Apple prohibits Facebook reference to App Store fee

The world’s largest social network, Facebook, has been banned by Apple and is not allowed to refer to the App Store fee in a new app for online events. Apple regards this information as unimportant, while Facebook considers it relevant.

Why does Apple forbid the fee reference ?

The new Facebook app for online events was rejected by Apple and was not allowed to be published in the App Store. The reason given was the reference to the App Store fee, and according to Facebook, the Californian technology group had pointed out that companies are not allowed to provide irrelevant information to users. In its App Store, Apple itself determines what information is considered irrelevant.

Apple retains a commission of 30 percent of the fees and Facebook wanted to inform its users about this. The social media group cited transparency as the reason for this, in order to inform users where the money is going, which is what small companies should receive.

Apple rejected this transparency notice, but is working on being able to display it anyway. The news agency Reuters had asked Apple for a statement on the subject and has not yet received a reply.

Fee waiver demanded

Facebook had asked Apple to waive 30 percent fees for in-app purchases for online events and wanted to allow Facebook payments via Facebook Pay. However, these two demands contradicted App Store guidelines and led to Apple’s rejection.

In addition to Facebook, the game manufacturer Epic Games is also in a clinch with Apple, because the popular game Fortnite was also removed from the App Store due to a fee dispute.

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