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Razer BlackWidow Gaming Keyboard Review

The Razer BlackWidow has been a household name for many gamers for years. The name has always stood for a high-quality product. The new edition is also promoted by Razer as the legendary mechanical gaming keyboard. If Razer is really not exaggerating here we have tested for you.

Razer BlackWidow

Design and Workmanship

The Razer BlackWidow gaming keyboard is supposed to serve a purpose: Precision and the tactile, clicking typing feel. This should be the main focus and this is also reflected in the design. There is no conspicuous case, but everything is kept very simple. Nevertheless, one notices at first glance that something is different here. The gaming keyboard has a slightly different structure. At the top right corner, instead of the typical indication LEDs or multimedia keys, there is the Razer lettering in shiny black. The indication LEDs are located above the arrow keys instead.

Razer BlackWidow

Those who are now looking for the multimedia keys will unfortunately be disappointed, as the BlackWidow does not provide any additional keys. However, this is not so dramatic, but more about it later in the software.

Finally, the largest design element, even if it is not very large, stands out. At the lower edge there is the Razer logo in the middle, which is of course appropriately highlighted by RGB lighting. Even if the Razer BlackWidow doesn’t look extravagant, the first glance reveals that there must be more behind it. The very good workmanship is also only noticeable in a positive way when you take a closer look and try it out. Only the somewhat high weight could be negatively noticeable for one or the other, but it stands for the most part on the table. And here the weight helps to fix the keyboard non-slip.

Razer BlackWidow

On the back of the keyboard there are two brackets on each side. These can be used to steepen the keyboard if necessary. All feet are also rubberized, so the keyboard won’t slip even during hectic and fast movements. A further feature for cable management is also hidden on the back. There is a cable duct into which you can plug the cable. This extends from left to right. So you have the possibility to have the cable either on the left, on the right or in the middle.

Buttons and Switches

For many gamers, a tactile, clicking typing feeling is a must and it is precisely for this group of people that Razer has decided. So the BlackWidow was equipped with the mechanical green buttons from our own house. The buttons are to be designed for up to 80 million keystrokes. In addition, the push-buttons were equipped with new side walls, which further improve stability. A nice side effect is that the keyboard is better protected against dust and even liquids. However, you should always be careful with liquids at your desk.

Razer BlackWidow

Even though the buttons are perfect for their purpose, they still have a weak point that the keyboard does not compensate for. Like many mechanical buttons, these are also very high. Here a wrist-rest would have been a really good and useful feature for the somewhat longer gaming sessions.

Software and Settings

Why don’t you mourn the missing multimedia keys? Quite simple: With the software Razer Synapse you have deep adjustment possibilities. Each key, except for the Windows and FN keys, can be reprogrammed according to your own requirements. Of course, you can also set a gaming mode that prevents accidental use of unwanted keys.

Razer BlackWidow

With Razer HyperShift, you can also configure the keys as additional FN keys. This means that in hectic situations, you don’t have to take another grip, but can quickly carry out the appropriate action. In the beginning it takes a little getting used to. Once the movements have become flesh and blood, you save one or the other handgrip.

Razer BlackWidow

If you have assigned other or new functions to the keys at will, you can also adjust the RGB lighting. In addition to eleven ready-made effects, you can also create your own effects in the software. Those who have already set the perfect lighting for other Razer equipment can easily synchronize the keyboard lighting.

Razer BlackWidow

With the Razer BlackWidow it is also no problem to gamble with friends. The integrated memory allows up to five profiles and their configurations to be stored, and the cloud memory can be used to download any number of configurations conveniently.

Conclusion of the Razer BlackWidow Review

Is the reissue of the BlackWidow the legendary gaming keyboard we were looking for? In the end there is unfortunately not the perfect keyboard for everyone, but the Razer BlackWidow is and remains a very good and high-quality keyboard. It can score with good buttons, a smart RGB lighting and many setting options. If the missing palm rest and the missing multimedia keys bother you, we recommend to take a look at the Razer BlackWidow Elite.

Razer BlackWidow

The price of Price: € 199.99 * is a bit high compared to other keyboards. There are many keyboards at the same price level, but they bring a lot more features with them.

Razer BlackWidow

Design & Workmanship
Value for Money

Some features are missing, but the Razer BlackWidow is still very high quality.

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