Google Pixel 5 introduced

Google has surprised some industry experts with the presentation of its Pixel 5. So the Internet giant from Silicon Valley is by no means coming around the corner with an overpriced high-end flagship. On the contrary. One could almost call the Pixel 5 a reasonable smartphone. Despite 5G on board and with decent hardware under the hood, it offers an amazing value for money.

Does Google give up?

Higher, faster, further – this seemed to have been the motto of many smartphone manufacturers in recent years. Who has the biggest battery? Who has the biggest display? Who can score with the most cameras or the farthest zoom? Google now seems to be the first of the big manufacturers to pull out of this race. But one can by no means talk about giving up. The company is rather trying to deliver a decent smartphone of the upper middle class with the Pixel 5. Thanks to the best software, the double camera offers extremely respectable pictures. Android can also be experienced here in top form again. After all, it is the home for the operating system. However, if you take a deeper look inside the smartphone, it becomes clear that only good standards can be found here. But this will be enough for many people.

Google could strike a nerve – or many

Possibly Google’s new strategy will be crowned with success. After all, nowadays only absolute technology fanatics need a highly equipped smartphone. What was still high-end two years ago is now medium standard. And that is quite enough for the majority of smartphone users. So it could be that Google has struck a nerve with its attack on the upper middle class. But Google, one of the major smartphone manufacturers, has finally listened to the wishes of end customers. After all, many people simply want a smartphone that is compact, has a durable design and does not come with excessive hardware that is never used anyway. Google promises longevity not only thanks to good workmanship. The Pixel 5 also comes with a five-year support guarantee. This means that users can always use the latest Android version. The big advantage for the customer is then also a fair price. And Google definitely has that to offer with Pixel 5.

The Pixel 5 is compact and a lightweight

For many people, the most important thing about a smartphone is the display. Pixel 5 comes with a 6 inch OLED display. Thanks to a pixel density of 432 ppi, it has a pleasingly sharp resolution. Google whistles about the trend of high refresh rates. The company is giving its latest smartphone a completely adequate 90 hertz instead of the ever more widespread 120 hertz. This not only protects the battery, but should also be sufficient for the majority of users. Reliable Gorilla Glass 6 is to provide protection for the display. A pleasing innovation to the predecessors is probably the view of the display. While Pixel 4 still had an old-fashioned border at the top and bottom, the display now takes up almost the entire front. But this is not possible without losses. Google has eliminated the sensors for 3D face recognition. However, many will welcome the design decision.

Now other devices can also be loaded on the back.

The Selfie camera is now hidden behind a small hole in the front. We already know this from many other androids. Google relies on its backside fingerprint sensor also for pixel 5. This always worked well and still does. The narrow display edges of the smartphone have decisive advantages. So despite its screen diagonal of 6 inches, it is pleasingly compact and almost handy. But it should not only score points visually. Google uses two stereo speakers, which should be able to provide good sound. The Pixel 5 is also light. At 151 grams, you will be able to hold it comfortably for a while without pain in your forearm. Google also does without a jack socket. This is a pity, but certainly due to the protection against dust and water. After all, the Pixel 5 is supposed to be protected from corresponding dangers for the hardware according to IP68.

Google sets on 8 GB RAM

When looking inside Pixel 5, one should not expect miracles. Here, the company tends to focus on the upper middle class. It will probably not be able to compete with other flagships. But do you really need this power? The heart of the Pixel 5 is the Snapdragon 765G with 5G from Qualcomm. It not only works efficiently, but can also offer a lot in terms of performance. You should be able to complete the most common tasks very quickly. And the battery is pleasantly conserved. The processor is supported by a proud 8 GB RAM. For storing photos and Co. 128 GB are available to the user, which unfortunately cannot be extended. Google promises that the battery of the pixel 5 should last longer than that of its predecessor. The manufacturer provides the smartphone with a 4080 mAh battery. In combination with the energy-efficient processor, the pixel 5 should be able to top the comparatively weak battery life of the pixel 4. Of course, wireless charging is also on board. But the Pixel 5 also likes to share. So you can charge other devices like the Pixel Buds 2 headphones on the back of the Pixel 5.

Pixel 5 will be available in two colors.

Software ensures great pictures

In the race for the most camera lenses, Google with its smartphones was always out in front. The focus was always clearly on powerful software. This is also the case with Pixel 5. The smartphone comes with two camera lenses. While the main camera has a 12.2 megapixel sensor, the super wide-angle camera comes with 16 megapixels. With the Pixel 5 you can record videos in 1080p with 240 FPS. If you want to film in 4K, you have the choice between 30 and 60 FPS. The front camera has a resolution of 8 megapixels and should provide great selfies. It is mainly the software that makes Google’s pixel photos so impressive. Here a sophisticated AI is used, which provides for great effects.

Price and availability

On 15 October the time has come. That’s when the latest generation of Google’s smartphone will be launched on the German market. You can choose between the colors mint green or black. Although the price of 613.15 euros can keep up with the other flagships of the competition, it does not have much to do with middle class. Nevertheless, the Pixel 5 should be the perfect smartphone for many users. It offers just the right amount of technology without a lot of frills. Just purism.

One more thing…Google Pixel 4a 5G

But that was not yet the case with Google’s smartphone. With the Pixel 4a 5G, the company has introduced an affordable alternative to the Pixel 5. In things the pixel 5 cannot keep up here in things value for money under any circumstances. The Pixel 4a 5G offers the same chip and the same camera as the Pixel 5, but there are two major disadvantages. The new version of the Pixel 4 is not waterproof and cannot be charged inductively.

Although the display is larger at 6.2 inches, at 60 Hz it is no longer sufficient in terms of refresh rate. One point that will convince many, however, is the meanwhile almost old-fashioned jack plug. For the RAM, the pixel 4a 5G sets to 6 GB. The memory size of 128 GB is the same as Pixel 5’s. Unfortunately, the battery with 3885 mAh cannot keep up with Pixel 5’s. Owing to a UVP of 486,40 euro the pixel 4a 5G might be however quite for many prospective customers of the pixel 5 a lucrative alternative. Starting from November one can buy the further developed pixel 4a 5G in the trade.

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