Apple AirPods Pro with sound problems

Apple has experienced sound problems with its Apple Airpods Pro. The company has now launched a service program to solve this problem.

Noise suppression does not work as it should!

Probably a small percentage of AirPods Pods produced before October 2020 are affected. In these in-ears, the noise suppression does not work as expected, Apple found out. Apple has reacted immediately and started a service program for the affected devices. Only AirPods Pro manufactured before October 2020 are eligible for the program. They must also have one of certain symptoms to qualify for the program. If the user notices crackling or even static noise coming from the AirPods, they are qualified for Apple’s service program. This is especially true if these problems increase when exercising, in a noisy environment or speaking on the phone. Even if the active noise canceller is not doing its job as it should, AirPods Pro are eligible for the program. Indications that the noise reduction is not working properly are the amplification of background noise, such as street noise or even the loss of bass sound.

Not all AirPods Pro affected!

The noise reduction bug is not present in all AirPods Pro manufactured before October 2020. It is only a small percentage. Not covered by the offered service program are the 1st generation AirPods released in 2016 with the W1 chipset and also the 2nd generation AirPods released in March 2019 with the H1 chip.

Service program

The service program was introduced by Apple, because unfortunately it is not possible to fix the bug. The in-ears must therefore be replaced. If the AirPods Pro are qualified and one of the faults occurs, they will be checked by an Authorized Service Provider or Apple. If they determine that one or even both headphones are affected by the problem, Apple will replace them free of charge. Not affected by the error is the charging case of the AirPods Pro, it will not be replaced. The service program does not extend the standard warranty for AirPods Pro. Service is available for up to two years after the purchase of the affected AirPods from Apple.

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