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SCUF Reflex Pro review – premium controller for PlayStation 5

SCUF Gaming has been offering high-quality and customizable controllers for PlayStation and Xbox consoles since 2011. After we already tested the SCUF Instinct Pro, a controller alternative for the current Xbox series generation, we now also test the SCUF Reflex Pro, which is fully compatible with the PlayStation 5. Besides a customizable design and high quality, the company wants to convince gamers with features like freely configurable paddles, exchangeable thumbsticks, a non-slip performance grip or even three on-board profiles. The controller can be used wirelessly or wired and supports Windows computers and other platforms besides the PlayStation 5.

Whether the SCUF Reflex Pro can convince in the test and the high price, of at least €249.99 or €219.99 for the non-Pro model, which is identical except for the handle, is justified, we will clarify in the detailed test.

Technical data of the SCUF Reflex Pro

Size 160 x 105.92 x 66 mm (L x W x H)
Weight 300 g
Colors 15 colors, 26 designs
Connection Wireless via Bluetooth or wired via USB-C cable
Bluetooth range Up to 12 m
Connections USB-C, 3.5mm stereo headphone jack
Compatibility PlayStation 5, Windows 7+, macOS Catalina+, iOS 10+, Android
Special features 4 removable & configurable paddles, 3 on-board profiles, adaptive triggers, replaceable thumbsticks, non-slip performance grip
Scope of Delivery SCUF Reflex Pro controller, additional thumbsticks.
(1x short curved, 1x long curved), USB-C to USB-A cable (2 m), manual
Warranty 180 days
Price 249,99 €

Scope of delivery

  • Includes two additional thumbsticks and a USB-C to USB-A cable
  • Additional accessories, such as a carrying case, are only available at an additional cost

The SCUF Reflex Pro comes in a black cardboard box with a Steel Gray image of the controller on the front, regardless of the color chosen. On the bottom edge, a PS5 logo also indicates compatibility, and we can find the special features of the controller and technical specifications in detail on two other pages of the cardboard box.

Besides the controller itself, there are two additional curved thumbsticks, one of them short and one long, a two-meter long braided USB-C to USB-A cable, a detailed manual and safety instructions in the box. The scope of delivery is thus rather minimalistic despite the high price.

Additional accessories, such as exchangeable front panel covers, thumbsticks or a case can be purchased separately. SCUF Gaming also offers a Player Pack for €44.99, which includes a case, GamerGrip, four Thumbsticks and a 3-meter USB-C to USB-A cable.

Individualization options of the series at a glance

  • Available in three different versions: non-Pro, Pro and FPS
  • Thumbsticks, triggers, back and vibration modules can be customized
  • 26 designs and 15 colors plus different colors for rings, bumpers, triggers and more

SCUF Gaming offers the Reflex in three different versions, Non-Pro, Pro and FPS. Strictly speaking, these are only different configurations of the Reflex controller. The Non-Pro model does without the rubberized performance grip, the FPS model has instant triggers and bumpers and does without the vibration modules. These parts are freely selectable in the configurator, so which version you have depends on your own choice.

SCUF Gaming also offers a variety of visual customization options. There are a total of nine colors and 26 different designs, which also include the touchpad, to choose from for the front panel. While the entire front of the SCUF Instinct Pro (Xbox) can be changed, this is not possible with the Reflex controllers due to their construction. Only a part of the front, the front panel cover, can be exchanged. Furthermore, the touchpad, as long as a color and no design is selected, the already mentioned front panel cover, thumbsticks, rings, bumpers, triggers, directional pad, all buttons and the back can be configured. The Reflex controller can thus be adapted well to one’s own preferences and ideas. However, depending on the selection, the price also increases further.

Design and workmanship of the SCUF Reflex Pro

  • Corresponds fundamentally to the Sony DualSense controller
  • Very good feel thanks to non-slip performance grips
  • Material quality and workmanship at a very high level

SCUF Gaming takes a lot of cues from Sony’s DualSense controllers when it comes to the design and size of the Reflex Pro. If we look at the front, it is almost identical. On the other hand, there are differences at the back. While Sony’s DualSense controller doesn’t have any buttons and the recently released DualSense Edge controller that we already tested has two buttons, SCUF’s Reflex Pro has four removable and configurable paddles. Furthermore, the Reflex Pro offers three on-board profiles, which can be switched between with the button located in the center of the back. An LED integrated into the button signals the selected profile with the colors green (race), blue (first-person shooter/battle royale) and red (sport).

The Reflex Pro is made entirely of plastic and has a smooth surface. Thanks to its non-slip performance grips, which are rubberized and textured on the bottom, it feels very good and secure in the hand at all times. While the shape and dimensions correspond to Sony’s DualSense controllers, the weight differs slightly. At 300 g, the Reflex Pro ranks between Sony’s DualSense (280 g) and the DualSense Edge (328 g).

The pressure points of the directional pad, buttons, bumpers as well as the lightly structured triggers and paddles can convince all around in the test. This also applies to the volume, which is rather low. The thumbsticks, short and concave in our configuration, feel high-quality and are textured at the edges. Furthermore, SCUF Gaming also offers long concave, short curved and long curved thumbsticks. Changing the thumbsticks is quick and easy, just remove the front panel cover, pull out the old thumbstick and insert the new one. The paddles are also simply pulled out if you don’t need them.

Overall, the material quality and workmanship of the controller are on a very high level. There are no unclean edges, nothing rattles or wobbles even minimally.

Connection and compatibility

  • Can be used wirelessly and wired
  • Supports Windows 7+, macOS Catalina+, iOS 10+and Android in addition to PlayStation 5

The SCUF Reflex Pro can be connected either wirelessly, via Bluetooth, or wired to the console, PC or other devices; in testing, both options worked smoothly and reliably. To pair the controller with a Windows computer via Bluetooth, you have to search for new devices in the Bluetooth settings and activate the pairing mode. This is done by pressing the PS button and the Create button until the controller starts blinking.

A manual driver or software installation is not necessary, but the DualSense controller and alternatives are only supported to a limited extent under Windows. However, this problem can be worked around by launching your games via the Steam launcher. Steam has fully supported the DualSense controller since April 2021. The support applies to games purchased there as well as to non-Steam and manually added games. For example, Metro Exodus does not support a controller via the Epic Games Launcher, but if we start the game via Steam, the controller is available.

The controller settings can be viewed and adjusted in the Steam browser by right-clicking on the game and selecting Manage. Features like vibration or the adaptive triggers are also supported.

Practical test of the SCUF Reflex Pro

  • Practical paddles that are uncomplicated to occupy and can also be removed
  • Good adaptive triggers, though their trigger travel cannot be adjusted
  • Battery life of ~9 hours

Since the shape and size correspond to Sony’s DualSense controllers, there is no need to get used to it. The weight of 300 g is also appealing, so the controller is neither too light nor too heavy and leaves a high-quality impression. Due to this and the textured surfaces on the grips, thumbsticks and triggers, the haptics are completely convincing in the test.

Practical paddles offer advantages in gaming

The four rear-mounted paddles are easily accessible with the middle fingers and are positioned in such a way that both paddles on each side can be triggered immediately. The resistance is also chosen in such a way that they cannot be accidentally actuated. Assigning the paddles is uncomplicated. You first select one of the three profiles, then press the paddle you want to assign and the button you want to assign to it at the same time. Finally, you press the profile button again to save. You can choose between the four buttons of the directional pad, the four buttons on the right side as well as the bumpers and triggers.

Once you get used to the paddles, you won’t want to do without them. While you regularly have to leave the thumbsticks with your thumb to perform an action without paddles, this is much less necessary with paddles. Often needed actions can simply be placed on them, which keeps the thumb in place. This sounds rather unspectacular at first, but it simplifies the control, which allows you to react faster in RPGs or shooters or to save decisive fractions of a second in racing games, for example, when you manually shift via the paddles.

On the other hand, the Reflex series has a small weakness in the triggers. While the trigger travel and thus the reaction time of the triggers can be adjusted in three steps in the newly released Sony DualSense Edge controller, we have to decide between adaptive or instant triggers in the Reflex series before buying it. Switching between them is not possible.

Battery life

In testing, we achieved a battery life of ~9 hours with the SCUF Reflex Pro. This is slightly shorter than Sony’s DualSense controller, but also slightly longer than Sony’s DualSense Edge controller. Responsible for the short battery life are probably also the many features like the illumination, the haptic feedback as well and the adaptive triggers. Deactivating these features extends the battery life a bit, but also has a negative impact on the gaming fun. So, frequent gamers, who are probably the main target group for high-priced controllers like the Reflex Pro, can expect very regular charging or even reaching for the cable.

SCUF Reflex Pro review: conclusion

Overall, the SCUF Reflex Pro is an excellent premium controller for the PlayStation 5. SCUF basically takes the well-known DualSense controller, changes it only in nuances and expands it with useful and practical features, such as the freely configurable paddles, different trigger variants and on-board profiles. The material quality, the workmanship and also the haptics are completely convincing. SCUF also offers many customization options.

The positive aspects of the SCUF Reflex Pro outweigh in the test, only a few things speak against it. On the one hand, this is the very high price starting at 219€ for the Non-Pro or 249€ for the Pro or even 279€ for the FPS model, whereby we recommend one of the more expensive models due to the performance grips. The price can also rise further in the Builder, depending on your ideas, and there is also a surcharge for additional accessories. In addition, there is the decision for one of the trigger variants. The adaptive and also the instant triggers, as long as they correspond to those of the SCUF Instinct Pro, can convince, but a change is not possible. If you can’t decide or want to limit yourself, you might be better off with Sony’s new DualSense Edge controller.

If you are looking for a visually almost unique premium controller and can live well with the points of criticism, you should definitely take a look at the SCUF Reflex Pro.

SCUF Reflex Pro (PS5)



Sehr guter Controller, der optisch ein Highlight ist und sich stark individualisieren lässt. Größter Kritikpunkt ist der sehr hohe Preis.

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SCUF Gaming has been offering high-quality and customizable controllers for PlayStation and Xbox consoles since 2011. After we already tested the SCUF Instinct Pro, a controller alternative for the current Xbox series generation, we now also test the SCUF Reflex Pro, which is fully compatible with the PlayStation 5. Besides a customizable design and high … (Weiterlesen...)

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