Asus GPU Tweak II Disturbs Customers with Advertising in Ingame Overlay

According to reports of some users, Asus displays unwanted advertising in the overlay of GPU Tweak II software that also interferes with in-game. Actually the software is supposed to be used to overclock graphics cards of the Taiwanese company and to control their sensors. According to Asus, the advertisement displayed should merely be a placeholder for your own images, instead of which streamers and other content producers can also display their own images. According to a statement by the company to HardOCP, the images displayed and the text displayed below can be freely modified in the software by the user.

The new feature and the unsolicited advertisements it displays have appeared since a recently released update of the software. The display is automatically activated when ingame is activated by the user with the overlay, which should only display values like the GPU temperature and the FPS. Displayed are ads advertising Asus new Nvidias GeForce-RTX graphics cards.

Also a deactivation of the display by key combination is ineffective, since the advertisement is displayed again as soon as the overlay is restarted. As a reaction, some users have announced that they will not use the Asus software in the future, as other alternative products also offer a similar range of functions without the annoying advertising.

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