Gigabyte M27F and M27Q: announcement of new gaming monitors with special KVM button

Manufacturer Gigabyte has introduced two upcoming gaming monitors in the size 27 inches. Besides impressive specs, both newcomers also offer a very special trick. With the help of a suitable KVM button you can easily switch between the connected devices.

Perfect for users with several devices

When developing the M27F and M27Q, Gigabyte clearly had gamers in mind who connect multiple devices to the monitor. Usually this forces the user to switch between the individual inputs in a cumbersome menu. Accordingly, the manufacturer provides both monitors with a special KVM button. This means that it is no longer necessary to switch to the menu to switch between the connected devices at the touch of a button. Both monitors can also shine with a USB-C connection. This enables the fast connection of notebook or smartphone. A laptop can then be controlled very conveniently with mouse and keyboard. Of course this only works with compatible devices. Thus a support of the Alt-Displayport mode is required. Furthermore, both monitors not only offer a viewing angle stable IPS panel, but also support AMD FreeSync. Thus gamers can enjoy gaming experiences without annoying tearing.

Top model with 0.5 ms response time

Under the hood both monitors have a lot to offer. Although the M27F is the somewhat weaker monitor of the two newcomers, it too can shine with great technology. The manufacturer Gigabyte offers not only a Full HD resolution, but also a refresh rate of 144 Hz. In the DCI-P3 color space, the M27F should be able to cover a total of 95%. In the sRGB color space, it should even be able to display 130 %. In terms of response time, it scores with 1 ms. This is now more or less standard for gaming monitors.

The M27Q has something more to offer. It scores not only with a refresh rate of 170 Hz. It should also be able to offer an impressive reaction time of 0.5 ms. At least that is what the manufacturer Gigabyte promises. Which calculations are based on this reaction time is, as so often, questionable. Unlike its somewhat slimmer brother, the premium model comes with a QHD resolution. The color space is displayed at 92 % (DCI-P3 color space) and 140 % (sRGB color space). The top model should also shine in terms of contrast. It offers a maximum brightness of 400 Nits and supports the standard DisplayHDR 400.

No differences in the connections

If you take a look at the connections of the two monitors, no differences are noticeable. In addition to DisplayPort, both offer two HDMI ports, a headphone port and a USB-C port. If that’s not enough for you, you can look for the right input on the USB-A-Hub (USB-3.0). Both monitors can be adapted to personal needs. In addition to height adjustment, they also offer the possibility of adjusting the angle of inclination.

Prices and availability

Unfortunately, manufacturer Gigabyte still keeps a low profile when it comes to release and prices of the two upcoming monitors. But we will keep you up to date if there is something new about the M27F or M27Q. After all, especially the top model sounds very exciting.

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