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Razer Seiren X Review: USB Microphone for Streamer

With the Seiren X Razer wants to make an uncomplicated entrance into the world of streaming possible. The 110 Euro model does not require any software and should therefore be easy to install and use even by laymen. The following review will clarify the extent to which such a simple microphone can meet the needs of professional streamers and other users.

The Seiren X from Razer was evaluated for its workmanship, sound quality, adjustability and value for money. In addition, the possible applications of the microphone were examined more closely.

Workmanship, Materials and Design

The microphone is supplied together with a stand for the table and can therefore be set up without much effort. The housing is made of plastic, while the pop protection is made of metal. All in all, the microphone does not give a particularly high or a particularly inferior impression. In comparison with other microphones in the same price range, however, it can be said that the materials used do not contribute to making the microphone appear particularly valuable.

Apart from that, however, the workmanship can be described as good. Obvious weaknesses are not noticed in the test. Of course, no excellent workmanship can be expected from a microphone costing 110 euros while using excellent materials at the same time. All in all, it meets the expectations that can be placed on a microphone in this price range.

The design is typical for such a table microphone. No noticeable extras are available. The microphone is black and has a design that is generally expected of such a microphone.

Sound Quality

The Seiren X can be connected by plugging in the 1.4 metre USB cable, which is covered with fabric. Razer could not have offered a much simpler method of “installing”. At this point it should be noted that a Pro version of the microphone also exists, which can be connected via an XLR cable.

Once the microphone is connected, recording can begin directly due to the lack of software. Again, it should be noted that a microphone in this price range will not deliver the best performance. Those who approach the test of the Seiren X with realistic expectations will sometimes even be positively surprised.

The sound quality is more than just solid. The recordings are neatly levelled and look professional. If the microphone is placed about one hand wide in front of the speaker’s face, it produces a professional soundtrack that even experienced streamers can work with. Noise is shielded, the voice sounds clear and the overall quality is impeccable.

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Area of Use

The Seiren X is therefore ideally suited for voice-over recordings. In other applications, which may also be of interest to streamers, which are the target group of the device, the Seiren X can hardly lead to satisfactory results. For example, it is by no means suitable for recording music. The microphone is clearly designed for recording human voices. It can therefore not handle musical instruments. It tries to balance what is expected to fail and falsify the sound.

Streamers that work with music, especially instruments, should use a different microphone. For voice-over recordings, however, the Seiren X offers good performance in its price range and can be recommended.

Frequencies are recorded in the range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. The sensitivity is about 17.8 mV/Pa (at 1 kHz).

Adjustment Possibilities

The Seiren X does not need any software, which could be interesting for amateurs, but sometimes annoying for professional users. The adjustment possibilities are enormously limited compared to microphones that are delivered with software. Only the volume can be adjusted on the microphone itself.

Especially in professional recording situations, the adjustment options familiar from other microphones are missing. The Seiren X works strongly with an automatic adjustment. This may be useful for laypersons and may make it easier to work with the microphone. However, those who have already worked with other microphones will sometimes be annoyed or even frustrated by this circumstance. The microphone works largely autonomously and can hardly be influenced.

The missing setting options thus represent the only actual negative point of the Seiren X, which, however, should not stand out as such in every situation. For example, people who have never worked with a professional microphone before will find this to be an extremely pleasant point, not a limitation. The almost non-existent setting options can therefore be viewed differently and do not allow an absolute or general devaluation of the microphone. Only in the context of a professional recording by an experienced streamer will they most likely represent an enormous point of criticism.

Conclusion on the Razer Seiren X

With a price of 110 Euro, the Seiren X from Razer is a very affordable solution. It is ideal as an introduction to streaming, offers surprisingly good sound quality and impresses with its flawless workmanship. In the context of experienced users, it is noticeable that there are hardly any possibilities of influencing the recording. For beginners, however, this is certainly positive, as handling the microphone is so much easier. Overall, the price of 110 euro can therefore be considered as absolutely reasonable.

Razer Seiren X

Adjustment Options
Value for Money

Good entry-level microphone!

The Razer Seiren X offers a surprisingly good sound quality and convinces with its flawaless workmanship.

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