Antlion ModMic 5 Review: Flexible and Powerful Microphone

With its ModMic 5 microphone, ANTLION Audio presents us with a powerful dual microphone that is at the performance level of a cost-intensive condenser stand microphone. Depending on the situation, a choice can be made between the connector, two microphones, the length of the cable and a mute switch module.

Although the packaging is quite simple, it is still very functional. The packaging can be easily opened from two sides thanks to a well thought-out combination of the various components inside the packaging. In addition to the Antlion ModMic 5* are also included in the scope of supply

  • an operating manual in English
  • 2 meter sleeved cable conduit
  • 10 cable clips
  • the ModMic 5 headset with two microphone capsules
  • the mute adapter
  • one replacement M3 adhesive pad
  • one cleaning cloth
  • a pop protection for the microphone
  • one stable transport box
  • one additional magnetic holder
  • one 1 m and one 2 m cable each, with 3.5 mm in/out jack connectors

are included.

Technical Data

Model name ModMic 5
Microphone Omni- or Uni-Directional
Connection 3.5 mm jack
Cable length each 1 m and 2 m
Microphone: Uni-directional:
Input sound pressure 110 dB
Sensitivity -38 ± 3 dB
Frequencies 100 Hz up to 10 kHz
Impedance 2.2 kOhm
Max. current at 2.0 V 500 uA
SNR > 50+ dB
Microphone Omni-Directional:
Input sound pressure 100 dB
Sensitivity -26 ± 3 dB
Frequencies 30 Hz – 17.7 kHz
Impedance 2.2 kOhm
Max. current at 2.0 V 500 uA
SNR 58+ dB

Assembly and Ergonomics

The ModMic 5* is easy and reliable to mount on headphones. To do this, the microphone arm including basic holder is attached to the headphones. This is the easiest way to find the perfect position for the microphone. Now the surface can be easily cleaned with the cleaning cloth and the holder can be positioned using the adhesive pads.

Thanks to the practical magnetic holder, the microphone arm remains securely on the headphones. In addition, the flexibly machined microphone arm can be bent into almost any desired position. The complete arm can be angled 90 degrees upwards if you don’t need the microphone. This works without any problems thanks to the serrations on the holder. The arm can then no longer be unintentionally released, thanks to strong magnets.

Antlion Audio ModMic 5

Antlion offers practical double clips for the cables so that there is no excessive cable clutter. This allows you to attach the fine cable of the Antlion ModMic 5 ideally to the headphone cable. Thus you achieve a similarly good ergonomics as is the case with a classic headset. With the help of the 2 m long cable sleeve, it is also possible to hide the double strand perfectly. However, we noticed that the cable sleeve frayed slightly at both ends. In addition, it does not completely close the clip, especially in the places of the clips. This leads to a slight impairment of ergonomics.

The cable of the ModMic 5 itself has a length of 20 centimetres and can be extended with the 1 m or 2 m cable harnesses if required.

Recording Quality of the Antlion ModMic 5

The analogue microphone Antlion ModMic 5 is connected via a 3.5 mm jack. Accordingly, the recording quality is always correct according to the digital-to-analog converter in use. If you don’t have a soundcard, the ModMic 5* will mostly run on the on-board sound of your PC. Since this is exposed to different sources of interference, more or less perceptible background noises can occur, even disturbing ones.

The Antlion Audio microphone is equipped with an omni- and unidirectional microphone on the front. This means that you can choose to record either the sound from the mouth or everything. So you can easily switch between recording your own speech and a complete conversation.

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Conclusion on the Antlion ModMic 5

The Antlion ModMic 5 microphone is quick to mount and compatible with all standard headphones. Thanks to improved workmanship, the cables that were too thin in the predecessor model are much more robust here. The only exception is the inadequate workmanship of the cable sleeve. The high flexibility and excellent ergonomics stand out positively.

The combination of uni- and omni-directional recording modes allows you to choose between different recording modes. If D/A conversion can exploit its full potential, you will get outstanding audio quality, especially in omni-directional mode.

The Antlion Audio ModMic 5* is suitable primarily for people who place the highest demands on their audio equipment. This is reflected not only in the outstanding quality, but also in the price of around 80 euros. In our view, however, this is justified.


  • easy to install
  • does not require drivers
  • Ergonomics comparable with finished headset
  • flexible
  • good noise suppression
  • small and handy
  • outstanding sound quality
  • High quality, long cable
  • uni- and omni-directional recording in one device
  • full sound with understandable highs and deep bass


  • exclusively two magnets with spare adhesive pad
  • with microphone amplification via on-board sound card, strong noise audible
  • for high quality you need an internal soundcard
  • lack of quality of the cable sleeve
  • Bending the microphone boom requires a lot of effort

Antlion Audio ModMic 5

Recording Quality
Scope of Delivery

Almost perfect!

The Antlion ModMic 5 is the perfect choice for those who value high quality materials and sound as well as unique technology.

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