The best tech for watching live sport

As sports fans, there is not much more electrifying to us than the atmosphere of a live stadium. It absorbs us like nothing else can and the roar of a crowd for every yard, goal, bucket, no matter the sport, releases endorphins that you will crave for a lifetime. Unfortunately, though, many of us cannot make it to live games week-in-week-out and instead settle for a close second in watching from home. But who is to say we cannot recreate that magic from our living room? With the help of cutting edge tech you can elevate your at-home viewing experience tenfold to make for an incredibly immersive gameday. The sports betting currently has the San Francisco 49ers as favorites and with the Super Bowl fast approaching, you can even prepare your living room for an even more unforgettable big-game day. Let’s explore exactly how you can do just that.

Explore your TV choice

Starting with what is the most important part of the puzzle: the TV is the centerpiece. There are a few things to consider when choosing what is best for you.

Display Technology: OLED is the best display for watching sports, especially balls sports. This is because the response time on OLED is elite. Ever watched a game and noticed fast-travelling pucks, balls or even players appear blurred when in motion? Not on an OLED TV. The response time is lightning fast making every play come to life. Not only is the motion smoother but the color is much richer too with extraordinarily high image contrast. They are however very pricy. If this is not within your budget, QLED TVs are a very respectable alternative with great brightness and coloring, specifically if you are in a well-lit room. Take your budget and environment into consideration when choosing your TV.

Screen Size and Resolution: It seems that just as 4K resolution blew our collective minds, 8K came along and sent us into the stratosphere. While 8K is of course stronger and more future-proof, it is also pricier and 4K is more than good enough. Screen size goes without saying too and as long as your environment allows it you are likely going to want a screen no smaller than 50 inches, though not so big it strains your eyes.

Audio immersion

The crowd, the calls, the commentary, the big hits — you want to hear it all for the most immersive experience when watching sports. Here is how to have the best auditory experience to match the view.

Surround Sounds: Surround sound systems have been available and relatively affordable for a while now, but that does not mean they are dated by any means. They can turn a regular sporting experience into a cinematic one, enveloping you in all the sounds of the stadium. Some of the most popular formats that help deliver immersion are DTS:X and Dolby Atmos.

Soundbars: Soundbars are a good space and money-saving alternative to surround sound and project a clean and crisp virtual sound. As an added bonus, many come with built-in subwoofers that add impact to every home run and big hit.

Wireless Headphones: Maybe you have little ones sleeping or would like a more private sporting experience— in which case good wireless headphones are for you. Many are now noise cancelling, allowing for no distractions when viewing. Bose and Sony both offer great, affordable ranges for all your needs.

Beyond the screen

The audio and visuals are of course the most important element, but beyond that there are additional steps you can take to take it to the upper echelon of sporting experiences.

Smart Lighting: Smare lighting can set the mood and can even change color with the intensity of the game. You could set it to your team colors and even better you can control it all from your phone.

Haptic Feedback Chairs and Sofas: These are much more easy to explain than they may sound— haptic feedback seating incorporated haptic feedback tech to allow your chairs to vibrate in sync with the on-screen action. This brings you even closer to the action allowing you to feel the action.

AR and VR Overlays: Augmented reality overlays project real-time game stats you’re your screen as plays are made. You can also get player information and replays to enhance you’re the way you engage with and understand the game. VR headsets offer an immersive experience which transports you virtually into the stadium as if you were watching live and in-person.

Modern technology has truly revolutionized the way we watch sports. Although you may need to set aside a budget, as soon as you sit down to watch your sport of choice it will become immediately apparent that it is all worth it. Immerse yourself into all of the action and you will never look back.

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