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Test: Wavemaster Two Pro – strong stereo sound?

Contrary to its trend, the manufacturer Wavemaster does not rely on cheap technology for the Two Pro. Here, the audio experts are clearly aiming at the premium segment. Apart from a timeless look, the stereo loudspeakers should be able to offer a lot of sound for the money. How good the Wavemaster Two Pro really is, we’ll check in our detailed review.

The reference product from Wavemaster

When it comes to good stereo sound at an affordable price, Wavemaster is an insider tip. In addition to the Wavemaster Two BT, the Two Neo are also convincing. But with the Two Pro, Wavemaster wants to go one better. The proud price of 500 Euros might be a little deterrent at first. But for a group of buyers looking for a crystal clear sound, these price ranges are by no means utopian. After all, competing products from Nubert or other well-known manufacturers demand similar, if not even higher, euro amounts for their stereo products. Spending a little more money on speakers can be worthwhile for many. Since good speakers with a high-quality workmanship will most likely still sound good after many years, it is a wise investment. This distinguishes speakers from many other areas of consumer electronics.


Type: 2.0 Stereo
Frequency range: 35 Hz – 22,000 Hz
Output power: 2x 55 Watt
Speaker units: tweeter: 28 mm silk dome, ferrite magnet
midrange driver: 16 cm, Kevlar cone, ferrite magnet
Connections: Digital TOSLINK (optical) and USB connections for stereo signals up to 24 bit/192 kHz, 2 x line-in (3.5 mm and RCA), RCA subwoofer output (mono), Bluetooth, power socket
Scope of delivery:
  • Wavemaster Two Pro (2 boxes)
  • Power cord
  • Infrared remote control incl. batteries
  • Speaker cable with tinned ends
  • Audio connection cable 2 cinch plugs
  • Audio connection cable jack plug
  • 8 self-adhesive silicone device feet
Features: IR remote control, Auto Switch (signal sensor for on/standby automatic, can be switched off), internal power supply (230/115 Volt switchable)
Dimensions: 215 x 310 x 260 mm
Price: € 549.00 *

The scope of delivery

Wavemaster does not experiment with the packaging itself. The two stereo speakers arrived safely packed. Wavemaster includes everything you need for modern music enjoyment with the two speakers.

Wavemaster includes a 3.5 mm jack cable, a cinch cable, a power cord, a speaker cord, a small remote control and practical knobs that protect not only the bottom of the speakers but also the base from unsightly scratches.

High-quality workmanship

As soon as you lift the speakers out of the packaging, you inevitably notice the similarity to the other two stereo series from Wavemaster. This relationship cannot be denied. Especially the striking curves at the corners immediately catch the eye of Wavemaster connoisseurs. Apart from a simple but modern look, the Two Pro’s first and foremost convincing feature is its high-quality workmanship. They don’t have to hide behind the nuPro series. The basis of the stereo loudspeakers is a construction that mainly relies on MDF.

Suitable for every room

The experts at Wavemaster have taken a commendable middle course in the design of the Two Pro. The stereo loudspeakers are both technically and modernly simple. One reason for this is the striking contrast of black and white. Due to the white exterior of the pair of loudspeakers, the uncovered membranes are clearly visible. Hifi friends should certainly be happy about this. Since Wavermaster doesn’t overdo it here, the two speakers fit on a desk as well as in the living room. Those who like it a bit more inconspicuous, should go for the gray color variant we tested.

Slightly larger than the siblings

If you take a closer look at the Two Pro, you will notice the difference in size compared to its relatives. In contrast to the Two BT the speakers grow to a proud 310 x 260 x 215 mm. Of course, this is not by chance. Wavemaster increases the diameter of the mid/bass drivers by 3 cm. Some desks might reach their limits when it comes to finding free space.

The operation

As is typical for Wavemaster, the manufacturer does not install any other control elements on the speakers themselves – except for a rotary control. But the knob not only controls the volume of the speakers. It also offers the possibility to switch between the different inputs. A simple push of a button is all that is needed for this. However, if you prefer a more convenient way, you can use the supplied remote control. We liked it very much in the test. Apart from pleasing pressure points, it also lies very well in the hands due to its small size. With the help of the remote control, the setting options are also expanded. The user can not only set the volume and inputs here. It is also possible to adjust the highs and lows. Furthermore, the optional sound modes “Tone Defeat” or “Loudness” can be selected.

Color LED clarifies input

A practical colour LED provides information about the current input of the speakers. This takes some getting used to at first. After all, you first have to internalise which colour stands for which input. Unfortunately, you can’t directly select the inputs. It is always necessary to switch through.

The back

If you take a look at the back of the active speaker, the technical possibilities of the Wavemaster Two Pro become apparent. Here you can see the bass reflex construction on the top side. The power amplifier of the system is also located in the right speaker. What is surprisingly missing at the back of the speaker are detailed adjustment possibilities. Here, the remote control is simply without alternative.

The connections

At the back, the Wavemaster Two Pro offers a number of useful connections. Friends of analogue signals will also get their money’s worth here. Cinch and a jack plug (3.5 mm) are available. But also on the digital side, the speakers offer the right possibilities. Besides an optical input, the speakers can be connected directly to your own PC. The USB sound card installed by Wavemaster takes care of this.

But of course the Wavemaster Two Pro also offers wireless audio enjoyment. You can use the high-quality Bluetooth connection with aptX for this. This allows, for example, a practical music playback via smartphone. Those who miss bass while listening to music (which is unlikely) will be happy about the optional connection possibility for a separate subwoofer.

The Wavemaster Two Pro also has a toggle switch on the back, which allows the automatic stand-by to be switched on or off. If there is no audio input, the loudspeakers are automatically switched off or switched on again when a signal is received. During automatic stand-by, the speakers hardly used any power. However, if that is not enough, the main switch of the speakers must be turned on.

The sound

We have already clarified that Wavemaster’s premium speakers look great, have good workmanship and offer a number of practical connections. But let’s not fool ourselves. In the end, the most important thing about speakers is always the sound. Especially since Wavemaster has entered the premium loudspeaker segment with the Two Pro, this will certainly not be easy for the manufacturer. With its nuPro series, Nubert offers a competition here that will be hard to reach or even beat. At this point it should first of all be noted that sound quality is always something subjective. Especially if you want to spend a lot of money on your speakers, you should be aware of this. So, in the best case, try it out yourself. In the following I will give you my impression of the sound.

Crystal clear highs

When listening to classical music, the detailed highs of the Wavemaster Two Pro are particularly noticeable. The speakers produce a sound image that ensures that the origin of the trebles cannot be located. Pleasantly detached from the tweeters, they float completely free in the room. Even in songs with a lot of vocals the great trebles immediately come to the fore.

The tweeter ensures crystal clear singing.

The sound stage

The Wavemaster Two Pro also delivers a great result in terms of sound stage. Of course, this is especially beneficial when listening to live concerts. Here, the sound experts rely on a very large stage. This will especially please all those who want to place their speakers in the living room. Fortunately, the large sound stage is not at the expense of the detailed music quality at any time. Here, one can not only recognize the instruments, but even locate them.

A bass driver with power

The quality of the bass is always particularly interesting with stereo speakers in studio format. And Wavemaster is no exception. The Two Pros provide a really impressive bass. Even in low frequencies the speakers still work on a top level. Especially powerful drum solos are a lot of fun.

The bass and midrange driver not only provide a powerful bass but also a dynamic and round sound due to their strong midrange.

The sound is round

Unfortunately, one often notices with stereo speakers that the focus is clearly on the high and low frequency range. The midrange is often ignored here. This often means that the end result is not round. It is different with the Two Pro. Here, Wavemaster apparently puts a lot of emphasis on the mid tones. The result is a round sound image that is bursting with dynamics.

Our conclusion

With the Two Pro, Wavemaster has by no means made it easy for itself. The manufacturer has entered a segment that was previously dominated by well-known manufacturers like Nubert. However, as can be seen with the Two Pro, the product expansion into the premium class is a step in the right direction. This already starts with the design and workmanship. Here the audio experts make no compromises. Wavemaster uses high quality materials and a perfect workmanship. Both technology fans and friends of timeless design will get their money’s worth. As a result, the stereo speakers are suitable for the living room as well as the workspace.

The only thing we have to complain about is the high level of operation. The remote control is quite comfortable, but every now and then I would have liked to have a control unit on the loudspeaker itself on my desk. Doing everything with the rotary control is a bit annoying in the long run. Wavemaster could also have been a bit more user-friendly when choosing the right input. Unfortunately, the remote control only offers the possibility to select the inputs one after the other. A direct selection of the appropriate input is not possible. This also applies to the visualization of the input. Here, one must first internalize the meaning of the color LED on the speaker.

The remarkable 2 x 55 watts can be used by the Two Pro to the full. Their sound image is amazingly well tuned. At the high frequencies the two speakers are bursting with details. At no time do they sound overdone or even tinny. The same applies to the low frequency ranges. Here, the speakers offer a surprisingly voluminous sound that I wouldn’t have expected given their size. The sound is rounded off by the ever-present mids.

Wavemaster Two Pro

Sound quality
Value for money


With the Wavemaster Two Pro you get a lot for your money. Besides a great design and high quality workmanship, the speakers convince with a well-balanced sound that offers a lot of power. Wavemaster successfully penetrates the premium segment.

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