Acer Nitro G550: Gaming Beamer With 120 Hz Introduced

With the 699 Euro expensive Nitro G550, Acer has launched the world’s first gaming projector, the 699 Euro, which should convince with 120 Hz refresh rate, Full HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) and a very short response time. According to Acer, color reproduction is also convincing thanks to the company’s own ColorPurity technology. A number of pre-defined gaming modes allow a quick introduction to the game, without complex configuration of the beamer. At 8.3ms, the input lag is at a pleasantly low level, making even fast FPS games playable.

The maximum screen diagonal of the Acer Nitro G550 is 100 inches. Thanks to the 2,200 lumen brightness, even dark scenes in illuminated rooms can be easily displayed. The maximum contrast ratio is 10,000:1 when using the DynamicBlack function, which adjusts the lamp brightness image by image to the content being reproduced. The LumiSense function for dynamic image settings and the Acer Bluelight function, which is designed to protect the eyes by reducing the amount of blue light in the image, are also on board. The sound is reproduced via a built-in 10-watt speaker, but for a truly immersive gaming experience it’s better to connect a powerful external speaker.

3D content and NVIDIA 3DTV Play are also no problem for the Acer device. The ColorBoost3D feature increases the color brightness of both native 3D content and converted 2D content, minimizing brightness loss and color shift. In addition, color saturation and color temperature are automatically adjusted during 3D playback. Although the projector “only” supports 1080p, 4K input signals can also be correctly converted and reproduced in high quality.

The Acer Nitro G550 is now available.

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