Amazon Presents the Nebula Soundbar “Fire TV Edition”

Amazon presents several new smart TV products, including a new soundbar called Nebula with the addition “Fire TV Edition”. This soundbar should combine the streaming functions of Fire TV with the advantages of a premium sound system in one device. The Soundbar was developed in cooperation with Anker.

The special advantage of the soundbar is that the Fire-TV functions are integrated into it. No additional Fire TV set has to be purchased to take advantage of the streaming functions. In addition, the sound bar offers the usual functions and advantages of a premium sound system. This combination of video and audio elements has not yet been found in Amazon’s portfolio. For the user, the combination offers the advantage of being very well equipped with a single device in both large areas of streaming. The sound bar can be used with any television set that offers the appropriate interfaces.

In addition, the soundbar can be integrated into domestic multi-room groups and used with the Amazon Music app as well as with other company services. The approximately 210 euro expensive device can be ordered in advance immediately . It is delivered starting from 21 October.

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