Apple Is Again the Most Valuable Company in the World

Numbers count a lot in the financial sector. Accordingly, technology giant Apple should be proud to be the most valuable company in the world again in terms of market capitalization. Yesterday, on 06.02., the group overtook Microsoft and Amazon. Most recently in December, Apple was the most valuable company in the world in terms of market figures.

In the last few days Apple had been able to overtake the two big competitors for a short time, but by the end of the day it had fallen behind them again. Now Apple was also at the top of the final balance of the day. The current market capitalisation is 821.59 billion US dollars. Microsoft follows with 813.48 billion dollars. Amazon ranks third with 805.7 billion dollars.

In the last quarter of last year, Apple apparently showed a downward trend. The lowering of the sales forecast led to falling share prices, while further bad news such as the sluggish sale of the new iPhones also contributed to a seemingly negative development. Overall, the figures achieved were nevertheless outstanding – it was the second best quarter in the company’s financial history.

Simon Lüthje

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