High In-Game Prices at Apex Legends and Anthem

The two latest EA games not only feature exciting gameplay, but also exorbitant in-game prizes. Many players get angry about these – especially since EA was also negative in the past.

Apex Legends is available free of charge. However, if you want to lead particularly strong characters or particularly rare weapons into battle in the game, you have to dig deep into your pocket. Payments are made in coins, which in turn must be purchased with real money. The cheapest coin pack comprises 1,000 coins and is available for 10 euros. The second cheapest coin pack contains 2,125 coins and costs 20 euros.

For many players these prices are clearly too high. The Valentine’s Day offer, which included a weapons skin with a banner for 1,100 coins, also caused negative reactions. So the play value of the offered Skins was by far smaller than that of other characters, which were already available for 750 coins. In addition, the price made players angry as it necessitated the purchase of the coin package of 2,125 coins. EA is once again suspected of wanting to exploit its own players as much as possible.

This impression is supported by the in-game prices, which are not exactly cheap even in the fee-based game Anthem. The premium currency here is called splitter. 500 splinters cost around 5 euros, 4,600 pieces are available for just under 40 euros. A larger package is not offered. So far only a few premium items are available in Anthem. These few items cost between 3 Euros for textures and sticker graphics and 8.50 Euros for weapon skins. Further items will follow – final statements on the price level are therefore not yet possible.

A positive note here is that the items that can be purchased can also be earned in the game without a real money deposit. However, it is not known how long this will take. Furthermore, there will also be extras that can only be earned through playful performance.

Overall, however, it remains to be noted that EA has once again been criticised for exorbitant prices. The further development of prices remains to be seen.

Simon Lüthje

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