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Teufel Cage One test: Affordable analog headset with rich sound

For German audio manufacturer Teufel, IFA 2022 was all about the new gaming headset Zola. However, Teufel also announced the affordable Cage One, which is positioned in the entry-level segment with its analog 3.5 mm jack and a price well below the 100 euro mark. How good the headset sounds and what makes it stand out is clarified in our Teufel Cage One review.

Technical Specifications

Design Over-ear
Driver 40 mm
Frequency range (headphones) 8 – 20,000 Hz
Impedance 24 ohms at 1 kHz
Microphone type Omnidirectional
Frequency Range (Microphone) 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz
Connectors 3.5mm jack
Weight 288 g (without microphone)
Compatibility PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Mac, Smartphone
Price € 73.19 *

Teufel Cage One review: scope of delivery and design

Teufel is taking a broader stance in the segment of gaming headsets in the future. In addition to the Cage, which received its latest re-release so far in 2020, you can expect two more new headsets in the form of the mid-priced Zola and the affordable entry-level Teufel Cage One.

Unlike the Zola and Cage, however, the new One relies exclusively on an analog connection via 3.5 mm jack and does without a USB sound card, 7.1 surround sound, or similar.

The fact that corresponding analog headsets still have a right to exist today was impressively proven not least by manufacturer beyerdynamic with the MMX 100 (our review) at the beginning of the year.

The Teufel Cage One now wants to play in the same price segment. The scope of delivery is already impressive, because in addition to the headset with a permanently connected AUX cable with a length of 1.55 meters, the manufacturer includes an additional extension cable, the attachable microphone boom (15 centimeters) and an additional pop screen. In addition to the obligatory instructions and notes, of course.

The design: simple and chic

  • Simple and at the same time high-quality design
  • Earcups neither foldable nor rotatable

The Teufel Cage One is offered in two colors. The black model (Night Black) brings back fond memories of the original Cage with its red details, while the gray and white model in the Light Gray color scheme looks much simpler.

Those who prefer their gaming headset rather dignified will be excellently served with the Cage One. Teufel consistently does without colorful elements, RGB lighting or similar gimmicks.

The rather thick ear pads come in a dark gray color and form a successful contrast to the otherwise white headphones. The Teufel T is presented in a shiny silver on the outer sides of the ear cups, framed by a pattern of small hexagons.

The braided AUX cable is permanently connected to the headset, but it has a handy inline remote that lets you adjust the volume and mute the microphone. The latter is indicated by a red accent color.

The microphone boom is removable, so you can also use the headset as a normal headset if desired. The ear cups themselves are very flexible and adapt wonderfully to the shape of the user’s head. However, they cannot be folded or rotated. And yet: I personally like the design extremely well.

How good is the workmanship of the Teufel Cage One?

  • Almost completely made of plastic
  • Robust processed

Due in part to the low price, the Teufel Cage One relies almost exclusively on plastic for its choice of materials. Only the headband is made of metal. Nevertheless, the manufacturer has really made an effort, because there is almost nothing to complain about the workmanship in my eyes.

Okay, a beyerdynamic MMX 100 feels even a touch more valuable, but the Cage One also appears robust and scores with a pleasant feel. In fact, I find the build quality much better than in the case of the Teufel Zola, which I tested a few days ago. Nothing wobbles or rattles here and the headband also scores with a pleasantly grippy latch.

Wearing comfort of the Cage One

  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Rightly generous padding
  • Comparatively much space in the ear cups

The choice of material naturally also plays an important role for the weight – and thus for the wearing comfort. The headset weighs 288 grams including the cable, and the microphone boom adds another 10 grams. This is minimally lighter than the MMX 100, which has already been mentioned several times.

Thanks to flexible ear cups, the headset adapts comfortably to the head shape and sits relatively tightly over the ears. However, without pressing uncomfortably. The device also owes this to the high-quality and quite thick pads made of artificial leather.

The ear pads are 27 millimeters high, and the headband is 14 millimeters thick. The ample space for the user’s own ears is also very pleasing. 70 mm in height and 42 mm in width are available inside the ear cups, so even large ears should have no problem finding room.

Overall, I like the wearing comfort. Even after hours, no unpleasant pressure arose, especially since the comparatively high contact pressure and the thick ear pads suppress external noise very well passively.

Practical test and handling

Setup couldn’t be easier than with an analog gaming headset. Especially when the cable is also firmly connected. Connect the jack plug and you’re ready to go. Plugging in the microphone doesn’t leave any room for error either, because it can only be connected in one direction.

The included adapter cable, which not only significantly increases the cable length, but also comes with a split connection for microphone and playback sound, proves to be practical on the PC.

The use of a jack connection naturally results in a broad compatibility, because the Teufel Cage One can be used on almost any platform. From the sound system to PC and Mac, all consoles the Steam Deck and on smartphones and tablets.

Teufel Cage One remote
The inline remote feels a bit wobbly, but it serves its purpose


Adjusting the volume and muting the microphone is quick and easy via the inline remote. It doesn’t really feel high-quality, but it completely fulfills its purpose.

Playback and recording quality

  • Convincing and pleasing sound
  • Surprisingly neutral mix
  • Overpitched and sharp vocals (only at very high volume)

As a purely analog gaming headset, the Teufel Cage One thus relies on the built-in technology and a potentially available sound card. A digital sound processor, as found in USB headsets, is accordingly not offered. The pure specifications read quite promising. The manufacturer speaks of generous, 40 mm, “full-range linear HD speakers” with balanced sound and intense bass. They are supposed to cover a frequency range of 8 Hz to 20,000 Hz at an impedance of 24 ohms.

There is definitely a lot of power behind it. I almost blew my eardrums off when I tried them at full volume for the first time. A short breather later, the first head nodding (or headbanging, if preferred) occurs while listening to music. The precise low bass is definitely already there. The base drum in Gojira’s “Amazonia” makes the ears tremble, beautifully precise and detailed.

The sound is surprisingly neutral and, in my opinion, more coherent and rounded than the Teufel Zola. The sound is warm, with a slightly bass-heavy base tone, without it being in the foreground. This makes the gaming headset equally suitable for listening to music, gaming and watching movies.

The mids also come across nice and clear and provide a pleasing presentation of instrumentation and voices. Although the latter are somewhat exaggerated at volumes above an estimated 80 percent.

In contrast to the bass foundation and treble, the mids are a bit in the background. Nevertheless, the sound image that the Cage One delivers here is pleasing. Only the soundstage could have been a bit wider. Especially acoustic tracks lack a bit of three-dimensionality.

The picture is also confirmed in gaming mode, where the sound could have been a bit broader. Nevertheless, the headset delivers a good performance here as well and scores with powerful, clear details and effects. Footsteps in shooters can be located well. For an inexpensive gaming headset, what Teufel delivers here is really convincing in terms of sound.

How good is the microphone?

  • Very good microphone quality
  • High dynamic range
  • Problems with S and plosive sounds

The detachable microphone scores with a sensitivity of -45 dB (+/- 3.0 dB) at 94 dB SPL, achieving good quality. Especially the dynamic range of the voice reproduction can convince, measured for the price. Even in the heat of the moment, we can always be understood well.

However, especially if you position the microphone boom too close to the mouth, there are a few problems with sharp S or plosive sounds and the sensitivity could be a bit higher. However, I personally like the dynamic voice reproduction a bit better than the MMX 100, for example.

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Teufel Cage One Test: Conclusion

After the somewhat sobering Teufel Zola, the inexpensive analog gaming headset Teufel Cage One surprised me absolutely positively. Especially in terms of sound, the headset does quite a lot right and scores with a rich, quite neutral sound image that is equally well suited for almost all application areas.

The wearing comfort leaves nothing to be desired and the build quality is also on a good level, despite the plastic construction. Personally, I also like the simple yet elegant design. Even the microphone does an impeccable job.

In the end, an all-around convincing overall package emerges, with which the Teufel Cage One earns a place among the best gaming headsets for less than 100 euros in the test and can absolutely hold a candle to the renowned competition from beyerdynamic or Corsair.

Teufel Cage One Test: Gold Award

Teufel Cage One

Sound quality
Recording quality
Value for money


With the Teufel Cage One, the manufacturer delivers a convincing gaming headset with an excellent price-performance ratio that hardly has any real weaknesses and looks chic as well.

Teufel Teufel »CAGE ONE« Gaming-Headset (TeamSpeak zertifiziert) weiß price comparison

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For German audio manufacturer Teufel, IFA 2022 was all about the new gaming headset Zola. However, Teufel also announced the affordable Cage One, which is positioned in the entry-level segment with its analog 3.5 mm jack and a price well below the 100 euro mark. How good the headset sounds and what makes it stand … (Weiterlesen...)

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