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An eco-friendly start to spring: solar gadgets you’ll love

More and more people are turning to environmentally friendly energy. Given the attention that climate change is receiving these days and the sharp rise in energy prices, this is hardly surprising. Spring marks the beginning of the prime time for energy: the sun is shining again, making it possible to use solar panels and solar gadgets. But what exactly can be powered by solar energy? We’ll bring you up to speed and tell you about the best solar gadgets of the season!

Solar lights for the garden

Beautiful garden lighting is also possible in the evening using solar power

Garden lighting is not only in demand at Christmas time, but also in spring and summer. After all, even long days come to an end at some point – and you don’t want a garden party to end at dusk on balmy spring nights. Solar lights are a great way to continue providing lighting. The lights do not differ significantly from their cable or battery-operated counterparts. The only difference is that they draw the energy they need to operate from sunlight. What is particularly practical is the fact that they store the energy generated in this way, which means they can be used around the clock. Solar lights are available in all conceivable sizes, colors and other designs. This means that a very individual garden design is possible. Classic ground lights are offered as well as retro garden lights or futuristic-looking models.

Solar-powered Bluetooth speakers

However, it’s not just lighting that is urgently needed for a cheerful spring party, but also music. Bluetooth loudspeakers are now the means of choice here, as they can usually be operated without being connected to the mains and therefore without any wiring. The big disadvantage: they have to be charged first – which makes them not too environmentally friendly and also creates the need for an accessible power socket. Fortunately, a solar panel can also intervene here. There are numerous solar-powered Bluetooth speakers available on the market today that can be charged outdoors – simply by exposing them to sunlight. They can also store the energy generated in this way and make it available later.

Available and popular models include the solar model from CYBORIS, the Denver BTG-158 or waterproof models that promise even more flexibility.

Solar irrigation system for the garden

With a solar irrigation system, you no longer have to water by hand

But back to the garden! With the AquaBloom watering system from Gardena, automatic plant watering can be solar-based. The watering set is designed for days when you’re not there. Even then, your plants need water. With the Gardena set, you have 14 pre-installed watering programs at your disposal, with which you can provide your plants with the ideal amount of water. One set is sufficient to water up to 20 plants. The biggest advantage of the AquaBloom is that there is no need to have a power socket nearby. Thanks to a solar module, there is always enough energy for operation – provided there is sunlight.

Solar power bank and station

Solar power banks and stations are much better known. They ensure that you never run out of energy when you’re out and about. Depending on the size you choose, they can supply different devices with power for different lengths of time. A classic solar power bank, for example, helps you to charge your cell phone on the go. If you also want to be able to run a laptop for a few hours, you should opt for a small power station. If you are planning a camping weekend with a mini-fridge, electric barbecue etc., you will need a larger model. The choice on the market is large – and growing all the time. We have tested the Anker 548 solar power bank and the compact Anker 521 PowerHouse power station, among others. However, we have also taken a closer look at more powerful, more expensive models. For example, the Litheli Eclair BS1000 model.

Anker 548 Powerbank
This product is currently unavailable.

Solar powered surveillance cameras

Surveillance cameras can also be powered by solar energy

But there are not only useful solar gadgets for parties and the like. The serious side of life can also be powered by solar energy. If you want to protect your property, you can rely on surveillance cameras, which are no longer reserved for public authorities and large companies. Especially when used outdoors, which is usually the intention, the problem of the permanently required power supply arises. Equipped with a small solar module, this problem is quickly solved and the camera can provide high-quality images around the clock. We tested the Eufy Solo Cam S220 and Reolink Argus PT Ultra solar security cameras.

Reolink Argus PT Ultra*
Reolink Argus PT Ultra
 Price: € 159.99 Jetzt bei Amazon ansehen!*
Price incl. VAT., Excl. Shipping

Solar-powered fans for your greenhouse

In spring, the temperature climbs towards 30 degrees on some days. In many attic apartments and poorly insulated offices, it then becomes almost unbearably warm. Ordinary fans can help here. However, it is not only people who suffer from high temperatures, but also plants, especially those that thrive in a greenhouse. If you don’t want to jeopardize your annual harvest and still want to keep the greenhouse closed, solar-powered fans are a good option. With these, you can provide cooling in your greenhouse by whirling up air without a power connection and in an environmentally friendly way.

Balcony power station for all-round supply

Balcony power stations are in vogue and allow a little independence from the energy market.

If you want to get fully into the solar game, you should opt for a balcony power plant. With one of these, it is possible to supply your entire home with solar energy, at least some of the time. In addition, most balcony power plants offer the advantage that excess energy can be fed into the power grid. This means you can legally run your electricity meter backwards – and save money in the process. The dream of a completely self-sufficient energy supply is unlikely to be realized with the models approved in Germany and the fact that there are only a few months of really strong solar radiation in this country; however, with a good balcony power station, you can at least make yourself somewhat independent of the situation on the energy market. Here, too, we have already done some preliminary work to help you with your purchase decision. For example, we have extensively tested the EcoFlow Powerstream and Anker Solix RS40P balcony power stations in practice.

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