be quiet! Pure-Loop: AiO coolers in four different sizes

The new be quiet! pure loop should be able to avoid any overheating of the processor thanks to its cooling power. To this end, the new series offers a total of four AiO coolers between 120 and 360 mm. The new product family is intended to replace the recently discontinued silent loop series.

Compact water cooling again in the program

With the silent loop series, manufacturer be quiet! has discontinued its previously popular compact water cooling system. This will be replaced by the upcoming be quiet! pure loop compact water cooling system. The fan experts do not only want to score points with the freedom of choice in radiator size. The new cooling solution also offers two special features that are rarely found in compact water cooling systems. It is not only possible to refill the coolant. The new coolers also offer an integrated expansion tank.

Revision of the pump uncertain

To refill the liquid of the be quiet! pure loop, you have to use the “Fillport”, which is located directly on the radiator. The manufacturer uses the principle of a double decoupled pump for its radiators. This was separated from both the radiator and the cooling block. It is located in an external black plastic container. It is questionable whether be quiet! helped a little with the functioning of the pump. After all, the discontinued Silent Loop series often caused problems with the pump. For example, it is said to have attracted attention due to disturbing noises.

Upgrade of the silent loop series

The new be quiet! pure-loop series is not just a slightly revised version of the silent loop coolers. The manufacturer has completely redesigned the products here. This is already apparent in terms of design and material. So be quiet! no longer relies on copper here. Instead, aluminum is now used for the radiator. In addition, the four new cooling solutions each offer PWM fans (Pure Wings 2). The number of PWM fans depends on the size of the radiator.

Price and availability

The new be quiet! pure-loop series is scheduled for launch at the beginning of October. You can choose between the radiator sizes 120, 240, 280 and 360 mm. The smallest model costs 85 euros. This should be suitable for Intel Core i3 processors or Ryzen 3 from AMD. For the largest cooler with a 360 mm radiator, however, 120 Euro will be charged. The same should be suitable for powerful processors a la Ryzen 9 or Core i9. The prices seem comparatively high, which is really surprising. After all, it has always been the case with the manufacturer be quiet! that the “Pure” products are the inexpensive entry-level models.

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