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Philips BDM4037UW 40 Inch Curved Monitor Review

Curved screens are becoming more and more fashionable. If you want to achieve an ideal image, you can’t avoid a curved monitor. In addition, image quality and ergonomics are constantly being optimized. The manufacturers of modern monitors regularly outperform themselves and each other. With the BDM4037UW, Philips now presented a gigantic curved monitor that should leave its competitors far behind in all respects. We tested him for you.

Image Quality

One expects a lot from a 40 inch screen that is also curved. In terms of image quality, the Philips BDM4037UW leaves nothing to be desired in the test. All content is presented with an extremely high resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, which corresponds to the 4K standard. All content displayed on the screen is therefore pin sharp – even if you are sitting directly in front of it. The test also shows that the presentation is very natural. While other monitors have weaknesses at this point, the BDM4037UW from Philips can hardly be distinguished from reality.

All this is achieved not least by the curvature of the screen. In this format, the screen tested represents the largest curved monitor on the market. In contrast to the Samsung C49HG90, which even has 49 inches, Philips relies on a representation in 16:9 format. Philips has created a unique PC monitor. Unfortunately the curvature of the VA-panel is only 3000R, a stronger curvature, e.g. 1800R, would have been desirable. Despite its size, the monitor looks almost flat.

Due to the large display and the high resolution, there is plenty of room for an almost infinite number of possible uses – for example, for working with tables or multitasking, this is ideal.

The contrast ratio is excellent at 4000:1. Added to this is a brightness of 300 cd per square metre. Internal 12-bit video workmanship, combined with the 10-bit display, delivers 1.074 billion colors and a totally convincing picture quality.


The design of the screen is, of course, characterised by its enormous size. With a smaller, non-curved monitor, the design would not have been worth mentioning. Here, however, it makes a lot of difference. The screen takes up an incredible amount of space and literally shoots up. As expected, the optics are grandiose.

The curvature in combination with the unbelievable size of the monitor provides an almost futuristic look. Apart from size and curvature, the screen is quite simple. It is held in light white-grey and is carried by a semicircular stand. All in all it looks very modern.


The ergonomic features stand in stark contrast to the image quality and design. While the monitor has cut off dazzling in the previous test criteria, ergonomics seems to have been a foreign word to the developers. Thus the BDM4037UW is neither height- nor rotation-adjustable. At least the height adjustability would be desirable, but I don’t miss it because the monitor already has an ideal height. However, adaptability to the user is hardly possible. If you need a different amount, you will have to buy either an increase or a VESA mount. Fortunately, this is easily adjustable so that the monitor can also be used with other feet or brackets. The lack of rotational adjustability can also be retrofitted if required.

After all, the BDM4037UW can be tilted forwards and backwards. At 5 or 10 degrees inclinability, however, the adaptation potential here is also rather low. In addition, there is the absence of a blue light filter. Blue light harmful to the eyes is not filtered with this monitor. However, such a blue light filter has long been a standard feature of high-quality monitors.

In view of these facts the statement “Ergonomically this monitor offers absolutely nothing” is only minimally exaggerated. The ergonomics of the BDM4037UW are absolutely disappointing.


Let’s now again dedicate ourselves to more pleasing things, which are also numerous in the BDM4037UW. It can display images from up to four connected systems. This division of the screen into four parts makes it interesting for several scenarios. It would be conceivable, for example, to use it in the security and control sector. Such a function can also be useful in everyday working life. The support of the MHL standard also makes it possible to connect tablets or smartphones via HDMI cable.

Among the functions there is also one that should be emphasized positively from an ergonomic point of view: freedom from flickering. The BDM4037UW does not have any annoying flickering that can fatigue the eyes – so a touch of ergonomics can be found after all.

Furthermore, the Philips BDM4037UW has integrated speakers and a USB 3.0 hub with four ports. One of them can even be used for fast charging of mobile devices. Unfortunately the ports are on the back, on the underside they would have been much easier to reach.


A huge curved monitor with 4K resolution in 16:9 format is unique. Considering the price of no longer available the missing ergonomic features are almost forgotten. For a monitor of this size with such excellent image quality, it’s a ridiculous price.

So with the Philips BDM4037UW, you get a huge curved monitor that’s excellent in terms of image quality, almost futuristic in appearance, with a few extras. The curvature is relatively low for 3000R, but if you want to play this format without any delays, the monitor has no alternative so far. Nevertheless, you should also consider television sets in this format, which are usually available at a lower price.

Philips BDM4037UW

Image Quality
Price-Performance Ratio


The huge curved monitor with 4K resolution in 16:9 format is unique and offers excellent image quality.

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