Google One gets VPN protection

Google is now also entering the VPN business. The new service will be free for all customers of the large Google One package.

More security for customers?

Google now advertises its cloud storage with VPN protection. With this, Google is entering the business alongside the various other providers. The new Google One service will become part of the cloud storage offering. Customers who have the most expensive Google One offer with 2 TB of storage will receive the service for free. The Google One offer currently costs $100 per year or $10 per month. Google includes the VPN service free of charge. The VPN is intended to be an additional security layer and will be available for Android systems for the time being. For example, when using the public WLAN in a café or hotel, the connection will be more secure with the VPN. Whether the additional security is necessary is another matter. Since the connection from server to client is already encrypted anyway. This is also the case with the Google One service. The gain in security is therefore probably rather small for the user.

Nothing new for Google

The offer of a VPN is actually nothing new for Google, since the company already uses Fi VPN for Google. Here the user first connects to the Google network and servers and only then does the traffic land in the rest of the Internet. This so-called routing through Google’s systems is also possible with Google One and the VPN. According to Google the own IP address should be hidden.


Google One VPN is initially intended for the USA and Android devices and will then be extended to other countries. The service will then of course also be available for Mac, Windows and iOS.

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