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Tronsmart T6 Plus: What features does the Bluetooth speaker have?

With the T6 Plus, Tronsmart offers a Bluetooth speaker that sounds like a promising combination on paper: Deep bass, long battery life, waterproof and many as well as modern connections – that’s what many people want for their speaker.

The following test will show whether the loudspeaker can keep its promises for its price of current € 76.39 * and where the strengths and weaknesses of the product lie.

Scope of delivery

The T6 Plus’ scope of delivery is, as one would expect in the targeted price segment, quite simple. The loudspeaker is delivered in a plain, colorfully printed cardboard box. In it, there are, beside the device itself, a manual and two connection cables for USB and jack.

Design & workmanship

In terms of design, Tronsmart with the T6 Plus largely follows the usual conventions: The loudspeaker is cylindrical in shape. The front surfaces are used for a speaker diaphragm and a volume control, while the long side of the speaker houses the control panel and the protective grille behind which the actual speakers are located.

The T6 Plus hides the connectors behind a rubber tab so that the speaker complies with the advertised IPX6 certification, i.e. splash-proof. In addition to the USB-C charging port, a normal USB port is also available for charging other devices. In addition, a playback device can be connected via a 3.5 mm jack, and if the speaker is to be operated completely autonomously, a microSD card or USB stick can be used as memory.

With its material mix of plastic, the metal grille and metal elements on the front sides, the T6 Plus makes a thoroughly high-quality impression. Those who find the black colouring too boring can alternatively fall back on a second colour variant: This is supplied with a red grille.

There is nothing to criticize about the quality of workmanship on the T6 Plus: The loudspeaker is stable and has no unsightly conspicuous features such as sharp edges. However, the plastic is a real particle catcher due to its rubber-like surface.

Operation, features & battery life

The T6 Plus is not only a pure Bluetooth speaker, but it is also supposed to offer additional functions: It can be used as a power bank, whereby devices can use the built-in 6,600 mAh battery when the loudspeaker is turned on. There is also an optional stereo sound when you buy a second T6 Plus and connect it. However, as we only received one loudspeaker for testing, we can’t share our experiences with this function.

There are six keys on the side and a rotary wheel on the front for operating the loudspeaker. The rotary wheel is used to adjust the volume and pause songs, and the keys are used to select EQ, stereo function and input channel. In addition, the power button and two additional buttons for song change are located there. The Tronsmart has no shortage of setting options or connections.

In addition to Bluetooth, you can also use the usual jack, USB and microSD connections as playback devices. This means that the T6 Plus can also be used independently, without a separate playback device. In this mode, the title selection is alphabetical, so you can play a playlist in advance without any problems and then leave the loudspeaker to itself.

The battery life of the T6 Plus should be sufficient for a normal party without any problems: We ran the loudspeaker in a continuous loop for a test, whereby the speaker only stopped playing after just over ten hours. The volume selected for the test wasn’t deafening, but definitely appropriate for a smaller party. The promised “up to 15 hours” couldn’t be offered by the T6 Plus in our case, but in view of the high volume selected, this isn’t really a point of criticism: the loudspeaker’s battery life is praiseworthy.

Sound quality

Last but not least, the most important function of the Tronsmart T6 Plus: sound quality. All the other functions are of course nice to have, but in the end you buy a Bluetooth speaker, and not a power bank or something like that.

In terms of sound, Tronsmart advertises in particular the two characteristics of power and bass, and that describes the T6 Plus very well. The sound is mainly characterized by the strong bass, which is quite impressive for the small size of the speakers – and the maximum volume is really deafening.

On the other hand, the high frequencies suffer considerably: they are simply not perceptible, the speaker doesn’t even come close to 20 kHz. The data sheet mentions a maximum of 15 kHz, and indeed, the loudspeaker drops sharply in this frequency range. Thus, the upper part of the hearing spectrum is completely neglected.

Another problem of the T6 Plus is the loudspeaker’s lack of dynamics: in quiet passages it tends to switch off completely, so that part of the music is swallowed up. At the beginning and shortly after these passages you can clearly hear the decreasing or increasing volume – probably because a built-in capacitor is always discharged and charged. Additionally, the sound image of the speakers is characterized by a background noise, which is clearly noticeable in quiet areas when they are reproduced.

Due to the mentioned points of criticism the intended use of the loudspeaker unfortunately shrinks considerably: They are not suitable for “perfect music enjoyment”, but for parties and outdoor reproduction. Bass and midrange are often dominant, since there is usually no one in the tweeter’s direct radiation field anyway – and music with quiet passages is often not found at such events. Nevertheless, the sonic omissions of the T6 Plus are of course very unfortunate, because they clearly pull down the otherwise quite positive image of the speakers.


The Tronsmart T6 Plus has many positive approaches, but in practice, unfortunately, these are pulled down by the sound characteristics of the loudspeaker. On the credit side of the € 76.39 * (test date: 65 €) expensive loudspeaker, there is a good quality of workmanship, the various connection and operating possibilities as well as the solid battery life.

On the other hand, there are sonic deficits, which can be more or less important depending on the scenario: The loudspeaker’s dynamics are in great need of improvement, as well as the reproduction in the high frequency range, which hardly takes place at all. The T6 Plus is therefore not really suitable for sound reinforcement in small environments with soft music – it is only suitable for use as a loud party speaker.

If you are looking for the same and can do without the higher frequency ranges and the reproduction of dynamic music, the T6 Plus will not in principle make a mistake: the other features are well done. Nevertheless, it would be nice if Tronsmart would address the mentioned problems with a future revision, as the loudspeaker is currently still too limited for a general recommendation.

Tronsmart T6 Plus

Value for money


The T6 Plus has many good approaches, but is slowed down by tonal deficits such as a lack of dynamics.

Tronsmart T6 Plus Bluetooth-Lautsprecher price comparison

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