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Chic RGB lighting together with a large mouse pad is becoming more and more fashionable. This is also true for the XPG Battleground XL Prime. The extra large mousepad is supposed to offer a gliding, scratch- and water-resistant surface. We’ll see how the mouse pad from ADATA’s gaming subsidiary XPG performs.

What do you think about the design of a mousepad? It is completely black, the left side has half the XPG logo. The red logo and the lettering on the top right side provide a good contrast and fit perfectly. Eye-catching is the unlinked border. XPG seems to have made a conscious decision to sew it with a plastic thread. For this purpose, the RGB strip was connected directly to the mouse pad, which looks quite nice.

With a size of 900 x 420 mm one or the other desk is completely filled. For the cloth mouse pad the CORDURA® fabric is used. It is especially abrasion-resistant and robust, and additionally even water-repellent. The underside consists of non-slip rubber. Also absolutely necessary for this size.

The workmanship is good throughout, we could not find any defects. We have also carried out the fluid test on the mouse pad unintentionally and it keeps its promises.


A real special feature of XPG Battleground XL Prime is the RGB lighting around the complete mouse pad. This is a really useful feature for RGB lovers, especially if you want to have a large mouse pad on your desk.

However, the lighting does not offer many customization possibilities. At the push of a button you can choose different colors (red, purple, white, blue, light blue, green, yellow). Effects are not possible, but the mouse pad offers two lighting zones that can be designed in different colors. The button (located at the upper left edge) can also be used to deactivate the lighting completely.

However, the mouse pad is only illuminated by two LEDs on the cable input. Therefore the illumination leaves something to be desired. Especially with two different colors the uneven illumination is noticeable. Nevertheless, the XPG Battleground XL Prime looks good.

A 1.8-meter-long, cloth-covered USB cable is supplied for connection. It is sufficiently long to ensure proper cable management even on larger desks.

ADATA XPG Battleground XL Prime Gaming RGB Mauspad
This product is currently unavailable.

Practical test

The XPG Battleground XL Prime is suitable for all types of mice – whether sensor or laser mice – thanks to its surface coating. We used the Razer Viper Ultimate and the Logitech G Pro Wireless for the test, and both slid smoothly over the mouse pad. The XXL mouse pad helps ensure that you never have to worry about running out of space. Another positive aspect is the water-repellent surface, which we tested directly with the mouse pad. Also the cleaning is much easier.

All in all, the very large mouse pad is ideal for practical use. The pure size already offers advantages over smaller mouse pads, and it offers very good gliding properties.

Conclusion on the XPG Battleground XL Prime

Are you looking for a large mouse pad with a certain touch of extras? The XPG Battleground XL Prime gives a lot. It is really big, water resistant and offers RGB lighting. The workmanship is just as convincing as the gliding properties.

But the mouse pad has to take some criticism when it comes to the lighting. If it is set to one color, the lighting is even, but if it is set to two colors, it is quite uneven depending on the color.

XPG Battleground XL Prime

Design and workmanship
Operation and practical suitability
Value for money


XPG delivers with the Battleground XL Prime a super mouse pad. But you have to make some concessions with the lighting.

ADATA XPG Battleground XL Prime Gaming RGB Mauspad
This product is currently unavailable.

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