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Review: Trust GXT 754 Mouse Pad – How Good Is The Small Mouse Pad ?

A mouse is best tested on a mouse pad. Together with the GXT 177 Gaming-Mouse from Trust we also tested the GXT 754 for you!

We get the mouse pad GXT 754 in the size Large (L). It is delivered in a plain cardboard box with some additional information about the mouse pad. Only the mouse pad is included, more is not necessary. But we notice a strong smell of rubber, not after natural rubber, as it is often used nowadays, but a clear smell of rubber. Even after 25 hours of use, the smell can still be clearly smelled. Definitely not a good first impression, but we don’t copy the mouse pad directly.

The surface of the mouse pads feels high-quality. Even on closer inspection, no workmanship errors can be seen. The surface should be suitable for all types of sensors. We have tested it with various LED sensors. All of them could be used perfectly on the GXT 754.

The edges of the mouse pad are not sewn, so the surface is only glued to the non-slip underside. If you have used such a mouse pad for a long time, you will surely know that the edges will come loose after a longer period of use. In our test it did not come to this phenomenon after approximately 25 hours playing time, but this is a frequent point of criticism with such glued surfaces.

The underside is made of a non-slip material. The mouse pad does not slip even under great force effects. The functionality was tested on three different surfaces. On a glass table, a smooth wooden table and a chipboard.


I can’t really recommend the Trust 754 mouse pad. It offers all the features a mouse pad should have. For less than 12.99 Euros you can get mouse pads from other well-known manufacturers that are just as big and offer similar workmanship, but don’t have this strong smell of rubber.

All types of LED sensors work and the tested mice are easy to guide on the surface. Due to the anti-slip surface, slippage is not possible even with greater forces.

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