Apple Keynote: Updates of Apple Watch and iPad (Air) presented

This year Apple made it short and sweet on its September keynote. Instead of a new iPhone, the Apple Watch Series 6 and SE as well as the 8th generation iPad and the latest iPad Air were presented. We would like to briefly introduce the announcements to you.

Presentation of the iPhone 12 postponed

As is customary for Apple, the annual keynote took place in September this year as well. But because this year things are different, this keynote also took a slightly different course. This already starts with the way the keynote was held. For example, Apple did not host a big live event, but relied on a recorded video, which was shot at the headquarters in Cupertino, California. But the Corona virus also had another influence on the event. September is usually reserved for the launch of the latest iPhone. However, it has already been widely speculated that no iPhone will be seen at yesterday’s Apple Keynote. The reason for this is the delays in the production of the flagship. We will probably not be able to see it until October. Apple therefore focused on two other very popular products. The Group presented two new Apple Watches and two new generations of the iPad.

Apple Watch Series 6

At first sight not much has changed compared to the Series 5. But the interior of the Series 6 has a few surprises in store

The latest generation of Apple’s Smartwatch is the first. At first glance, this has not really changed compared to the fifth generation. Only the wider color palette makes a visual difference. So now red and blue are added to the traditional colors. But the technical team has also made some changes in the interior. In the new Smartwatch, the in-house S6 processor is at work. This enables a new health sensor. The exciting thing is that for the first time an Apple Watch is now able to measure the oxygen content in the blood of the wearer. The sensor needs about 15 seconds for a measurement.

Apple is also giving its Series 6 new, highly individual dials. In particular, special professional groups such as doctors or photographers can set up their own personal “Watch Face”. For families, Apple has emphasized the new Family Setup. The focus here was on children as wearers of the watch. The Smartwatches can then be conveniently controlled via iPhone. In particular, you can set times to learn or relax and regulate the duration of use. Apple wants to launch the Apple Watch Series 6 for a price of 420 euros.

Apple Watch SE

As was already the case with the iPhone SE, Apple is launching a slightly slimmed down version of the Series 6 with the Apple Watch SE. This is a more powerful version of the Apple Watch Series 5, with the S5 processor of its predecessor still at work inside. But Apple has built the latest sensors into the entry-level Smartwatch. With the upcoming watch you can also use the new features like the Family Setup. For the Apple Watch SE Apple calls a price of 290 Euro.

The Apple Watch SE is a slightly drilled version of the Series 5.

Apple Watch as children’s watch

The company is working on no longer selling the Apple Watch as an exclusive Smartwatch. Rather, the Apple Watch is to be suitable as a children’s watch in the future. To pave the way for this, the manufacturer has introduced a special family configuration. This is suitable for tailoring the watch to the needs of children or senior citizens. With the help of the configurator, however, it is not only possible to restrict functions. It can also be used to locate the watch and to activate the possibility of making an emergency call. This makes the Apple Watch a good alternative to your first own smartphone.

Apple Fitness+

The company has also announced a genuine fitness service for Apple users. As the name Fitness Plus already suggests, Apple is targeting recreational athletes and those who want to become one. The service covers a total of ten sports. These include popular activities such as cycling, running, dancing and yoga. Here you can access a range of training videos that include both the iPhone/iPad and the Apple Watch.

Apple talks about training units that should suit every occasion and time management. They last between 5 and 45 minutes. Besides different times, there are also different levels. So there really should be something for everyone. In combination with Apple Music you can also listen to your own music during the training. For the time being, the service is only available in the USA. There it will cost 10 US dollars per month. A soon release is more than likely in this country as well.

All Apple services in a complete package: Apple One

Slowly you lose track of all the services of the Californian company. Apple Fitness+ has now been added to iCloud, Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple TV+ and Apple News. So the step to a bundled package was only a matter of time. Apple presented it at yesterday’s keynote: Apple One. Here you get access to all services. The company offers its customers the possibility to choose which service they want. In a sample calculation Apple listed a subscription consisting of Apple Music, Apple TV, Apple Arcade and iCloud Drive. This combination would cost 15 euros per month.

Apple iPad Air

The new iPad Air not only offers USB-C, but also comes in five different colors.

At first glance, the new iPad Air looks like an iPad Pro. Especially the narrow edges of the screen are reminiscent of Apple’s flagship tablet. With its 10.9-inch Liquid Retina Display, it is also only slightly smaller than the iPad Pro with its 11-inch screen. A resolution of 2360 x 1640 pixels guarantees a razor-sharp image. Although the new iPad Air no longer has a classic home button, Apple does not rely on Face ID here. The company simply hides the fingerprint sensor in the standby button on the top of the device. Until now, Touch ID was only available on Apple devices with a Home Button.

Touch ID is now hidden in the standby button.

But this is not the only innovation. The A14 processor in the new iPad Air is an extremely powerful processor. This is the first processor from Apple that was manufactured using the 5 nanometer process. We strongly believe that it will also be used in the upcoming iPhone 12. In addition, the iPad Air offers the usual support of the Apple pencil, which can also be magnetically attached to the top. This not only allows it to pair but also to charge it. Furthermore, the magnetic Magic Keyboard of the iPad Pro can also be used with the new Air. The lightweight under Apple’s iPad can be purchased at a price starting at 635 euros.

Apple iPad 8

The iPad celebrates its 10th birthday. Meanwhile Apple launches its 8th generation of the tablet. With its iPad of the entry level class the manufacturer relies on an improved processor. While the A10 was used in the 7th generation, Apple now uses the A12 Bionic chipset. This chipset is supposed to provide twice the graphics performance. But that’s it with the big innovations.

The entry-level iPad still has a home button and, along with it, relatively thick screen borders. It is the classic iPad design that many users consider perfect. The price is correspondingly low compared to the other iPads. Starting at 370 euros, you can buy the 8th generation iPad.

iOS 14 and iPadOS 14

Apple also had good news to announce regarding the operating system. Originally, iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 should have been released at the same time as the new iPhone generation. But Apple did not want to wait that long. From September 16th the heavily revised operating system will be available for download. It offers features like handy widgets and a revised folder structure. iPadOS 14 will be rolled out on the same day.

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