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Viro Infra in test – SPC Gear’s entry-level headset convinces

Since SPC Gear introduced the Viro, the company’s first headset, in the fall of 2020, several other variants and models have followed. The latest addition is the Viro Infra, which is positioned as a new entry-level model for its price of €38 (current: € 9.99 (€ 9.99 / l)*).

In terms of features, SPC Gear advertises a usual package: over-ear headphones with a detachable microphone and a connection via either one or two jack plugs. Whether the Viro Infra can convince with this combination, and whether it is worthwhile for its targeted price, we clarify in the following test.

Technical data

Dimensions (WxHxD): 178 x 193 x 97 mm
Weight: 256 g
Membrane diameter: 50mm
Impedance: 16 Ω
Frequency range: 20 – 20,000 Hz
Sensitivity: 98 ± 4 dB @ 1 kHz
Impedance (microphone): < 2.2 kΩ
Sensitivity (microphone): -55 dB/mW
Frequency range (microphone): No specification
Variants: Black (€ 9.99 (€ 9.99 / l)*)

Scope of delivery

The SPC Gear Viro Infra comes in a colorful printed cardboard box, which contains the headset and accessories. In the case of the latter, these are a brief product overview, a plug-in microphone and another connection cable. On the headset itself, a four-pin jack cable with a length of 1.5 m and cable remote control is permanently installed, through which you can mute the microphone and reduce the volume through a series resistor.

There is also another extension cable of the same length with two connectors for connecting to PCs. What’s striking here is that both cables rely on a well-implemented, solid cable sleeve and thus appear very high-quality. This is not necessarily true for the cable remote with its plastic case, but it makes the headset more flexible. For example, the series resistor allows it to be used with playback sources that were actually designed for high-impedance headphones.

Design & Workmanship

The high-quality impression continues with the headset itself: SPC Gear relies on metal instead of plastic for both the headband and the outer sides of the ear cups on the Viro Infra. That is by no means always the case for the price range and thus commendable. Apart from that, the headphones rely on a fabric cover on the earpieces as well as a synthetic leather cover on the headband and matte black plastic, which is used for the basic shape of the tweeters, for example.

SPC Gear presents itself classically in terms of construction: Like many other headsets, the Viro Infra relies on a construction with a springy headband. The two over-ear cups are tiltably connected to the headband by two metal arms each. This allows them to nestle against the head with a free axis. Further flexibility is also provided by the height adjustment: Both support arms can be individually extended by around 4 cm in nine stages.

In terms of looks, the Viro Infra also comes with the usual package. The headset is completely black, with only the SPC logo printed in white on the metal surfaces of the ear cups. The logo is also embossed on the outside of the leatherette cover.

The Viro Infra scores well in terms of build quality. Minor details like the transitions between plastic parts and the metal coating show slight irregularities when you look closely, but that is not unusual for an entry-level headset. It is more important that the construction makes a stable impression – and that is given with the Viro Infra.

Wearer Comfort

With the design just described, the Viro Infra can adjust somewhat in width due to the springy headband and in height due to the extendable earpieces, as well as in angle due to the joints on the support arms. This should cover most head shapes without any problems: The headset hugs the head shape well, even though (significantly) more expensive headsets with another swivel joint on the ear cups are of course a bit more comfortable.

In principle, the Viro Infra is well equipped for longer wearing times. Even after several hours, the headset does not become uncomfortable. In this context, the fabric cover on the ear cups is particularly worth mentioning: Although this does not prevent the temperature increase on the ears known from over-ear headphones, you sweat a bit less with these compared to synthetic leather covers.

Wearing comfort can only be problematic for those users who have a very high head or very large ears: Although the height adjustment is wide, the margin might start to get tight for people in the height range around 2 meters – and the same applies to the size of the ears. For the vast majority of users, however, these problems should not be an issue.

Recording and playback quality

Finally, the core disciplines of a headset remain: playback and recording quality. Here, too, the Viro Infra is convincing – especially in view of the low price.

In terms of sound, the headset offers a quite strong and precise bass that starts at around 40 Hertz and still leaves enough room for the mids and trebles. Compared to much more expensive headsets, the detail and delineation of individual instruments are not quite as good, but for the targeted price, the Viro Infra does excellently. Music and voices are reproduced clearly and most genres are fun to listen to due to the solid bass foundation. Thus, the Viro Infra is worth a recommendation.

The recording quality is also good: SPC Gear’s built-in, detachable and swiveling microphone records the voice clearly and free of noise. The Viro Infra can thus be used for standard voice chat without any problems.

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With the Viro Infra, SPC Gear wants to expand its own headset range downwards and offer a new, with €38 (current: € 9.99 (€ 9.99 / l)*) very affordable alternative to other gaming headsets. The Viro Infra has many qualities that you wouldn’t expect in this price range: A height adjustment, metal inserts and two long, neatly sleeved cables with cable remote control aren’t all that special for just under 40 euros individually, but in combination they are. SPC Gear can score with the basic features of its newcomer.

It also looks good in terms of wearing comfort, even though the company cannot finally hide the low price here. Headsets with additional hinges are a bit more comfortable, but these are only available in much higher price ranges – and the Viro Infra can still be worn comfortably for a long time.

In terms of sound, the Viro Infra does just as well. The headset offers a solid bass and an above-average sound for the price range, with which you can also enjoy movies and music – whereas many other products in the same price range would rather fit the description “functional”. On top of that, the quality of the microphone is also good: With this, a usual voice chat communication is possible without problems, without disturbing the teammates with noise or a strongly distorted sound color.

The bottom line is that SPC Gears Viro Infra is a headset that combines a solid construction with diverse accessories and above-average sound for the price range. If you don’t want any further features, such as rotating ear cups, you can therefore grab it without any problems. With the Infra, you get a lot for the money, at least at the current price.

SPC Gear Viro Infra

Sound quality
Recording quality
Value for money


A good headset for little money.

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Since SPC Gear introduced the Viro, the company’s first headset, in the fall of 2020, several other variants and models have followed. The latest addition is the Viro Infra, which is positioned as a new entry-level model for its price of €38 (current: ). In terms of features, SPC Gear advertises a usual package: over-ear … (Weiterlesen...)

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