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Logitech K380 review: Light and practical

Who doesn’t sometimes wish for a keyboard for their tablet or smartphone? Composing a longer email or text on the go can be a bit of a challenge with the on-screen keyboard. Especially if you are used to typing with a keyboard. There are heaps of Bluetooth keyboards on the market that are suitable for exactly this purpose. One of them is the Logitech K380. It’s small, handy and comes with a great feature.


Dimensions 124 x 279 x 16 mm
Weight 423 g including battery
Case Plastic
Connection Bluetooth
Lighting none
Colors Black, Blue, White, Rose
Price € 25.00

Design and workmanship

For an on-the-go keyboard, looks are probably not a major consideration. However, Logitech collects bonus points anyway. The round keys in particular enhance the design immensely and make the K380 look more premium.

Our tested model is completely white, except for three keys on the upper right, which we will talk about later. These are gray here, and stand out clearly. Otherwise, the Logitech K380 is kept plain and simple, and that’s a good thing.

Although the keyboard looks light, it weighs 430 grams with the batteries and that’s decent. Cheap definitely feels different. In addition, the K380 is really torsion-resistant. The keyboard also makes a very good impression otherwise. For example, we find the on/off switch on the left side. It is easy to press, but holds its position without wobbling.

Typing feel and functions

Probably the most important point about a mobile keyboard, is the typing feel. You usually type on the go with a laptop? Perfect. You probably don’t have to get used to it. You might need a few minutes because of the round keys. The Logitech K380 is very comfortable to type on, even over a longer period of time. If you normally type on a computer with mechanical switches, you’ll have to get used to it for a while.

Due to its great compatibility, the Logitech K380 also offers many functions. On the computer, media control is possible without problems via the FN key. And working with mobile devices like the smartphone is also really fun. Even media control is possible without any problems. On Android and iOS, you can still use the screenshot function (FN + TAB) to quickly take screenshots.
The Logitech K380 works like a normal keyboard, but in a compact format without a number pad or dedicated keys for functions or media control.

There is another important point with Bluetooth keyboards. How long do the batteries last? Of course, it depends on which ones you use and how efficient they are. With the included and pre-installed batteries, you probably won’t have to worry for a while. Logitech states a runtime of two years – forgive us for not being able to confirm that yet.

Probably the most interesting feature: Multi Device. The Logitech K380 can store not one, not two, but three connections. The three additional buttons on the top right are for this. If you press one of the buttons, it takes a maximum of three seconds until the connection is established. If you work with several devices, you save the annoying reconnection.

And then the appropriate software (Logitech Options) offers even more setting options. The first four F-keys have functions that we can freely adjust, and there is a large selection. Besides the battery status, we can also see which devices the keyboard is connected to. However, if you want to save your settings so that you can easily apply them to new devices and not have to set them up every time, a Logitech account is required.


Logitech manages to deliver a really compact and, above all, high-quality mobile keyboard with the K380. The emphasis placed on good workmanship is not only evident here, but also in other products from the manufacturer.

Logitech provides us with great features and high compatibility for the perfect workflow. Especially the possibility to store up to three devices on the keyboard makes mobile working with the keyboard really relaxed.

Logitech K380

Typing feel
Value for money


Compact keyboard with neat features. The perfect helper for mobile working.

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