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Sharkoon 1337 RGB XXL Mouse Pad Review

Sharkoon is known for extraordinary products around the PC. The company, which has been active worldwide since 2003, also sells the 1337 RGB XXL mouse pad, a mouse pad of a special kind, which not only convinces with its practicality, but also with its RGB lighting.

We have tested the mouse pad!

Design and workmanship

With regard to the design, little can be said about such an accessory. It is a classic mat that looks like a classic mat. Besides the thinness of the pad – it is only three millimetres – the RGB border is conspicuous, which will be examined in more detail in the next section.

We would also like to point out that we have tested the XXL version of the mouse pad. With dimensions of 905 x 425 mm, it is extremely large, which will certainly be an advantage in practice.

The upper side of the pad is made of textile fibres and felt robust. The underside is rubberized, which provides sufficient support on the table. Furthermore, it makes the mat slip-resistant – which is absolutely necessary in order to be able to use it without any problems.

We are also very positive about the integrated cable holder, which is located on the control box of the mouse pad. The cable of a wired mouse can be attached in this, which makes the operation easier.

We cannot detect any workmanship defects in the test. The mouse pad feels high-quality and robust and is apparently well processed.


The mouse pad is especially characterized by the RGB strip, which completely surrounds it. This makes it from a simple mouse pad to a design-wise useful addition to the PC equipment.

The possibilities of influencing the lighting are comparatively small. One of the seven available lighting colours can be selected at the touch of a button on the control box. Effects are only possible to a limited extent. In addition to the static lighting, the mouse pad offers the familiar “Breathe” mode as well as a color change. There is also the option to deactivate the RGB lighting via the control box.

The Sharkoon 1337 RGB XXL mouse pad is powered by a 2.1 meter USB cable. In the test the length proves to be sufficient. In a normal environment there are no difficulties in ensuring the power supply of the device.

The lighting enhances the mouse pad noticeably in the test. An adaptation to other illuminated components of the PC system is however hardly possible due to the small options of influencing, which is a pity.

Practice Test

Sharkoon’s mouse pad also proved itself in practical testing. The surface coating allows the use of any sensor and laser mouse. In the test, the mouse slid smoothly over the mouse pad – without jerking, hanging or other difficulties. Also the enormous size of the XXL mouse pad contributes to the good usability. Precise clicks, ease of use and fast reaction without restrictions are thus easily possible.

Another positive thing that strikes us is that the surface is water-repellent. This not only simplifies the cleaning of the mouse pad, but also represents a very practical advantage – spilled drinks do not ruin the pad and do not require any time-consuming cleaning action with subsequent drying of the pad.

All in all, the mouse pad is very well suited for practical use. Fast games that require instant reactions, fast movements and precise clicks are also possible with this mouse pad without any problems.

Conclusion of the Sharkoon 1337 RGB XXL Mouse Pad Review

If you are looking for a suitable mouse pad for your gaming mouse, Sharkoon’s XXL pad is the perfect solution. The giant mouse pad is thin, has RGB lighting and lets the mouse slide smoothly. Furthermore, it convinces with slip resistance, very good workmanship and water-repellent properties. Precision is always possible here. All this is available at a price of no longer available.

Sharkoon 1337 RGB XXL

Value for Money

A good and very large mouse pad with RGB lighting.

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