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According to a press release issued by the Bamberg General Prosecutor’s Office and the Police Headquarters of the State of Brandenburg, investigating authorities have searched a total of 229 objects in 15 federal states in connection with the illegal trading platform Bavaria accounted for the largest share with 34 searches. There were also three searches in Austria and one search in Poland. A total of 32 persons were provisionally arrested, eleven persons are still in custody. At present, 328 proceedings are underway in Germany and abroad.

The administrator, a 26-year-old from Germany, was already arrested by the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) on entry in May and has been in custody since then. According to their statement, the investigating authorities were able to identify numerous persons who used for illegal purposes during the evaluation of the parallel seized forum “in meticulous detail work over the past months.
<Cash, drugs, weapons.
During the action, which involved more than 1,400 police officers, a 29-year-old Brandenburg citizen was also arrested, who the investigating authorities classify as the main culprit. More than 1,500 crimes are said to have been committed against him alone.

In addition to various crypto-currencies and a medium five-figure sum of cash and documents on, various weapons and drugs offered on the marketplace were found during the raids. The evaluation of the more than 300 TB data media and over 700 confiscated computers will take several months.

Illegal market place with a large offer

A wide range of illegal goods were traded through the illegal marketplace, including stolen credit cards and other data, hacking tools, access to botnets, drugs, counterfeit money and weapons.

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