promised to improve this and to extend the list of compatible games and simulations.


How good is the G923 in our eyes now? What we can definitely say is that the steering wheel has definitely helped us to achieve new track records – even if this seemed impossible at one point or another due to a lack of talent. Our own best times were beaten in any case!

The Logitech G923 is a successful Simracing steering wheel, which can proudly present itself in the mainstream of steering wheels on the market. The workmanship and design have been cleverly chosen and demonstrates the in-depth expertise in manufacturing Simracing equipment for the racing market. The force feedback is more than good and creates a more than decent representation of reality – the racetrack is thus brought into your own home realistically and in every detail. In addition, there are numerous customization options, which further speaks for this steering wheel.

Apart from the few compatible games from the start, we can only recommend this steering wheel especially with its low price. The in mainstream competition in the form of the Thrustmaster T300RS GT is defied with this steering wheel. The steering wheel is suitable not only for experienced Sim racers, but also for all those who want to bring a little racing fun into their lives. For this reason the Logitech G923 TRUEFORCE gets a Gold Award – Congratulations!

Logitech G923 TRUEFORCE

Force Feedback
Value for money


The Logitech G923 TRUEFORCE is a very well manufactured Simracing steering wheel, which can convince with its close realistic driving experience.

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