AOC V4 – New monitor series on the way

With its new V4 series, the monitor experts from AOC have four new devices in the pipeline. These are the AOC U27V4EA, the AOC Q32V4, the AOC Q27V4EA and the AOC Q24V4EA. AOC doesn’t only want to score points with the three new monitors with a slim design. On top of that, the highlights like high-quality IPS panels and a high resolution sound promising. We want to take a closer look at the four newcomers.

The right size for everyone

AOC obviously wants to cater to everyone with its V4 series. This is at least the case in the area of size. Thus, one can choose between the sizes 23.8 inches, 27 inches and 31.5 inches within the new series. Customers also enjoy freedom of choice in terms of resolution. Besides QHD resolution, you can also opt for razor-sharp UHD. Regardless of the size and resolution, AOC guarantees a combination of high picture quality, versatility and an attractive design for all four devices. Looking at the fair price, this sounds like an unbeatable deal, right?

Three monitors with QHD resolution

Three of the four new screens come with an IPS panel that resolves in QHD. The 2,560 x 1,440 pixels are supposed to provide a razor-sharp image. In combination with a refresh rate of 75 Hz and a response time of 4 ms, average users should be more than satisfied. Thus, the Q24V4EA, Q27V4EA and Q32V4 are perfectly suited as all-rounders.

If that’s not enough, you should take a look at the U27V4EA. Here, AOC goes for an even sharper 4K UHD resolution. The refresh rate is again the same as the other three newcomers. All four monitors also have Adaptive Sync support in common. This will especially please the gamer community due to the prevention of annoying jerks.

High user-friendliness

The connectivity variety has to be particularly praised. Thus, AOC installs a number of different ports in all four models of the V4 series. In addition to DisplayPort, HDMI connections are also found here. Thus, the screens are not only suitable for PCs and notebooks. Thanks to HDMI, connecting an Xbox or PlayStation is also no problem. The included stand is also practical. This shows that AOC not only wants to provide entertainment with its U27V4EA, Q32V4, Q27V4EA3 and Q24V4EA, but can also convince in the home office.

Finally, the display can be tilted for the greatest possible comfort. Alternatively, the monitors are also easily suitable for mounting on a wall or a special table mount thanks to the 100 x 100 VESA mounting option. Separate speakers are also not necessary. Unless you want to enjoy bombastic sound without headphones. Because we won’t be able to expect this from the two integrated speakers with 2 watts each. However, they are always better than nothing.

Price and availability

In April, it should be so far. Then the four monitors of the V4 series will hit German stores. Manufacturer AOC is calling for an MSRP of 329 euros for the U27V4EA, an MSRP of 269 euros for the Q32V4, an MSRP of 239 euros for the Q27V4EA, and an MSRP of 189 euros for the Q24V4EA.

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