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A real eye-catcher – Trust GXT 877 Scarr Gaming keyboard

With the Trust GXT 877 Scarr mechanical gaming keyboard, we look at a keyboard that has it all. Even if we are already missing a software on the website, we will see in the test what makes the Scarr so special and why a software is not even necessary.

Trust GXT 877 Scarr

Scope of delivery

The scope of delivery is not that big. Besides the keyboard, there are also 8 additional key caps in the packaging. If you take the keyboard out of the packaging and turn it over, the rest of the scope of delivery comes out. The tool is hidden there in order to easily remove the keycaps. There’s nothing more in the packaging, but it’s not even needed anymore. On the contrary.

Trust GXT 877 Scarr

Design and workmanship

Now let’s have a close look at the keyboard. What makes the keyboard so special is among other things its design. It differs greatly from other keyboards. The black keycaps stand over a metal case. The brushed metal provides stability. Various cutouts are directly noticeable. A part of the material underneath the space bar as well as in the center cable outlet has been milled out so that the entire design is more angular. The same principle is also continued on the sides. There is a large recess in the middle and moreover, more strips have been cut out of the two protruding sides, which give the whole thing an aggressive touch. The angular design has also been retained on the back, and so the supports that angle the keyboard are also very angular. There is also the possibility to fold out two differently sized supports. The rubberized feet in a trapezoid shape not only provide a good grip on the table, but also blend in very well with the look.

Now let’s take a closer look at the workmanship. The entire keyboard is very stable due to the metal plate. The fold-out supports also provide good stability. The keycaps themselves sit well on the switches, but can still be removed quite easily with tools. The additional keys also fit perfectly as replacement. There’s also no play when pressing the keys, so that you can’t find any flaws in the workmanship.

Buttons and Features

As briefly mentioned in the beginning, the GXT 877 Scarr is equipped with linear mechanical probes. There are 104 buttons in total, but some buttons have double assignments. Since there is no software available for the keyboard, various functions can be activated via key combinations. The exact information can be found in the operating instructions. Among other things, fixed multimedia functions and lighting options can be activated, but there is also the possibility to set “custom modes”. In addition, there is also a special gaming function that ensures that you don’t have to perform any unwanted Windows functions while playing, for example. Thus, the keyboard can be adjusted to one’s own wishes and ideas despite the lack of software.

Trust GXT 877 Scarr

Furthermore, the keyboard is also offered in various other versions. The version we have is the American one, but don’t worry, of course there is also the German version besides an Italian, Russian, Spanish version.

Trust GXT 877 Scarr

Ergonomics and practice

How does it look in practice? For me it is always a pity when straight keyboards with high keys don’t have a palm rest. But Trust has come up with something different for the GXT 877 Scarr so that you can still write well. The metal plate is bent again so that the end is shaped like a ramp for the hand. This doesn’t replace a complete palm rest, but offers the possibility to relax and put your hands down. Moreover, this ramp also fits perfectly into the design.

Trust GXT 877 Scarr

When writing, you have to get used to the height of the keys at first, but after a short time you can enjoy the full range of possibilities. The keys are not extremely loud when pressed, as with other keys, so you can use them to write longer texts.

Conclusion of the Trust GXT 877 Scarr review

Let’s just summarize what makes the Trust GXT 877 Scarr stand out from the crowd, starting with the design. The angular and aggressive look is really something and even offers practical advantages. For example, a small ramp on the metal casing is used as a replacement for a palm rest.

Trust GXT 877 Scarr

The fact that no software exists may bother one or the other, but almost all required features are directly integrated in key combinations. Thus, besides multimedia functions, lighting modes can be changed and even brightness and speed can be adjusted. Only the possibility to integrate macros is not directly given here. The GXT 877 Scarr also cuts a good figure in practice. It reacts quickly and precisely and gives good, but still not disturbing feedback about the keystroke. So, if you’re looking for a new keyboard that isn’t just functional but also looks good, you might find it here.

Trust GXT 877 Scarr

Value for money


Cool design combined with good performance.

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